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The Goddess does the Oscar’s

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

The Oscar’s are always a good test of where Western society is at as ideas tend to appear first in the arts, and are then transmitted to the rest of the people. Astraea, Goddess of the Sacred Arts is in the big line up at this Pisces new Moon so it seems fitting to share this today.

We went to watch Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri in our 1930’s Cinema in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire where you can enjoy a mug of tea whilst watching your film. It’s a delightful experience. We were blown away by the power of the film, I barely slept that night processing it all.

The story, whether consciously or not, is based on the archetypal journey of Ceres. Her daughter Persephone is abducted into the underworld and raped and Ceres enters a state of despair where she brings a famine upon the Earth. That women have been dishonored is central to the healing of the land. This very much accords with the Kali Yoga period of history from which we are emerging. Ceres is in Leo this year and so becoming more visible in the world through this film is very apt. The success of the film speaks of the collective transmutation of ‘Ceres’ consciousness that is underway.

The transformation of the male characters in the story is very profound too, reflecting Pluto themes and the many ways men might react to ‘Ceres’ issues. The police chief who is dying is sympathetic to the central character’s despair, even though it is his name on the billboard. His sergeant, who is not very likable for most of the film, ends up being the hero after embracing love. It is truly brilliant alchemical storytelling.

The central character played by Frances McDormand, who won Best Lead Actress has many Pallas Athena traits as she is androgynous in appearance and mannerisms. She certainly breaks with what Hollywood has considered central to success of a film, a feminine, beautiful leading lady.  I like that the film challenges ideas around beauty. For me her intense grief creates a beauty in itself. There were also many older actresses presenting at the Oscars and so it felt like a real honoring of elder women all round.

Following hot on the heels of Three Billboards came The Shape of Water to our cinema. In the past year, many of us reading this are connecting with the ‘Fish people’. I feel them as an aspect of the Hathor’s and channel them often through gong baths and sound healing. They have a great resonance with whale and dolphin consciousness, healing flowing to Earth through the star Sirius.

By incredible synchronicity the day before seeing the Shape of Water I was reading about the origins of the fish gods’, also known as the ‘Fisher king’ in Persia, which is current day Iran and Syria. These mysteries were transferred to Europe via the Knights Templar and became our King Arthur Holy Grail mysteries. To direct our prayers and energy towards peace and healing in these areas of the world is of monumental importance in this big shift we are experiencing. Simply to acknowledge and honor the Eastern origins of our Western philosophies, medicine and spirituality is a great healing act. The true history of the world is being revealed and its’ just as the Mayan astrologers said it was. Transmissions from East to West and visa versa programme the ‘world brain’. The book I refer to is The Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the Waters of Life by Mark Amaru Pinkham. It’s well worth reading if this is resonating with you.

The Shape of Water also reflects many unfolding Vesta themes this year as she travels with Mars such as ‘what is God or divinity’, challenging patriarchal ideas around the assumed superiority of white men as reflecting the image of God.

The Fisher King in astrology relates to Chiron, the Centaur and Wounded Healer archetype. There is a long tradition of the Holy Grail Guardians being wounded and yet also very magical and immortal beings. Transforming Chiron in our birth charts is one of the key bodies to shifting from a personal to a transpersonal perspective, readying ourselves for devoted service to the Creator and obedience to the Divine Laws of Creation. Chiron opens the key that turns suffering to compassion.

As if to give me a perfect reference point in social history for my intuitive thoughts about the Oscar winning films, yesterday we went to watch Some Like It Hot. Some Like It Hot is a 1959 American romantic comedy film set in 1929, directed and produced by Billy Wilder, starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon.

It’s funny in a large part because the male actors, dressed as women, discover what women have to put up with being groped a lot. Marilyn Monroe is vulnerable, an addict and someone I would relate to in my twenties when I felt incapable of standing up to or saying no to men around me. Pallas Athena, who is the assertive part of us, was wounded I feel in both of us. I felt a sadness for her death and wondering how it was for her being the woman she was in the 1950’s. I’m sure she was considered a great icon for many women then. If that was your era I’d love to hear your views about how she influenced women’s rights or issues then.

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The Goddess does the Oscar’s — 4 Comments

  1. Paying to support a mechanistic media that continuously regurgitates the old dualistic paradigms (i.e.; good vs. bad, dark vs. light “drama” (<which only creates more drama and profits to create more drama~!), doesn’t support an active workable resolution right “now”! As an example: it’s like buying so called, “natural”, GMO foods and prescriptions that continuously create dis-ease and destroys the earth (but it supports the; chemical, medical and pharmaceutical communities to create more problems, thus more so called solutions, to make a “profit” (<can you see the created perpetual crazy making dualistic motion in their process~?!)… Buying organic foods (and other organic substances!) heal and support the; body, earth, mind and spirit in “All ways”!\ It’s time for a new paradigm that plays outside of the “duality game” (<a purposeful created distraction from actuating and activating bridging and building a new earth “now”!), by refusing to support; the media machine, providing “reviews”, or wasting time supporting those who play into the game, which is wasting valuable attention and time creating a new collaborative and workable process beyond duality that works for “everyone” NOW!… Quote: “The road to enlightenment is a narrow one, it's like walking on a razor's edge.”… Meaning, don’t play in duality where the false made-up ego plays (creating more of the same!)… Instead, open to unity and be bridge for “everyone”, creating what is good for “ALL”! Open to the Truth within, and the outer no longer becomes an “interesting” distraction from creating what you do want and what is good for “ALL”! Namaste…

  2. So much in support of a film about the actions of the young people against the owning of guns.

  3. I love all your analogies for both films.
    The Oscars for these films hopefully will assist and support the current consciousness awakenings for many.
    Benicio del Toro is a Mexican immigrant, incredible win for these Trump times
    here in the US.
    Frances McDormand is the voice of the wounded and trampled women, mothers, grandmothers who say, “enough is enough”.
    Thank you for your insights Alison & Mahala.
    Now, we ask Hollywood for a produced movie script on gun violence in schools.
    Today, March 24, 2018 we stand universally united.
    SM – Santa Fe, New Mexico

  4. Well written… However, bored~! If someone wants a review of current; distracting from reality, mind numbing movies, they can go to; “MIDB, or Rotten Tomatoes”… Of issue, it’s tiring to see continuous use of regurgitated “archetypes” (made up; attributes, ego manifestations, limited personalities, etc.), to supposedly allude to (and/or emulate), to somehow expect a “new” earth will manifest through these actions~! NOT! The reason the gerbil wheel continues repeating, is the continued use of these made-up stories, originally created to suppress the masses into submission! Esoteric and mystical traditions came into being, because they couldn’t share the truth directly (since it went against suppressing convention mentalities~!)… Instead, they had to utilize symbolism to bring forth a new paradigm towards freedom from oppression.\ True transformation is like a caterpillar, who through the inner prompting creates a chrysalis, liquifying completely, then miraculously transforms into a complete new form that no longer crawls on the ground or plants, but instead flies, eating a whole new menu that supports it’s new Being… It’s time for a shift towards a whole new focus, manifesting the new earth “now”! How can you shift your focus in all that you have learned and studied, changing the dialog, so that more are inspired to Be all that they already are… Instead, of what has been?! The truth is within… Open and Be… Namaste…

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