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~ Current Insights for Inner Transformation ~

Guest article by Mona (

In case you were wondering if the recent Eclipse on August 21st had anything to do with the transformations we are all feeling today, the answer would be YES! When we were blessed with the totality of the Eclipse, many people felt a physical sensation, some emotional, and others didn’t feel anything but wondrous awe. Either way, we were all touched by a phenomena that rarely happens in totality, especially in the United States. Other people from other countries were also affected through the cosmic channel that stirs us all when a large event occurs on our beautiful planet.

The Moon passing over the Sun was very significant of our past being over within us all. You might say Spirit gave us a “boost” into the new paradigm, and a realm that has us feeling sensations like, “I am so tired of living like this” or “I want to expand into more in life but don’t know how.” So with that said, our part in all of this change today is to recognize that our past, whether it be in this life or all life times, is only an illusion. It is not the moment you live right now. We can say because we have been through our past, we have learned from it. And if we haven’t, we are still holding on to the emotional effects. In order to release these effects, you must first realize that with every single event in your life, there were several lessons. If one is still strong with you, check in to the possibilities of what the lessons were FOR YOU instead of blaming or feeling insecure around it. You have the ability to recognize an internal blessing, even if that means it was meant to make you stronger.

Today we see the Goddess, or Divine Feminine, has come to life. The old forms of masculine dominance has been in each of us as we used it for protection and survival. Many women have embraced that form and they have become hard… and maybe that served them at one time. However, with this brand new gift of Feminine quality arising to heal our planet, that style serves no one. The times we are in derive from the true source of love. With that comes the recognition to revisit our past and change it from our hearts. Did you know that this is truly the quantum effect we’ve been waiting for??

With surrender comes softness. When a woman is having a baby, they must relax into the contraction as much as possible to allow the dilation to occur. Holding on too tightly and fighting the process is damaging. I attribute this analogy to what we are experiencing in our own transformation. Spirit has mentioned to me several times that effort is unnecessary and only based from a 3rd dimensional view. Softness in our heart is equivalent to compassion, gratitude, recognition, release, and starting over in the moment. Each moment is an opportunity to create from zero point. That means once we recognize we can change our thinking about our past, we can move forward into the unknown… a very special place that Native Americans call the womb of the Mother.

Today we are gifted with insight and opportunities to learn like never before. We are learning about who we really are, our achievements and how we have choice to begin. That is where the true power lies… deep within us is the underworld of greatness. There is nothing to fear about knowing that freedom lives inside of our true soul. I thank life every day that we have this precious time to merge with ourself in a way like never before. I thank the Universe for constantly opening doors to new ways to identify gifts given, receiving love and appreciating every moment as just that… the opportunity to change.

From now on, if we can just reflect the past as an illusion now, live in the moment, and see that the only thing holding us back is the attachment to old emotions, then we don’t have to let these emotional blockages dominate our existence and turn into physical conditions. Health comes in all forms… as above, so below.

Here’s to our life, our creative consciousness, and to the gift of each other.   Blessings,  Mona~


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