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New Flash April 2018

The planets are very intense on this 13th day of April 2018 and will stay that way until the full moon of this month, which is on April 29, 2018. The sun is now in the fire sign Aries which is ruled by Mars. The sun plus Mercury, which is still retrograde until April 15, are in Aries along with Uranus and Eris. Mars activates a lot of energy, which can be either positive or negative. (I just heard on TV that the war energy of Mars was activated and the United States, France, and England are now bombing Syria). It looks like the negative side of Mars was activated. Syria is a possible trigger point for more war energy in the Middle East. Jupiter is over the Middle East right now and is activating the Aries sun.

It looks like the Saturn energy is being activated also because Mars is conjunct Saturn. The planet Saturn rules governments or structure. It looks like many structures are being destroyed by bombs right now. You may also be experiencing the Capricorn energy which makes you stay glued to the TV to see what is going on with your government, at least here in the United States. There are four planets in the Earth sign Capricorn which are Vesta the fire Asteroid of great power, Saturn, Mars the God of war, and Pluto the god of transformation. That is quite a full house and all of these Capricorn planets make a 90 degree angle to the Aries planets.

Along with all this intense energy, Mars and Saturn are opposing the sun in the United States birth chart. This is not the best energy to have affecting the United States. This can cause much challenging energy to arise and this energy has caused much chaos in our government. A lot of people are angry at what is happening in our government and this adds to the energy of chaos or destruction.

Scorpio rules the Middle East and the West Coast of the United States. Jupiter is in Scorpio right now and is affecting the Middle East and causing a lot of trouble in Syria. There are many people still fighting in that country which includes Turkey, Iran, Russia, and the United States. Israel also bombed that country a few days ago. Fighting does not solve anything. I can hardly wait until Mars moves out of Capricorn into Aquarius and Uranus moves into Taurus in mid-May. Hopefully we will start feeling a more peaceful energy at that time.

I was thinking about all the chaos that is going on in our government right now. This is caused by all of the disagreements going on in our government and the arguments that turn people against each other. Mars energy has been dominant during Trump’s presidency. I was reading a book the other day that was talking about anger. It says that Love is the creative force and Anger is the destructive force. Anger usually leads to destruction in one form or another and the anger energy has been dominant for a long time now. Destruction is considered negative energy. If you are angry at someone or something that means you no intentional harm, then this is also negative energy because it brings up the emotion of anger.

What happens when your anger is directed at another destructive action? You are allowed to get mad at injustice, cruelty and things of this nature. Still, the emotion you feel is one of destruction and is negative in its effect. You must use extreme caution when dealing with these negative emotions, even when they are intended for use in a positive outcome. This type of anger is sometimes referred to as “Righteous Anger” and although it can have its place, it has been the justification of much tragedy in our world.  The simple solution is to learn what causes you to be angry and then either eliminate the causes from your life, or change your responses to them.  The fastest way to change your life is to change your perception of things.

I always thought fear was the opposite of love and that people needed to release their fears to be able to manifest love. It is very good to release all of your fear although I now see how destructive anger can be in our world.  Anger is ruled by Mars and that has been considered the planet of war and violence. Mars rules guns and the violence caused by them. Don’t you think it is time to look at your anger so we can release all of that destructive energy and bring peace to our world?

The old needs to go out before the new can come in and we are going through that process right now.  It would be nice to use our power to create a world of love and peace. Out of chaos comes a new reality. Have you ever added up the letters in Trump’s name? The name Trump adds up to the number 16 which is the Tower Struck with lightning in the Tarot cards. He is doing a good job of manifesting chaos so a new creation can come out of this energy.

Manifesting love is the answer to creating a new reality of peace, love and unity consciousness. Instead of getting angry and adding that energy to the anger that is already out there, release it and think about peace. You could start seeing Mars as being the planet of peace. It did go through a transformation a few years ago when an Asteroid flew by Mars and got a little too close to it and caused a huge explosion of light which was beautiful to watch. Mars no longer has to manifest violence. The word love adds up to 18/9. The word anger adds up to 18/9.  This is a combination of positive and negative energy. Which energy do you choose to manifest, love or anger?

Keep calm as we move through this very intense energy. Release any anger you may still have inside of you and be grateful for everything you have. Create an attitude of gratitude, take a walk in nature. Talk to the trees and tell them you love them. Raise your frequency so we can finish moving into the higher frequency world. The wave of love is still on its way.      So Be It.

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I send blessings to all of you beautiful angels.      Love and Light    * Mahala  Gayle*

I am the yellow star Mayan Glyph


New Flash April 2018 — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for this analysis of what’s going on right now. It helps a lot to have a focal point defining the current energies and thus allowing choice. We may live in chaos but we are responsible for the quality of our minds and intentions.

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