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The Astrology of Non-Duality

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

As the Geminids meteors cascade from Castor and Pollux in the sign of Gemini and the asteroid Phaeton does a fly by of Earth it seems a very good day to write something about astrology and non-duality which seems to be the buzz word of the moment.

Castor and Pollux are the Gemini Twins and they represent the earthly and the spiritual self and the journey through life to bring the different parts into wholeness. When we live in obedience to the divine laws we find happiness, peace and harmony. The highest divine law is to love all that is, because we are all that is. When we love our own shadow twin and can show kindness and compassion, it becomes easier and easier to offer it to those we find irritating or distasteful.

The Geminids meteors happen the same time each year as the sun enters Gene Key 11, and as the symbol for Gemini looks like the number 11. Gemini is the first Air sign which signifies working with the Mind. The symbol is a representation of the two outer pillars of the Qabalah which are the Divine Masculine and Feminine polarizing energies finding their resolution in the Middle Pillar. This corresponds beautifully with the Buddhist teachings of the Middle Way. All religions and paths have this one concept of the resolution of duality at their core.

This excerpt by Richard Rudd about Gene Key 11 shows a wonderful symmetry with this annual fire work display in Gemini. “As humans begin to think once again with our right brains, so we will bring much-needed balance to the world of form. The result will manifest in the world around us as the dominance of the patriarchal forms subsides and the power of the feminine pole comes into balance with the male.

This is the true meaning of the time we are living through. It is why so much ancient tribal knowledge is once again pouring into the collective consciousness of our planet. It is through this 11th Gift that the true art of magic is once again returning to our world. “

Our life purpose is fundamentally to bring about this resolution of dual forces which are completely natural and exist at an atomic level. Yesterday in my meditation group with my mentor Kath Reade, she talked about the words of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu and the importance of learning to be kind rather than right.

Our first opportunity to learn the lessons of love comes with the family into which we incarnated in this lifetime. Even on a physical level I am bemused by how different I am to my family, and yet because I love them over the years I have put my stringent political beliefs and need to be right aside and love first. Becoming a parent myself I forgave all I perceived my parents in lacking as I realized how difficult it is to be a perfect parent. Having done the charts of many other family members it is always intriguing how parents and children connect.

As we know from ‘real life’ sometimes these relationships are harmonious and effortless, we always just feel in tune with the loved one. Other times relationships are really challenging, we always seem at logger heads with a person or to just completely misunderstand them. It is a real challenge to a parent with such a child not to impose their will and allow the child their own natural intelligence. The sign of family is Cancer and again in this sign we see the dual nature of its energies. Astrology shows in detail how these energies are operating between people through Synastry readings.

One of the great lessons I’ve learnt from astrology is that we are all different AND the same. If you try to force somebody to go against their nature and be what you need them to be in a safe little box, eventually they will resent you and the relationship will lose its joy and love. In the case of children, they will grow up with wounds around self-belief and self-expression. It’s never too late to tell your child or parents that you love them exactly as they are and unconditionally.

The second area which is our learning ground for love, is relationships which are ruled by Libra. The symbol once again has a dual nature expressed within it. Relationships can be a life path towards spiritual awakening in themselves. Relationships are the primary area in which the fundamental wound between men and women arises, and this is true also in gay relationships. Lilith the first woman wanted equality and equal expression of herself. She refused to be dominated and ran away instead of giving into this. Eve agreed to be dominated which is the archetypal pattern which was set down for so many men and women. ‘Accept domination or you won’t survive’ is the sun conscious belief many women carry. ‘You will be rejected and unloved if you show your power and true nature’ is another. Thank goodness we are human though because we can rewrite this script any time we like for our own lives.

For many women, even the most enlightened, it is terrifying to stand in one’s power and face the possibility of rejection. It really is a primal fear that has existed from the beginning of human life on Earth, and which we are now trying to heal. Understanding the depths of these wounds can help to give us compassion for ourselves. Our generations will take a step forward and we can ask no more. If I think of how great a leap that has been from my great grandmothers it is huge indeed. My maternal great grandmother died giving birth to my grandmother who was her 13th child. This seemed a very common fate for women in the 1800’s before contraception and is perhaps still the case in many countries now.

This year wherever you are on Winter Solstice look up at the Sun and breath in its healing energies. Venus is just behind the Sun crossing the Galactic Center singing the song of the Love Goddess. The Mayans saw Venus as Quetzalcoatl – the returning light of the world as a snake bird god bearing remarkable similarities to Lilith. Saturn, the Dark Mother and creator of new forms is exactly conjunct the Sun and Black Moon Lilith is also in this cauldron of energies.

I’m feeling in this powerful cauldron that the original woman, Black Moon Lilith, is undergoing a rebirth at Winter Solstice. How this will unfold I don’t know but I feel it is connected to the fertilization of the Yellow Crystal Seed of the Magical Child, the Christ Child within each one of us. The possibility of Kindness and compassion transcending judgments and the need to be right. I also feel that we will feel more and more we can gently but firmly hold the out of control yang energies in the world as a small collective on this path.

My invitation to you for 2018 is to step boldly towards that which you don’t really like or feel wounded by because there you will find your shadow, but also your greatest jewels and gifts. Seeing family over Christmas value this wonderful process of learning about love and each person in your circle of life no matter how far removed they may seem from you in thinking.

Happy Winter Solstice and a Beautiful Christmas

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle

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The Astrology of Non-Duality — 2 Comments

  1. Oh–and I so much love what you wrote about female empowerment and the fears. Your writings on the issues of the Divine Feminine quite inspire me and I share them often.

  2. We are now halfway through Chanukah, in a year where it ends just before Solstice, paving the way for the return of the light in the Northern hemisphere…I often consider and wonder how those in the Southern are affected by these energies as the light begins to diminish for them. A powerful time of year across many traditions, at any rate! It seems more important than ever, in a time when bigotry and prejudices have been rearing heads again, to respect and honor all traditions, celebrations, and ways of honoring this time of year with its many variations of holiday. I so often love your posts Alison; thank you and a blessed Solstice and year to come.

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