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Equinox Energy – It has begun!

Hi everyone,

I have been feeling the energy come in big time for the last two days. This is the strongest energy I have felt in a long time.  My whole body hurts and I know it is from the energy that is coming in right now. It looks like this might be the beginning of the massive energy that is expected this month.

With every Solstice and Equinox there is always a lot of energy that comes to Earth. This has been going on for a long time and that is why people celebrate at this time of year.  They celebrate to enjoy or ground the energy that comes in. Because the energy coming to Earth from the planets is so strong this year the energy coming in on this Equinox will be amplified and continue to be amplified during March and April. The Equinox is on March 20, 2018. We are already feeling the energy.

I received an email sometime last week that talked about the emerald light appearing first. Here is a picture from to March 10th, 2018 showing the beautiful emerald light that arrived.

I would like to share a few emails I have received in the past few days because I think you might be interested in them.  Here are the links:

The March Event: Gateway of Divine Will

March Amplifications: Solar Flashes and the Ascended Lightbody

NEW Embodiment Level Incoming Now by Denise

Coronal Hole in Sun on

Northern Lights

Love and blessing to all of you.


Equinox Energy – It has begun! — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Divine Dweller, My take on it is that you have to consider the the channel by which the information comes through to us. Maybe the only way they knew how to describe the event is that it comes from the sun. Maybe they meant the central sun or another star, for they are suns too. Also keep in mind that no one living has ever experienced this in their current lifetime. Because of this, people haven’t developed a language to be able to describe it. It might be like trying to describe the joy you feel when listening to music on the radio – before the radio is invented. Make sense? Seems like we’re in for a new experience….

  2. Isn’t this event suppose to be triggered by the galaxies central sun, not our solar systems sun? If so then its not JUST the northern hemisphere which should experience a so called “light show”.

  3. Perfect timing I just send Space Weathers latest update that a huge solar storm has hit Earth and the images are incredible. Northern lights visible in the day time they are so strong. If you go to the link above the next forecast should be visible too

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