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Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance

By Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

We have just entered the 5th moon cycle of 13 which is the Peacock Moon of Radiance. Peacock is the power bird of Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage. The Peacock just has awareness of its splendour, beauty and sovereign nature so it does perfectly embody Juno in her highest energy.

It has been a great journey personally and collectively to reach this point in our evolution that the old gender roles are really splitting open. If we think of where our grandmothers and fathers were in their lives in terms of education, health and human rights we have come a long way.

We see in many countries in the world that a spiritual revolution is taking place amidst the chaos of the breakdown of the old systems. I’m so thrilled that I have birthed this new Goddess Asteroid Astrology course which gives comprehensive information about the rapidly awakening exemplar archetypes embodied in the Goddess Asteroids. They also I feel have teachings that are fundamental to human health and well-being which begins with our relationship to our planet as Mother. All other relationships flow from there.

The course I have created, which honestly feels like a Golden Goose Egg, has 8 Modules exploring the Goddess Asteroids and one case study of the poet Sylvia Plath:

  1. Ceres –Mother Goddess, attachment, self-love and food
  2. Juno – Sacred Marriage and relationships
  3. Pallas Athena – Warrior Goddess and achievement in the outer world
  4. Vesta – Priestess and reclaiming spirituality for women
  5. Astraea – Sacred Arts and multi-dimensional awareness
  6. Hygeia – Circadian rhythms, ley lines and re-calibrating to cosmic and earth cycles
  7. Lilith, Dark Moon and Black Moon Lilith
  8. Chiron the Wounded Healer – a Centaur also vitally important for our times

So please enjoy listening in your own time and take it all into your heart. The energies of the Black Madonna of Montserrat were very present too in the making of the course in Catalonia. Share it with a friend or family member who will find value in it. At this great turning in time there is so much we can do to make our world a more loving, inclusive and nurturing place for everybody. Here is the link to the Introduction. Please also subscribe to my You Tube Channel Alison Dhuanna as I will be posting regular videos.

Warmest wishes,

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle


Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance — 2 Comments

  1. I like the video! Definitely good energy. Finally feel like I’ve got to meet Alison. Make sure that if you listen to the video you click thumbs up. 🙂

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