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Planet Alert April 2018

Happy holiday or holy days to everyone, enjoy the season of spring.  Easter is the holiday of the risen Christ and it is also a very beautiful time of year. The flowers are starting to bloom and the sun is shining and it is very beautiful here in Seattle. The egg is starting to crack and people are waking up because of all the high energy that has been flowing to Earth in this ascension process.

The young people are starting to wake up and they are saying “no more violence, we have had enough, enough is enough. No more shootings in our schools”. I am so proud of all those young people who attended the walk last Saturday at the beginning of The Holy Week of Easter. This is a very special holiday to Christians all over the world. It is the celebrations of the risen Christ.

Now we are in the Goddess energy which has the symbol of a white diamond consisting of two triangles, one pointing up and one down. The diamond Christ star first appeared over Norway several years ago. This is the star of the Goddess/Sophia. It is white crystal light in the form of a diamond.  Now it is time to manifest this Goddess energy, which is love. This is why all of the white crystals were reprogrammed this past January when the sun was at the closest point to Earth which was January 3, 2018. On March 26 a diamond star again appeared in the heavens. Here is a link to that picture.  Golden Cross as seen by KeleenaMalnar Facebook

We have been in the Ascension Event for a few weeks now and it has not been an easy time for a lot of people. I found it to be a very purging time as we released our challenges from the past so we too can become the risen Christ. This is what Easter is all about. It is time for many people to start vibrating at a much higher frequency where we can all become the risen Christ.

On this full moon of March 31, 2018 at 5:37AM PDT Venus will move into Taurus which is a more peaceful sign than Aries. Taurus is ruled by Venus. If we tune into the planet Venus at this full moon we may start to feel love energy in full force. Then maybe we can help other people who tune into the Mars/Saturn conjunction which is a challenging energy and also happens at this full moon.

There will be three planets in Capricorn at this full moon. They are Mars, Saturn, and Pluto. Capricorn rules governments and their leaders. Mars conjunct Saturn is the energy of professional problems, frustrations, and is likely to activate legal battles and conflicts with authorities and government agencies.

If you have this aspect in your personal chart you may be subject to hardships, physical danger, or even arrest. In Donald Trump’s chart his Mercury is on 8 degrees Cancer. This upcoming aspect will be on 8 degrees Capricorn which is in exact opposition to his Mercury.  He will be feeling this energy very strongly and it is not the best energy for him.  When Saturn opposes your Mercury it brings up legal difficulties that can lead to depression and could cause ill health.  Adverse publicity is likely to affect his status and reputation. This energy will be in effect until the full moon of April 29, 2018 when Mars will be conjunct Pluto and oppose Trump’s Saturn. This is very strong energy.

It looks to me like Uranus is dominant in this full moon chart and Uranus rules light. There is a T cross in the heavens at this full moon. It is between Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Uranus is dominant because it is in the sign of Aries and so is the sun and Mercury. Uranus is making a square to Mars, Saturn and Pluto.  We have almost reached the end and we are in the time of major changes.

We are in the Ascension Event and the energy is getting stronger and stronger. There might be a large burst of light or love with this upcoming full moon. If not, it is still on its way to Earth. I know a lot of people who have been in a very challenging position for the past month or so. The end and the new beginning are now in sight so hang in there. Manifesting love is the answer to everything.

The world has been in a divided state for a long time. Here in the United States our government is divided. Our Congress is divided into the Republicans and the Democrats and they fight each other all the time. This will not work in the higher frequency Earth. United you stand, divided you fall. This divided state is the process we are in right now. Are you caught up in this process or have you learned to be neutral and watch the drama in observation mode?  Soon we may not have a government to rule us. We will have a new system based on community and unity consciousness.

I believe that Donald Trump became our president to take down our government and he is doing a good job of that. We should bless him for what he has done. Who else would want to do a job like that? All of the corruption had to come out into the open for everyone to see. We are going through the last paragraph of the 20th chapter of Revelation and the 21 and 22 chapters are all about the new heaven and the new Earth. We are almost there. Once this huge wave of light /love hits the Earth everything will change.

Many of us have held the light for a long period of time and it has not been easy. I would like to thank everyone who came here to help the world move into a higher consciousness. Even if the world seems like it is still dark and the drums of war are still beating, there will be no war. That cycle has ended. The ET’s who have been protecting us for a long time will not allow another war to happen because we are now in a new energy. Soon peace will reign on Earth because we will be living on a higher frequency Earth. Walk softly on this beautiful planet. Love is soft and gentle.                 So Be It!

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***** Mahala Gayle *****


Planet Alert April 2018 — 7 Comments

  1. Your message resonates so deeply with me. The path has been long and arduous, but I’m so pleased to hear that progress is being made and LOVE is winning 🙂 I’m so thankful to be part of this shift towards light and peace. Thank you and bless you for your wonderful work!

  2. There will be no war on Earth not only because of any other beings, but mainly because We – the New Earth people, Humanity with intergrated new light frequency do not allow it. Let’s take our Love power back, Mahala. Sending you so much Love and support.

  3. I was very excited about the diamond sun reported here….I looked everywhere for confirmation included scientific and astronomy sites…NOTHING was reported or photographed…do you have other sources for this March 26th event…it seems so amazing that surely it would have been picked up by NASA and other sites that chronicle unusual events….

  4. Thank you Dearest Mahala. I feel blessed to be a part of the Love tribe. Brightest blessings to you and to you and yours… e*

  5. Thank you. I feel the energy and I am hoping this is time. If so, all humans should actually see and feel it using their basic senses.

  6. Thank you for this expansie on wat is ging on now.
    I feel it so strongly, it is NOT easy, but It’s worth living this way.

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