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Mermaids and Eclipses

Guest article by Alison Dhuanna

Today’s eclipse occurs at 29 degrees Leo,  which is aligned to the Star Regulus ‘The Heart of the Lion’. The Sabian Symbol for this position in the Zodiac is ‘A Mermaid manifests from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form’.

On my recent pilgrimage in Cornwall I was very taken by the Mermaid of Zannor in the Church of St Senara, and am now in the process of developing a Miracle Play with Deepsong Sacred Sound Collective which will tell her story. The plan is to tour the play in Summer 2018 transmitting her healing message.

I felt very much that the Mermaid of Zannor is an aspect of the Mother Mary energy, the Black Madonna. Many of the Black Madonna’s are washed up from the sea. We visited Our Lady of Candelaria popularly called La Morenita in Tenerife for example who was washed up by a wave. About 100 years later another huge wave came and took her back! When a nearby island stole the Madonna they had such bad luck they eventually gave it back. The Black Madonna has much power and she is a real Sovereign Lady. There are many tales of how the Black Madonna refuses to be moved and brings miracles wherever she goes.

In my research of Mermaids recently I have discovered that quite a number of churches in England have ‘Black Mermaid’s’. We also visited St Mary the Virgin at Ivanhoe which has a famous one, and there are many more. So what could the Black Mermaid represent?

She represents the mysteries of the Moon and the Sea which are the energies of the Divine Feminine manifest in our solar system. Today as the Sun is temporarily blocked out by the Moon, Yin and Yang are held in perfect balance. A hidden and mysterious aspect of Mother Mary as Mermaid is being rebirthed.

Through Christianity under the patriarchy Mother Mary has become separated in consciousness from the Earth and Moon Mysteries. I was actually very surprised at how much our recent pilgrimage of the ley lines was connected to Mother Mary. There was a place on route once called St Mary of the Leys, but its name was changed. I want to set up ways of working with St Mary as a Guardian and teacher of Earth mysteries as I believe this is very important. Our Earth is amazing and the ley lines, the electromagnetic field is what gives her life and vitality.

Astrologically the Mermaid energies most mirror those of Sedna the Inuit Sea Goddess, the 10th planet. I was very excited to discover that Sedna today is transiting the Pleaides or Seven Sisters, considered by global cultures to be very important. The Pleiadians have been one of the main stellar systems teaching us about love, and indeed many people who are part of the awakening ‘Stellar Avatar’ have incarnated from there to Earth at this time.

The eclipse is also conjunct Vesta and Mercury in the early part of Virgo. Vesta is a new ruler of Virgo with her devotion to World Service, so is very happy in this position and one of the major energies that will be birthed today. Between Vesta and Mercury lies Orcus, another Trans-Neptunian body. Orcus bring in the energy of the Orca Whale, powerful and unstoppable.

In my Feldenkrais class in the Spring I was having strong body memories of having an Orca like tail and being a Lemurian ‘Mermaid’ being. Mermaids, a bit like faeries, have been made into ‘girly’ creatures whereas the Black Mermaid is a being of awesome power whose tail could cause considerable waves if she wanted to! My feeling is there is a global memory awakening of the times before the Great Flood when humans lived between sea and land as Mermaids, Seal people and other Lemurian and Atlantean beings.

This eclipse has very important Trans-Neptunian planets and to support this Quaor the Trickster is aligned to the Galactic Centre. With this and Uranus trining the Sun we could have some very unexpected events happening on the World Stage. Tomorrow is Blue Cosmic Monkey day and a day of Sirius Hyper Plasmic Enlightenment so the Trickster energy does seem to be inviting some quality play time! If your world gets turned upside down, see the funny side!

The Trans-Neptunian nature of the eclipse suggests it is psychically stretching the boundaries of our Solar System which to some degree, from an archetypal level defines our Human limitations. We are opening to these new archetypes at a deeper level than ever before. Only time will tell how that will shape the future.

The High Priestesses birthing the Holy Grail Juno, Hygeia and Astraea are in tight conjunction in the early part of Capricorn. They are weaving their magic and birthing the new Divine Feminine consciousness.

To read my recent blog about our visit to the Mermaid of Zannor visit


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