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Help Understanding the Pastlife Reports

I(Dave) finally got around to creating a video to help show what the Edgar Cayce Pastlife report is and how you can get one from Mahala’s Astrology. It’s just under six minutes long, so if you’ve been deterred by the process, this video should help you out.

Also, the biggest problem that people have had getting these reports is getting in contact with us in order to get one. I tend to receive emails for requests, but when I send out the reports, my emails tend to go into your junk folder. Thus, if you don’t hear from me within a day or so, look in your junk folder or send me an email.

Note that these are one-time reports. They cover a person’s entire life.

We are grateful to all of you that have ordered these reports! Thank you very much.



Help Understanding the Pastlife Reports — 2 Comments

  1. hello Dave- I will continue to try to find a direct email to send from my email box, so I can send you my info…sorry for losing contact!

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