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Announcing the Holy Grail

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

This New Moon in Taurus herald’s new beginnings on many levels. It is aligned to the Pleaides stars which globally are seen to be helpers of our awakening on earth.

Chiron the Wounded Healer has just entered Aries beginning a whole new cycle. I am tremendously excited about this as I believe it heralds a new aeon of the awakening Christ Consciousness. For the past year, you may too have been hearing the heart call of Christ, Mary Magdalen, John the Baptist and other deities associated with Christianity? I feel a revival like that of the Quakers led by George Fox is on the cards – it has already begun. He had his vision of people in white washing in the river some 20 miles from where I live, so this part of Albion in the North does historically seem to be a hot bed of revolution in the spiritual realms. A return to simplicity.

This is through a world-wide phenomenon that will ultimately bring East and West together. Jesus showed us that it is our wounds that make us human. This is very much a Chiron theme in astrology – you can’t eradicate the wound no matter how hard you try or how many training courses you attend. It can however make you much, much more compassionate to others. You, like me, may have tried many things to fix yourself. Each one is a subtle act of aggression because it assumes you are not already perfect. I had a very powerful teaching about this the other day. Even after the resurrection Jesus still had his wounds. Contemplate the enormity of that. He could raise himself from the dead but still the wounds persisted – or perhaps he chose to keep them to be at one with humanity and not above us.

Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage has also entered Aries and is travelling with Chiron. In the past 6 months, I’ve been experiencing a profound integration of masculine energy. For many years, I have been integrating the Goddess archetypes and have gone through some major life changes in achieving that. Its’ clear to me now that all along I have also been seeking the sacred masculine. The first time I experienced the sacred masculine in a big way was in a womb cairn in Wales, Bryn Celli Dhu, when the Sun entered the passage at Winter Solstice. It was ecstatic, I can’t really describe it in words. I have been twice subsequently and had the same powerful experience, but it still felt outside myself.

My personal integration of the masculine has come through walking on the land. I have come across a few historic people who embodied this same energy such as the Japanese poet Basho. It will be different for everybody but it feels that movement may be an integral part of the masculine energy awakening in women combined with creativity.

John the Baptist, another nomad, has been a very strong calling and I believe represents a long line of Fisher Kings. Women also follow this path of sovereignty and are known as the Fisher Queens. Juno entering Aries signals a new cycle has begun for her ‘sacred marriage’ energies too and I feel sure that many others will also be feeling this integration at a new level of the ‘other’ gender. The shadow issue for the Fisher Kings and Queens is ‘pride’. When the personal transcends the collective transformation, pride is at its core and it leads to corruption. There have been many Fisher Kings who fell through pride such as Lucifer. In the end its our choice – will we serve ourselves or the greater good with the power we have been given?

Ceres the Mother Goddess is aligned to the Moon’s north node in Leo indicating where the energy is moving towards – the revolution in food. This is happening on many levels. We are becoming more sensitive to what we are eating and thus becoming purified in our energy. This increased sensitivity to life and beauty is also related to Astraea Goddess of the Sacred Arts. The light body, as shown by Christ in the Transfiguration and by the Buddha is awakening in the DNA of many human beings now. Its’ not just what we eat though, its’ our feelings about our food. You can be eating a healthy diet, but if you hate your body and take no pleasure in eating then the food is no good for you. You are better off eating a chocolate bar in a state of ecstatic bliss and gratitude. The sharing of food and the blessing of food are all central to the sense of ‘communion’ which more and more people are feeling now. The sense of unity is sometimes difficult to hold. We are so chained to ideas that keep us separated, but slowly it’s all dropping away.

Uranus will enter Taurus under this New Moon which gives me tingles. Taurus is the Earth sign par excellence. She is all about fertility and love. Uranus will enhance and support the revolution in food and hopefully it will also mean our political leaders sway towards diplomacy rather than war. Venus and Pallas Athena are conjunct in Gemini the sign of communication, so this is a time for the feminine to heard. The feminine is all about diplomacy, about understanding cause and effect. Things don’t happen in this world for no reason. We stop world karma the same way we stop personal karma, by being genuinely sorry for the hurt we have caused and ceasing to behave in ways that cause further harm. The feminine ways applied to the world stage will be the pathway to peace we have been searching for.

Really enjoy this moon cycle and pay attention to what it brings you. It’s one of those rare moments in the heavens where all the indicators are for all we have been longing for to suddenly and unexpectedly arrive. I am writing the end of this at the New Moon and this morning I just met a beautiful young woman who I will be doing Grandmothers and Earth Light Grid work with, Eleanor. She has just moved to my town and by a miracle we have become connected. She is this weekend graduating as an acupuncturist and joining the Healing Order of St John. Bring it on St John, the world is ready for your Baptism of Spirit.


Announcing the Holy Grail — 6 Comments

  1. I read it late, but this is very applicable and aligned with my own experiences. On March 29th The Sophia and The Christ reunited within the bodies of all humans. I was told, Sophia lept out of the heartspace of the unified Adam when It first asked, Who Am I? Then when Adam beheld Sophia, he commented that she was the most beautiful one…and in that moment…she fell into Form/multiplicity to complete the separation required for our explorations.

    Feb 14 2014, the Piscean Age of Christ’s trials ended and the return of masc/fem balance began. Now it is physically anchoring in us all…as each experiences their “Event”…this is the bottom line…the sacred marriage taking place within…the Return of The Sophia! 😀

  2. But thank you Alison Dhuanna, it’s written with intrigue… and religion

  3. Very lovely blog though I feel too much time and effort is wasted on this Christian version stuff. Old, worn-out, and outdated, FAKE nonsense.

  4. thank you so much for this update, I am a leo and as such I have tendency to be headstrong, independent, strong in nature but also compassionate to the less fortunate and work with them. I love this info coming thru you Mahala, I feel connected to the energies of change. I love St. Johns gospel, truly a christian.

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