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Red Magnetic Dragon Medicine

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

On the 8th February, we began a new 13 day wavespell and a 260-day spin of Red Magnetic Dragon. Dragon Medicine has been coming to me strongly in many forms in the past year so I’m very excited. This is going to be a time where Dragon energy can help us transmute negative energy. Dragons exist in many cultures and have multiple benefits such as

  • increasing vitality
  • cleaning blood through movement
  • attuning to natural cycles through our endocrine system
  • connecting with our purpose and voice
  • helping us transmute our own and the collective shadow.

In some religions such as Christianity dragons have come to be seen as evil. However, clearly in the British Isles there is a very old tradition of building churches on ‘dragon’ lines – lines of stronger magnetic field in the Earth. It benefits the dragons to have Sunday praise and the people to feel the energy and the beauty of these places on the land.

I feel that dragons represent a type of ‘Transfiguration’. St Margaret for example was eaten by a dragon and then through an alchemical process and her faith burst forth from its stomach. Could this be a metaphor for facing inner demons and the shadow self?

Dragons are also about ‘Rebirth’ and the Mayan 260 cycle is another cosmic reset button following on the from the January Total Lunar Eclipse. The Predominant energy of this eclipse was Ceres exactly conjunct the Moon at 11 degrees Leo.

In the following days, Dr Jen Altman and myself held our first ‘Womb Healing’ session for a small group of women. Jen did a guided meditation unraveling our first 12 weeks of life. It was a miraculous revelation to me, they seemed to have missed some of this in my biology class!

I had this ecstatic experience as I recalled being a plasma disc – a whole galaxy as my cells replicated in beautiful patterns of geometry, a grace of movement and growth beyond words. It has made me love human beings so much more seeing this revelation.

Recently I’ve experienced a lot of healing around movement and now am walking several miles a day in Yorkshire along the dragon lines – so my thought was ‘what made me stagnate for so long?’ The answer to this is very complex – as a busy person out there you can appreciate the myriad of things you might consider more important than moving. However, without movement we stagnate and the sacred geometry fractal which is ‘our self’ stagnates too and starts to mutate. The ultimate mutation reaches to a cellular level which is the disease Cancer killing so many of us today.

We are at present in Hawk Moon of Integrity and this too can help us find clarity of our original geometric patterns. Measure for yourself the impact of lack of integrity on your anxiety levels. Where ever we are trying to cheat somebody, lie to avoid facing the reality of things it causes us more worry than it does us good. Use this moon cycle as an opportunity to reflect on the benefits of living a clear and moral life. Let the waters of your inner being run like a crystal waterfall from a pristine mountain of strength. When you have clear rules, made by you in your life they can make it so much more pleasant and reduce self-doubt and worry.

As you will see from my workshops and courses this year many relate to Dragons which as I say have been enchanting me with magic and healing since our ley line pilgrimage in summer 2017. These will be especially potent and apt for what we need in the now during this Dragon Kin Spin.

I am also deeply excited that I will be co-facilitating a new grass roots Goddess Asteroid Group with my colleague Susan Shanaz on the Gene Keys. There are 3 introductory sessions and then we will follow the course of the Sun through the Gene Keys. We are calling it Sundancers Gene Keys Community. This course can help at many levels with your physical health, awakening of genius, relationships and your connection to community. It’s an incredible system that has many levels of powerful awakening for human beings at this time. Its potential for changing the world in a meaningful way is enormous so please come along if you are in the area.


Wednesday Gong Bath at Calderdale Yoga Centre 1-2pm £5

Sat 17 Feb  – Sha-Gong Sound Journey at Calderdale Yoga Centre 7-8.30pm £10

Tuesday 6, 13 and 20th March – Sundancers Gene Keys Introduction  – 1.30-3.30pm, The Fielden Centre Todmorden OL14 with connections to Manchester and Leeds  (10 minutes from the station)

Sat 24th March – Introduction to The Swiss Method TM, an innovative yet ancient foundation system for health based on Circadian Rhythms 11-3pm £30 including a high vibrational lunch, Horse Spirit Ranch, Sowerby

Sat 14th April Sha-Gong Sound Journey 7-8.30pm £10

Sat 21st April Introduction to Horse Whispering What can horses teach us about how to live a better life? Horse Spirit Ranch, Sowerby  11-3pm £30

Saturday 12th May – Horse Dragon Earth Mysteries Day. A creative Equine led therapy experience working with ley dragons 10-4pm

Saturday 19th May  – The Dance of the Dragons Yoga and Gong Bath. Calderdale Yoga Centre, 7-9pm £15 . Booking essential

If you are interested in a personal chart reading or would like to book a workshop place please contact


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