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Planet Alert August 2017

How did you handle the full moon eclipse on August 7, 2017 at 11:11 AM PDT? Remember the number 11 11. How often have you seen that number? Many people see that number and wonder what it means. Is it referring to the 11 11 gateway that opened in January of 1992 when people from all over the world had meditations to open that doorway? Is this eclipse the opening of another major doorway?

Here on the West Coast this eclipse occurred at 11:11 AM. I found this eclipse to be very emotional for me. In fact I woke up crying. I didn’t have anything to cry about so don’t know what that was all about. I think I was picking up world energy. I heard that the number 11 11 refers to self-understanding and that is what this eclipse was all about. It opened up doorways inside of us so more old stuff could be released. I know I was able to release some core issues and was very happy about that.

We are now in a very powerful energy. We entered the Gateway to the heart energy of emerald green on July 23/24, 2017 which was the new moon. Then the Lions Gate opened shortly after that new moon and climaxed on August 8, 2017 (888). Isn’t 8 the number of money? Isn’t green the color of money? It looks like the doorway to abundance just opened.

This event was the opening of the gateway to peace and love and you can find it in the center of your heart. Open your heart to the bright pink light of love that is inside and manifest that love to the world. I know that is hard to do when there is so much chaos in the world although we do not have to buy into that chaos.

This energy will also activate those who belong to The Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire. This group was active at the time of Mary Magdalene and the people who were with her. Check out an article I wrote in June of 2010 about The Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire.

Another thing that happened during this time period is that the Net went down. The Net was a belt of negative energy around our planet caused by our negative thoughts.  The powers that be would not allow those negative thoughts to pollute the rest of the planets so the Net was created to enclose those negative thoughts.  That Net has now dissipated along with all negative thoughts.

Where did all those negative thoughts go? Could the high frequency energy that is coming in now dissipate them, or are some of them still floating around for people to pick up? I know I picked them up and it caused my digestive system to be very upset. I am alright now. I think other people are picking up those negative thoughts and I think it is triggering the challenge with North Korea. Another reason for the challenge with North Korea is the fact that the lunar eclipse was on 15 degrees Aquarius and that degree is right over North Korea. This put that country in the news.

It is very important right now to watch your thoughts. One minute of anger or frustration weakens your immune system for five hours. One minute of laughter strengthens your immune system for twenty-four hours.

Pull yourself out of the Matrix and manifest your own power. The Matrix is just an illusion anyway that was created to control us.  The curtain was opened on Saturn and the controllers have been exposed. Their controlling machines do not work anymore. The master controllers are not there anymore; it is all an illusion. We do not have to buy into this illusion anymore. Open your eyes and see beyond the illusion and become free. It is time.

The Gateway to 5 D is open and it is time to walk through that doorway if you choose to manifest a higher frequency Earth. Move out of the chaos and become centered within because more chaos is what this upcoming solar eclipse will create. Hold your peace within. The solar eclipse will be on August 21 and will occur at 11:30 AM PDT. It will be on 28 degrees 53 minutes Leo.

This eclipse will cause lies to come to the surface to be looked at and judged. We are just entering the time of truth. Anything that is not the truth will fall away. The degree of this eclipse will probably affect southern California because that is where the degree of this eclipse is located.  This eclipse will be so powerful that it will affect the whole United States and the rest of the world.

Because the planet Uranus will be in a perfect trine to the Sun, which is conjunct Regulus, it will be a major wake-up call for the whole world. It is time for the female lion to roar.  Regulus, the Royal Star of the lion used to be on 29 degrees Leo. It is now on one degree Virgo, the sign of the Goddess

At 1:25 PM on August 21 the moon moves into Virgo. This is the time when the energy of the Goddess within becomes dominant. The Goddess energy is love. It’s time to celebrate and manifest this love energy.  The meaning of 29 degrees Leo is “A Mermaid manifests from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form”.  This could be referring to the sign in heaven of the woman giving birth on September 23, 2017.  That is a prophecy from the twelfth chapter of Revelation.

The president of the United States along with his cabinet and family will be greatly affected by this eclipse. The eclipse will be exactly on top of Trump’s ascendant and his Mars is just a few degrees away. The drums of war are being heard around the world and this is from the energy of this upcoming eclipse. I think the talk about war is also being activated by all the negative energy that has been floating around the world for anyone to pick up. With that said, I think the possibility of war in North Korea is just talk.

There will be a grand trine in the heavens with this eclipse. The trine will include Uranus, Sun, Moon and Saturn. Saturn will be sitting on top of Trump’s moon and this is not good for his emotions. Saturn will also be opposing his sun which is not the best aspect and Mercury will be retrograde. There will also be a lot of healing going on in the world because of the aspect between Uranus and Chiron, the healer.

It’s time to buckle up your seat belts and enjoy the ride. Think positive thoughts like thoughts of happiness and joy. Be grateful for all you have and bless those who do not resonate with you. We all have the Christ light within us. Some just shine it brighter than others.   Everything is going to be alright!    So Be It!

Love to everyone!     Mahala

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Planet Alert August 2017 — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you for your enlightening post! Blessed be, for all who understand and may others awaken to their true Selves as well! A consideration (outside of this post!): It’s time for “divisive” (creating disagreement and division) and “derision” (contemptuous ridicule or mockery) to “end”!… Though we may not agree with another’s “view point” (a speck of sand on the beach of life!), there is a reason why all folks chose them! Be compassionate by; truly listening, gently repeat what you heard to see if you actually understand their point of view (which also offers them an opportunity to hear themselves!), ask questions showing true interest (which will also offer them an opportunity to go deeper into their whys and be open to alternatives), be fully open and present (meaning don’t allow any semblance of ego (your beliefs thus understanding) get into conflict with theirs! Be compassionate enough to understand their confusion (and your own!), then become a bridge by offering a gentle and heartfelt alternative they may not ever have considered before… Also, be open to theirs! Re-member, extremes serve a purpose, offering opportunities to find balance!… We’re “all” participants on this planet!… Remember this, whenever one person is pointing “a” finger at another, there are “three” fingers pointing back! Blaming is assigning responsibility to another, rather than having acceptance to your participation in the divide!… Be a bridge! Saturn near and on the Galactic Center is also aspecting and affecting other planets, which means it’s an opening to new realms beyond “all” dimensions and previous understandings! Be with your true Being, and their true Being will meet with yours! May we all awaken and bridge the new world into Being! Namaste…

  2. Thank You SO MUCH for this every enlightening, inspiring, well written, XLNT article. It’s definitely one of your BEST!
    In these wild & crazy times you are indeed a comfort & blessing!

  3. I especially appreciate that your email posts remind me to go to your website for these lovely ‘free’ readings. Keep them up they go a long way~!

  4. Mahala a wonderful reading. It was a very powerful eclipse for me too I experienced anger and sorrow with some deep fears about money thrown in. I was at my auntys funeral with vultures circling around her will. Quite unexpectedly I may benefit and as she died on the day out of time and was buried 8.8 It was all very 8th house and now ive made the connection! anything I do receive I’m planning to use to help my work. I’m excited to read your article as after our pilgrimage I want to do more with St Mary and have been thinking about a sisterhood

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  6. As always, what you say and how you say is always right on and so informative and helpful. Thank you!
    I have a different question; I’m wondering if these planetary actions affect our loved ones who have crossed over to the spirit world? Would love to know.
    Thanks so much.

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