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Ideas to share about The Event

Guest article by Dave

If you are an empath (sensitive), you are most likely experiencing the new energies of The Event. These energies are in our environment and have been manifesting through sensitive people as influences of intuitive change. They are subtle, yet present.

If you feel the energy, understand it, and are ok with it. Well, this article might not be for you. If you’re not quite feeling it, need some logical connection or need to explore if you’re comfortable with it, well, I’ve made some observations to share that you might find helpful.

What is important enough to share? Well, what this new energy is and how you are changing due to its presence. Particularly, I would like to help connect a few dots for you.

In order to do this (in text), I’d like to refresh your memory regarding 1) what energy is, 2) what Bruce Lipton taught us about DNA and 3) remember or get you thinking about how light works within the body. After setting this context, I’ll guess at what is unfolding.

Is there evidence of new energy?

First off, let’s look at what energy is. Here is a chart that I found to help remind you that energy is a wave, or particle, that has the capacity to perform work. Energy comes in all different wavelengths where only a small fraction is classified as visible light.

It’s important to note that we are all familiar with many different forms of this energy: Radio Waves, Microwaves, Infrared, etc. These different types of energy are around us all the time and many can be physically measured. Please note how small the band is for visible light (bottom of chart).

It’s also important to notice that the body can register the presence of different kinds of wavelengths. For instance, if you stand next to a fire, you will be able to feel the infrared radiation. Through your eyes, you see visible light. If you expose yourself to sunlight, the UVA radiation is what makes people tan (triggers the production of melanin).

As it turns out, the sun radiates a full spectrum of energy and it is not constant. Or, said differently, it is not always the same mixture of wavelengths all the time.

Physical Observation

Some of you might be following the work that Mrmbb333 does on YouTube and the experiment he started last summer. He lives in the Phoenix area and observed that street signs in his area where overly faded. Long story short, he purchased a UV detector so he could measure the UV levels. In time, he started talking about UVA and UVB. Just recently he posted a video about UVC that you might want to view. It’s just over 7 minutes long.

The key thing to note here is that he’s measuring UVC at ground level and, he is surprised by this. Should it be? Why is it? Is this bad? Good?

My Observation

Some things in life are relatively constant. For instance, the sun follows a consistent pattern across the sky – day in and day out. Stars stick together to form constellations that last hundreds of generations. When it comes to sunlight, we usually don’t think about the subtleties like the brightness or color hues we just see it as daylight. It’s either daylight or not. Simple on or off.

When it comes to analyzing the full spectrum of radiation that the sun emits, who’s to say that it will always be the same percentages across the entire spectrum? In other words, what if a year ago the sun was emitting a very small portion of UVC rays, which got absorbed in the atmosphere thus not making it to the ground to be detected. Whereas now, the sun emits enough so that these rays now penetrate the atmosphere far enough to be detected by us ground dwellers.

This should make you think about the other wavelengths too. What about x-rays and gamma rays that can penetrate structures? Has the composition of the other wavelengths changed? Might one of these other rays trigger the body to create a new type of melanin?

What might a change of this type mean to humanity?

What did Bruce Lipton teach us about the role of the DNA?

If you haven’t researched the work of Bruce Lipton, I would encourage you to take some time to do so. His work is unique and challenges the dogma of today’s scientific understanding of how DNA works.

His work shows that the DNA of a cell is a complex blue print that allows the cell to create molecules so that it can respond to changes in the cell’s environment. To be clear, the DNA is not the brains of the cell. The DNA is not some spiritual antenna that allows you to connect to something metaphysical. The DNA is a template for creating molecules that can be used in our environment.

If the DNA is used to replicate useful tools for the cell, when does it do this? Well, the simple answer is that it will do this when the environment dictates it. The environment triggers the cell to respond.

Why is this important? Well, see the previous section, our environment is changing.

How does light work in the body?

Well, many different ways via many different wavelengths. The body stays warm by ‘burning’ calories. It is the ATP process by which sunlight is released within the body to keep it warm. Another way is via the retina in the eyes. When a photon of visible light touches the retina molecule, the molecule bends so as to pass that signal along so it can be interpreted and processed. The retina molecules are specialized enough so that they pick up very specific wavelengths of visible light. Yet, these are just physical examples.

