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Mundane Interpretation of the Bitcoin Natal

In my previous Bitcoin post, The Personality of Bitcoin, I showed how I got to the birth time and location of Bitcoin. I then ran a standard Cosmo Natal Report on that time. Reading the report as if Bitcoin where a person, the personality traits seemed to fit.

In this post, I’m going to look at the wheel as if it’s a collection of people, or an organization, so that I can look at it in a more mundane way.

Here is the birth chart again.

For those of you that like the information in data form. I’ve included the basic data at the end of this posting.


Because we have a first mined block time and a reasonable time zone, the houses can come into play for the interpretation.


The Sun is 13 degrees Capricorn and positioned in the 6th house. The Sun is going to represent the types of energies that will drive the leaders of the Bitcoin movement. Over time, these leaders will show the characteristics embodied by this location. As it turns out, the 6th house represents service to the community. It’s a location that brings out public service, political stability, good health, financial solvency and alignment with labor unions. All this is positioned in a sign that wants to bring up responsibility, discipline and self-control. There is the possibility that this group could come across as know-it-alls or condescending, but they are committed to quality craftsmanship. The influences here would say that they take their position seriously. The energies hint that these leaders will make realistic plans and deliver on them.

The ruling planet for Capricorn is Saturn which sits in the 3rd house indicating that the restrictions that the leaders of this movement will have to overcome will be related to communication and government. On the communication side of things, they will probably be restricted on all forms in all ways. This 3rd house also deals with authors and philosophers suggesting that the leaders of Bitcoin will end up having to deal with core philosophical issues. As we all know, when you challenge someone’s philosophies, you’re in for an eye opening debate.


The Moon is 4 degrees Aries positioned in the 9th house. The Moon is generally thought of as the planet that represents the energy of the common person. It represents how the commoner will see the situation and what their attention will be drawn too. In this case, we’re dealing with a house of higher thinking and intellectual pursuits. This Moon suggests that the people’s attention will be brought to focus on legal issues, courts, philosophical debates (involving professors and other intellectuals) and involvement from universities. People will see long distance connections, including commerce and diplomatic behavior.

On top of that, the Moon is sitting in Aries. This is going to set a fire under what the people witness and experience. The people will be optimistic, passionate, determined, impatient, moody, short-tempered and aggressive. Inactivity and delays will rub the people the wrong way. People will expect results and good competition.

To complicate matters, the Moon is square both Mars and Pluto. When it comes to the Mars situation, the people will find in your face confrontation. Mars rules the disputes, strikes and conflicts. Pluto represents change and rebirth suggesting that the people will find the aggressive situations that force deep changes to how things are done. Pluto also represents the energies that exist in the darkness or hidden places in life. There will be influential energy from the space of organized crime and the political underground.

The Moon is also sextile Mercury suggesting that the channels of communication will be fundamental to how the people see this Bitcoin environment. The people will most likely depend heavily on what they are told and, because it’s the Moon, they will most likely react emotionally rather then rationally.

The Planets

When it comes to the planets, we could follow the same progression of thinking and outline each one, but I would rather skip ahead to a few aspects worth considering. If you would like me to cover the individual planets, just let me know.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn

Here we have an amplification situation in the 6th house. As we see above in the section of the Sun, this house deals with civil service, financial solvency, trade unions and the like. Yet, with this configuration, we’re combining all matters of communication with the planet that tends to amplify the scope of things. Jupiter tends to deal with religious leaders, judges, the nation state, national inquests, the nations wealth, banks and bankers. Seeing that Bitcoin was designed to confront these particular institutions, this conjunction will most likely take the fight directly into the mass media.

It’s also worth noting that this conjunction is on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius. Jupiter is sitting on the edge of an Earth and Air sign showing that there will be conflicting energies as to how the influence will work out. At times, we should see the Capricorn energy showing the project as responsible and controlled. At other times, we’ll see it as more progressive, original, temperamental and uncompromising. I would expect that we would look for transiting planets to see how this situation will be triggered.

Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

We have another amplification situation sitting at the first few degrees in Capricorn. This time it brings up aggressive transformations for the 5th house. What does the 5th house represent? This house represents elements of the ‘high society’. This includes all things that are speculative in nature including investments, stock exchanges, sporting events, gambling, sexual conquests and the like. This house can be thought of as being connected to amusement, entertainment and pleasure. Pluto, being the planet of change and rebirth shows that this energy will have an aggressive transformational influence over the speculative aspects that people deal with. Seeing that Bitcoin is a financial instrument, it would seem that it will directly confront the financial sector.

Venus on the cusp of Pisces

Venus is going to represent the more feminine energies associated with this project. It brings in energies that are artistic in the areas of entertainment, sports, music and peaceful resolutions. It is the artistic expression that we should see and the relationships that are formed.

