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The She-Bishop Awakens

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

Vesta was crossing the Galactic Center at the Easter Blue Moon and has now entered the Spiritual Rebirth sign of Capricorn, and so this is a potent time when new information may be received about her healing properties for human beings. She has been travelling with Mars also this year which brings a passion and energy to her mission and a uniting with the masculine energies. Vesta is the archetype of the Priestess and one area that is vitally important to her is the ‘rebalancing’ of the role of women within spiritual traditions.

On Easter Sunday, an article in the Sunday Telegraph (UK newspaper) entitled ‘Early Church gave Women First Chance to be Bishops’ caught my eye. How the newspaper happened to come to me is a miracle. A beautiful fresco has been restored in Italy which shows what appears to be a female Bishop. This can be gleaned from the gospels open around her and the Chi-Rho symbol above her head.

The fresco dates from the 5th Century and the name of the Bishop is Cerula. This is a variation of the name Ceres which was the first Goddess Asteroid discovered on the 1st January 1801 and astrologically embodies the 3 main Goddess Asteroids Vesta, Pallas Athena and Juno.

The spiritual position of women in all mainstream religions is one of the root causes of oppression and imbalance on our planet. This rebalancing is central to the Ascension process as is the Gnostic understanding that God resides inside ourselves and in everything. Some of the most insidious and damaging ideas about women have filtered down through patriarchal religion, that women are somehow dirty and tainted with evil. This is absolute nonsense of course, but is surprisingly deeply ingrained in our culture.

One only has to take a cursory look at the lives of Jesus and Mohammed to know that both were advocates of the equality of women. The two women who were interviewed for the newspaper article, Professor Joan Taylor of Kings College, London and Professor Helen Bond of Edinburgh University, have also made a documentary for Channel 4 (UK) called Jesus’ Female Disciples:  The New Evidence. I’m sure it will become available globally and it is well worth watching.

The documentary explores Mary Magdalene of course but also 2 others I hadn’t heard of called Joanna and Salome. All the evidence is from ancient sites in Israel and Palestine and the gospels, so it is in full view all this time but has been ignored. A big turning point came in Christianity with Emperor Constantine in the 4th century when a more militant style of Christianity came to the fore. Christ the Shepherd and the advocate of justice, which was his true nature, seems sadly to have been side lined at this time along with the role of the female disciples. The change in how women were represented in religious art for example was very marked, becoming completely invisible in some cases.

One stunning piece of evidence revealed is that the original ancient text in Greek says that a ‘Duo’ of 12 disciples were sent out. As in Noah and the Ark this was one male and one female. This apparently makes a lot of sense as culturally men would not have been allowed to anoint women who were strangers with oil or baptize them, which would have greatly limited their capacity to spread the word. Sending a male and female out together would make perfect sense and give the disciples a much greater chance of reaching more of the population with their teachings. I recently watched the trailer of the new Mary Magdalena film and it feels this will be a further step in setting the record straight.

This isn’t just about justice though, about the invisible voices being heard. There is a more profound issue that there can never be peace in our world, the Holy Spirit cannot completely descend through people of any religion, where this oppression still corrupts the heart. Justice and the eradication of oppression of all forms must therefore be at the center of our spiritual actions now.

Another incredible event which didn’t make the news this week was the Aboriginal ceremony of world peace and unity that opened the Commonwealth Games in Australia, with a white Migaloo whale swimming between all the countries of Earth and an Eagle taking flight across the world. The ceremonial dance showed the history of the Earth from when there was one continent Pangea until now where we have the world as we know it. My partner and I were weeping as we watched it, and so joyful because it really spoke to the heart and was very powerful.

It is gratifying to me that the Creator has a plan. As Vesta crosses the Galactic Center with Mars and enters Capricorn things are unfolding. The Mary Magdalena film will be seen by millions and attitudes will shift even further towards understanding the beautiful and pure nature of women in spirituality. Where we work together, as Jesus and Mary Magdalena did on deeper levels, miracles can occur.

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