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Lilith and the Third Rebirth

Guest article By Alison Dhuanna

Lilith is the archetypal woman who wants to be an equal to man. She is a sovereign woman who moves from her core power. Said in this way one would wonder what all the fuss is about. Why should it be so hard for women to be equal to men? In this day and age we have proved our intellectual capacity, our physical prowess in sport. We have shown we can be valuable members of the armed forces, the church and every area of life. And yet still it feels that this desire for equality is so far away for so many from being a living reality.

Black Moon Lilith has just been crossing the Galactic Centre with Saturn and Mercury and has entered the early part of Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of the third rebirth and it is where the Sun aligns to at Winter Solstice, so it lines up with many sacred sites on our planet. Lilith is going to start taking new seed forms and all of us who believe in this vision of an equal world can be part of that. I feel at present her voice will be heard in many forms and places. Lilith the asteroid is in Gemini at present, so again a theme of communication is coming through.

I feel moved today to share a story today from my birth land South Africa. Following the end of apartheid and segregation when the ANC were newly in power I returned home to see whether I wanted to live there again. I had in most part left the country when I finished school as I didn’t want to live under Apartheid. I stayed in mountains called the Magaliesberg just north of Johannesburg, a very powerful place on the Earth. They are said to be some of the oldest mountains in the world because they have no fossil record – in other words they precede the time when first life existed in the oceans.

I met on this journey a poet called Keorapetse Kgositsile who was an African wise elder working in the ANC Arts and Culture department. I asked him if he would come and speak to the children where I was staying which was an orphanage. As you may know HIV was a massive problem in Africa then and many children were orphaned and had Aids themselves. The appointed day arrived when Keorapetse came to visit and as we sat in a circle around him we all waited with anticipation to see what words of wisdom he would impart.

What he said was that our focus for a better world should be the equality of men and women, this is what we should be most interested in if we want to live in a peaceful world. There was stunned silence. I was stunned but very happy actually he had said that. The whole struggle in South Africa had been about race, but he was wise enough to see that there was also a much deeper problem called the war of the sexes. I really hope the words went into those children and have influenced their lives. I felt most of the adults there were resistant or perhaps just bemused by what he said.

The dedication of his book If I Could Sing has the following dedication:

To all our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, ‘the rock-hard foundation of our struggle’, as Madiba (Nelson Mandela) correctly says. As long as any woman remains any patriarch’s occupied territory’ A Luta Continua! Malingbonwe!

Today, 5th December Yellow Warrior wavespell begins and it always feel to me that Lilith is like Pallas Athena, a warrior archetype. Often the things she talks about are challenging to the status quo so she needs a lot of courage to speak up. I feel the ‘Me Too’ campaign embodies Lilith very much.

Pallas Athena is conjunct Uranus at present and in a positive Fire Trine to Saturn and Mercury. The potential for Pallas Athena to break free from old chains that bind her freedom is very strong right now and supported by Lilith. For some this may be something big like being fully in their power with their partner who may not like it, or it may be as simple as writing a poem about how you truly feel. For men it is about addressing the resistance and deep fears that women being in their power bring up. The simple act of admitting there is fear and being willing to look at it, where it comes from would be an inner revolution of its own. I think many men are afraid that women will want to dominate them the way men have dominated women, but I think there is a third way where we find the balance. We all work towards integrating male and female within ourselves and neither is dominated.

At the beginning of this new wavespell there is also a Grand Trine in Water of the Moon aligned to Sirius, Vesta and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This feels like a real portal for developing a higher level of Emotional Intelligence to emerge and as I’m writing this I’m feeling the presence of dolphins and whales around me. It feels that emotional intelligence is absolutely a key to how we will make the leap from domination to trusting that each gender, if the Goddess energies succeed in transforming humanity, will be safe in the New World Order.

I’ve been listening recently to my wonderful friend Piers Cross talking about how he developed emotional intelligence as a man.  Previously he worked in the City of London, then became a monk and now lives in the hills of Hebden Bridge with his wife who is awesome. Piers’ course is called Awakening Happiness and it is really excellent. He is embodying the Goddess teachings in his course without knowing anything about astrology which I always love to see happening. Here is his web site

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Ref: Keorapetse Kgositsile, If I Could Sing:Selected Poems

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