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Planet Alert Video

By Mahala with Dave

Here Mahala covers the transit of a few planets particularly Mars through Aquarius, Uranus through Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio, along with others. With Uranus just moving into Taurus it brings birth of earth energy. The video is just under 30 minutes. Feel free to comment.

Written in love and light



Planet Alert Video — 8 Comments

  1. This was my summation of what has transpired.
    The outer planet Uranus transitioned from Aries into Taurus on 15 May this year. Uranus rules natural disasters, unexpected sudden events and various disruptions. Taurus is associated with the Earth, nature, and the physical, Aries is a fire sign and is fast moving. This transition brought with it a natural disaster of volcanic eruptions and fast moving fiery lava in Hawaii. This is a combined Aries and Taurus energy. The Lava “fire” will eventually cool down and become rock “earth”. Lets hope this event settles down sooner than later.

    Last time Uranus changed signs was on March 11, 2011 when it transitioned from the water sign Pisces, which rules the sea, into Aries (fire). That Uranus transit brought about a natural disaster such as the earthquake which struck out at sea on the coast of Japan which resulted in the tsunami (water/Pisces) which caused the Fukushima (fire/Aries) disaster.

    take care

  2. I . have connected with the higher Christ Consciousness, Holy Spirit and receive messages from Jesus and Mother Mary. The other day mary appeared in my mind’s eye with a large piece of driftwood with a flame on top of it. She said i would always have the “Eternal Flame.” you mentioned a time of fire.


  3. Oh my GOODNESS Mahala and David!!! that was so incredible being able to watch you both on video. You both were fabulous. The delivery of what’s taking place presently and what to watch for as we go through the rest of the year is so supportive as it brings us the ability to stay consciously balanced within our bodies; allowing health to be with us moment to moment.

    With LOVE and many BLESSINGS to YOU!

  4. Thanks for visiting David. The videos I’ve seen of the eruption in Hawaii are assume, yet I feel for those affected. Stay safe!

  5. Dearest Mahala & David: THANK YOU so much for your guidance/tips/reminders.

    I live in Hawaii Island, & I’m within a few miles from all the volcano commotions. I came back from a trip, & I was away for 2 weeks. I felt the 6.9 earthquake before I left for Cobra’s Ascension Conference in Taipei, Taiwan. I’d just return from it yesterday (with an extended stop over in San Francisco).

    Yesterday & today, For the first time for a long while, I felt the LOVE. I felt my heart chakra opens up a lot more and I feel the grace and love of the Divine (including self love). This recent (not the first) Hawaii earth changes here (& subsequently the rest of the world) should be handled with consciousness/love, not fear. I learned/unlearned this from you, many thanks!

    & thank you for your presence.

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