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The Royal Alchemical Wedding

Guest article By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

I wonder if you asked Martin Luther King all those years ago, when prophetic words about the Old Earth being swept away by the power of love flowed from his tongue, that one day they would be heard by billions around the world, he would have believed it? How could anyone not believe in miracles, believe that God has the power to pick us up and put us down where we belong – no matter how impossible that path may seem.

A few days before the Royal Wedding as Uranus entered Taurus I was reading a chapter of ‘Guardians of the Holy Grail’ about St John the Baptist and the Cupbearers. The Mandean Tribe of Iraq say that they came from another dimension where there is an Eden. Originally, they came to our Earth in Sri Lanka which most closely resembled their Eden led by Sanat Kumara from Arcturus. The Sufi and Christian mysteries emanate from this tradition and Jesus the Shepherd, Magdalen the Tower, Mother Mary, John the Baptist and others all came to teach us about love. It was prophesied that one day in the distant future their Eden would become one with the Earth.

As I read this I felt a visceral rush of energy and knowing that Uranus moving into Taurus marks a time when this merging will become more possible than it has been before. At Pentecost 2018, the Holy Spirit moved big time and as history unfolds into the future it will be a day to be remembered. I see this merging of Edens as the two triangles of Fire and Water in the Seal of Solomon coming together. It is an embodiment of the Sacred Marriage. The way has been prepared by many and now is the time for the wider manifestation. Spirit ask me rather exuberantly to watch the Royal Wedding as this was all part of their plan.

Imagine then my delight in this context to hear the words of Martin Luther King spoken not once but twice by Rev. Michael Curry. Curry, the first African-American presiding bishop of the American Episcopal Church encouraged all receiving his message to discover the power of love to make of “this old world a new world.”

It is highly significant and wonderful that Meghan is of mixed race. In a program after the wedding it seems that she is also not the first in the Royal Family. Princess Charlotte was of mixed origin and the Queen is very proud of this previously hidden heritage in her family. The whole wedding blew the snobbery of the British Establishment out the water in a way which was most delightful to behold. In one day so many precepts that have enforced oppression in our world were smashed to pieces by the power of love and the Pentecostal sermon. One could almost feel the musty cobwebs of the Church of England being blasted by a trumpet from heaven in St George’s Chapel.

Meghan shines with independence, strength and purity and together with Harry they will do important work towards peace in the world. A Black and a White dove have joined together. Juno has moved into Aries and it felt also an expression of this in her choosing to walk alone down the aisle. This is not a marriage about ownership but of equality and it will influence many others in a positive way.

Their work will center on the 52 countries of the Commonwealth which too seems to have acquired a miraculously spiritual nature recently. The Commonwealth Games in Australia recently included a stunning opening which was an Aboriginal peace ceremony for the wold with a glorious white Migaloo whale that swam between the continents connecting us all. My partner and I were in tears as we watched it, but the press hardly covered it at all. Recently too I watched a program about a project called The Queen’s Canopy where the Commonwealth countries are reconnecting the forests around the world and growing new ones in places like Namibia to help global warming. Prince Harry is the main tree planter for this and he was so positive about this work which Meghan will now be part of. There are many indigenous tribes involved who will infuse the Queen’s canopy with their wisdom and I feel certain the Royal couple will truly honor their wisdom. I get the feeling that the Queen in her later years has decided to do what she thinks is right rather than always listen to her stuffy advisers. There will always be people of privilege, but when that it used for the betterment of humanity it feels so much better.

I felt moved to share this experience of the Royal Wedding and its significance in the bigger changes globally. It really will change the course of history forever and create a Rainbow Bridge between Africa and the rest of the world. A bridge also between the United States and the United Kingdom that is beyond military alliances. As Meaghan and Harry stand as equals in their marriage, this sends a powerful message to people everywhere that equality and inclusiveness is the way to go. I conclude with the words of the Pentecost:

Blessed are you, sovereign God, overflowing in love.

With Pentecost dawns the age of the Spirit.

Now the flame of heaven rests on every believer.

Strong and weak, women and men tell out your word;

The young receive visions, the old receive dreams.

With the new wine of the Spirit

They proclaim your reign of love.

Amid the birth pangs of the new Creation

The way of light is made known.

Source of freedom, giver of life,

Blessed are you Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit

Blessed Be Forever

From the Song of Solomon in the Bible: Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death, passion fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flame. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.

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Ref: ‘Guardians of the Holy Grail’ by Mark Amaru Pinkham 


The Royal Alchemical Wedding — 2 Comments

  1. So nice to read your confirmation that this love-filled ceremony will change the world moving forward. I felt that while watching it and I am so glad to know that the planets and stars agree. Thank you so much!

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