Let’s first look at the signs. I say signs, because it’s just barely moved into Pisces which will accentuate the watery emotions. We should see times when the feminine energy behind this project is very compassionate, artistic, intuitive and wise. Yet, because it’s water, we should see just as much time where the energy triggers fear, the desire to escape and or victim mentality.

Then, because it’s on the cusp, we might see other times when Venus carries Aquarius energy which will make things look progressive, independent, humanitarian, temperamental, uncompromising and aloof. When it comes to these highly emotional situations, we may find situations where people feel like promises have been broken.

Now, this potentially bipolar emotional behavior sits in the 8th house of death. The energies associated with this house deal with public mortality, financial relations, foreign countries, the beliefs of the masses, fatal accidents, gold, capital gains, floods, earthquakes and cyclones!

To go with all this, the ruling planet for Pisces is Neptune. Neptune is just outside a conjunction sitting in the 7th house in Aquarius. The 7th house deals with foreign affairs, relations between countries, political or commercial relations. It’s about foreign business, affairs and agreements. Neptune represents the energies that center around socialism and communism with specific highlights being linked to mobs, secret plots, sedition, fraud, swindling and all illicit undertakings.

This pair of planets, leads me to believe that the catalysts for the emotional swings that will accompany this project will be triggered by aspects to Neptune and Venus.

Uranus opposing Saturn

Here we have Uranus 19 degrees Pisces in opposition to Saturn at almost 22 degrees Virgo. Uranus is going to represent tensions related to everything political. It can be rioting, fascism, individualism and right-wing political ideas. Yet it also touches on scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. Uranus is sitting in the 9th house which rules the judicial system, religion, diplomats, foreign missions, scientific institutions and long-distance travel.

Saturn is going to being up lessons that are painful, particularly on a public scale which can cause widespread sadness. Saturn tends to represent land, farmers, mines, metals, minerals. Saturn is also sitting in the 3rd house which represents physical locomotion and communication. It’s all means of disseminating information. Particular, it’s communication between the government and the people, democracy and peace talks.

Both these planets are going to be going head-to-head with the emotional overflow triggering Neptune in Aquarius.


This project has, at the root of it, strong self-confident leaders that have taken on the energy of public servants. They are confronting strong political energies which will have a large emotional impact on the people and the battlefield looks to be in the realm of communication. Ultimately, there will be deep judicial and political lessons to go through which makes for a very emotional experience.

I look forward to hearing how you all interpret Bitcoin’s natal chart and stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll write about some of the transits before too long!


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Reference Data

Bitcoin Natal

January 3, 2009

6:15:05 PM

Greenwich, England

Calculated for:
Time Zone 0 hours West
Latitude: 51 N 29
Longitude: 0 W 00

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun     position  is  13 deg.  31 min.  of  Capricorn
Moon    position  is   4 deg.  33 min.  of  Aries
Mercury position  is   2 deg.  48 min.  of  Aquarius
Venus   position  is   0 deg.  15 min.  of  Pisces
Mars    position  is   5 deg.  36 min.  of  Capricorn
Jupiter position  is  29 deg.  34 min.  of  Capricorn
Saturn  position  is  21 deg.  46 min.  of  Virgo
Uranus  position  is  19 deg.  19 min.  of  Pisces
Neptune position  is  22 deg.  31 min.  of  Aquarius
Pluto   position  is   1 deg.  21 min.  of  Capricorn
Asc.    position  is   8 deg.  58 min.  of  Leo


Mundane Interpretation of the Bitcoin Natal — 4 Comments

  1. Hi EL.
    Good observations. Those cards do seem to fit. I have to admit that what I’ve explored, I have to say that I’m excited with regards to what this technology enables. I’ve got a couple more write-ups coming that have very clear aspects to criminal behavior at all levels. Yet, I’m still fascinated by it and figure it’s something worth watching and writing about. It’s like watching politics – there are overly dramatic situations at every twisty turn. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your detailed report!\ Concerning thoughts about Bitcoin, Jan. 3rd the date Bitcoin was “born”; in the “Destiny and Love Card” sciences, it’s first card is a “Jack of Spades” (“very creative, actor card, the spiritual initiate, or thief card”!), then the second card is a 10 of Diamonds (focusing on prosperity, but not necessarily obtaining it~!)… The Chinese animal year it was born, is the rat… Forgive the pun, “I smell a rat”! 🙂 Their “idea” to eradicate the exchange of physical money into an electronic forum, on “paper” (<sorry couldn't resist! :)) seems good… However, too many variables concerning breach of electronic security, doesn't bode well for real and true application, and/or practical use for widespread "secured" choices! Personally, I smell another scam (like Hedge Funds!), where certain folks expressly gain, at another's expense… This particular dynamic has gone on for too long! … It's time we all "win", or like most folks with some instinct of common sense (i.e. not playing into the sales pitch!), you just don't play! Thanks again for sharing! Namaste…

  3. Thank you for this detailed and insightful interpretation of current aspects. Very much appreciated.

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