As many of you are aware, there are energetic systems that intermingle with the physical body but are not contained by the physical body. One example is the meridians or the chakra system. Another is memory. I’ll leave it at that. If you’re reading this far you probably are well aware of energetic systems within the body.

Yet, another system that has been talked about for-seemingly-ever is the human aura. Why is it that some people can see auras and others cannot? Do they not exist because some people can’t see them?

Do the chakras not exist because people, generally, cannot see them?

Now my questions

This makes me wonder. If someone is able to see auras, could they have been exposed to different energies which triggered their DNA to create retina molecules that are slightly different then normal retina molecules?

Likewise, with Empaths, were they exposed to energies that triggered their cells to unlock the DNA in order to produce molecules that could be used to sense other people’s energy at a distance?

People that play with and feel Reiki energy, was their DNA unlocked in a way that created molecules so that they can channel or use this energy?

My Guess

I have a feeling that the new energy spectrum that we are being exposed too is going to force our bodies to adapt. In the process of adapting, our bodies will instinctively build new molecules that will help it deal with the new energies. This may enhance existing systems or activate dormant systems that we already have.

What we have heard from many spiritual leaders is that the new energies will in fact activate dormant systems and trigger new abilities. We will be energized so as to be able to sense and perceive energies outside of our normal (average) experience.

Ultimately, the sun energy (or cosmic energy) has changed in a way that people are starting to notice. These changes will have an effect on all living organisms.

Lastly, light is just energy. What makes this energy interesting is consciousness. We are consciousness Beings that use light as a way to perceive. Light is the avenue by which we, as inner Beings, get to interact with our environment. It is the carrier of emotions and trigger for feelings. And, as we have all experienced, if you bring your conscious awareness to the activity of being sensitive, your interaction is greatly enhanced.

Reach out to others that are sensitive and see what they are doing to consciously improve their sensitivities and, if it works, do it and share. Practice.

Make this inevitable transition a conscious one.



Ideas to share about The Event — 9 Comments

  1. Dave, Sorry, I had no idea there was a “pay wall” in the previous site I provided… There are current and past scientific studies that show how an observer can redirect an atom and it’s trajectory…\ There is another site (which has connections many others!) I go to regularly (provided below), to; confirm, give, be inspired, receive, share, etc.… I don’t always agree with some of what they (or their contributors) choose to post, but it is up to the individual to decide what; resonates, change what doesn’t fit to what works, or throw the information out…. I sense you too are a warrior providing information to help awaken and guide those who feel lost to re-member who they truly are… May the site below, help you to help others too (if you aren’t already familiar with it)! You are welcome to delete this response if you feel it’s inappropriate and doesn’t resonate with this site! After this, it’s back to work! 🙂 Namaste…

  2. Thanks for sharing EL,
    The Abstract at the source says “… Our results support the notion that i-motif structures provide key regulatory roles in the genome.” The full article is behind a pay wall. I’m not a Molecular Biologist, yet is seems that some things are life are obvious and required if you think about it holistically. To bad they can’t make the connection between consciousness and matter. Maybe someday we’ll start seeing research from scientists that do understand and see this connection.

  3. I wonder if the arora borealis will be apart of this wave of love in the sense that it would be a global arora borealis.

  4. Hi Guillermo, If you are so inspired, you can find a mailing address at the end of Mahala’s bio. Thank you.

  5. If you haven’t been getting your daily sun, it’s not too late. Our sun always gets energy from the Central Sun and now those energies are transforming our physical bodies so we can survive in a higher vibration.

    Great Article.

  6. Thank you so much Dave, greatly appreciate sharing your insights and observations. It feels as a blessing and it inspires. In this spring season when I look at trees unfolding their leaves, I can see how the tree reaches its branches to the light and I can sense the energy of this process. Thank you, Anne

  7. Hello Dave and Mahala,

    Congratulations for your excellent article.

    Please inform me where I can mail you a money order (very humble donation) tomorrow morning. I don’t use online donations since a painful incident happened a couple of months ago.

    Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.


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