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The Big Shift

Guest article by Mona Delfino of SacredReconnections

We are not victims of illness, we are creators of health!  Mona Delfino

The Big Shift

Hello Everyone!

Recently I have been observing so many of us on the planet (and working with their internal shifting) that I thought I’d share with you the current experiences, mainly because we are in Unity Consciousness more today than I have ever seen! As a healer, it pleases me to bring people together, realizing none of us are ever alone! To hear what others experience might give you a better understanding that you too might be feeling a certain way, or even get an idea of a better way to respond to your situation.

If you haven’t noticed lately, people are shifting inside on their perspectives, beliefs, emotions, and learning new identities through opening their minds to current events, as well as getting stronger within. Many people have had anger issues for a long time, or have been holding grudges from past experiences that hadn’t given them clarity… sometimes needing to forgive the past instead of being angry and holding on. So rather than telling you all the details that I’ve witnessed, I felt it was more important to share the “bottom line” simply by seeing the results on a daily basis!

For people to truly shift gears and start living a 5D life by not holding on to anger, disappointment, and all of those emotions that hold us back, we have to want to change. That’s the first step. This will change your body’s functioning. When you are used to old patterns, the body reacts. Therefore, the adrenal glands (fight or flight) have been taxed, and unfortunately, used to it… which is why so many are coming down with auto immune dysfunctions.

By making conscious decisions to surrender, that means we must let go of ideas that holding on to the past emotions is for our protection or safety. Actually, it’s just the opposite. Protection is a form of conditioning based in an idea that you are avoiding harm. However, it is a survival instinct that bears no encouragement for your future endeavors. It puts a wall up and refuses to accept signs to relieve you from the stronghold. That also keeps the flight or fight active, and rest is obsolete. The body needs calm to heal itself.

Today many people are fed up with not feeling well. Again, we are saying “enough is enough.” NOW comes surrender… a time when life is needing to be recognized as an open door. As we become more open ourselves about this process of surrendering the patterns, thoughts, ideas and emotions, we are more apt to thrive and definitely not survive! Survival takes effort. Surrender means you are clearly allowing yourself to walk your talk and hear more of what is happening around you without defense.

We are all changing, Chiron is just moving out of Pisces, which is sometimes called the poor-me sign and Pisces people are very emotional. Our emotions are what needed to be cleared in the past seven years. Chiron has been in Pisces since 2011 and now it is just moving into Aries, a fire sign and a sign of new beginnings. I think this energy will bring in a new way of healing ourselves and others.

Today, it is a more adjusting time to new love waves coming through that we are unsure of. Be assured: this Spirit is Love and we are now in the throes of recognition of it. Rejoice on the Pink Full moon on the 30th of April! Our time of love in Unity Consciousness has arrived! Stay loving, stay healthy,    Mona~


The Big Shift — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful post and timely! It seems recently, the purifying fires have burned “most” illusions (the rest will be forthcoming as Chiron progresses through Aries!) and the truth is being fully shown (at lease to those who choose to see it~!)… It’s like when Neo (the movie “The Matrix”) was given the opportunity to either ingest the; blue pill (remaining in illusion), or the red pill (awakening to truth (which isn’t pretty~!))… How the fires of truth emerge those who are burn to ash, giving the opportunity to rise (in a new form), is for each to decide… For each will be guided to do their respective duties in this period of transition, as their inner Being dictates! Three principles are similar in numerous religious and spiritual traditions… Golden rule: “Do unto others as they would do unto you”… “Do no intentional harm”… And lastly, “You are allowed to “defend” yourself!”\ Cowards go after the innocent and naive for their personal gain and recognition (ego!)… True warriors defend the innocent and naive, including themselves… What you mentioned about surrender is completely true! We all need to allow the fire to burn our previous understanding to ash, so we may emerge completely anew, refreshed in our duties that is “good for all” (whether the other realizes this, or not!)… When I surrendered, a new opening to Being emerged with a; knowing, light, strength, etc. I’ve not known before!… It is up to all of us (surrendering to Universal help!), to create the new earth “now”! Be the light you wish to see in the world! Thank you for your blessed and wondrous post, confirming the transformation!… Namaste…

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