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Lion’s Gate Eclipse

by Alison, UK Astrologer

In the past few years there has been an intense need to heal our ancestral past and wounds as Neptune, Chiron and Pallas Athena have made powerful and enduring transits to the South Node which represents early childhood and past lives. Today as we experience a Partial Lunar Eclipse deep energies from our sub conscious may have been making their way to the surface. These can sometimes arrive as bouts of rage or depression. A lunar eclipse brings forth the shadow to be examined, and to be owned and loved. This can be the personal and collective shadow. It also may result in huge tidal changes in the oceans.

Now as we enter Yellow Crystal Seed year the acceleration of new gifts in the form of light languages, creative talents and flashes of insight that could change the world fill this space of healing. We are in a tone year of ‘Co-operation’ which is desperately needed in these challenging times. There is an opportunity to reshape even the most profoundly entrenched patterns in Western culture, but will we have the courage to do that? This is the year where much that has been transformed on the Spiritual, Emotional and Mental levels now manifests in the Physical.

We entered the Lions Gate on the 26th July, the ‘Day Out of Time’ marking the new Mayan annual cycle of Yellow Crystal Seed. This has been a very special Lion’s Gate for me as we were on a pilgrimage of the St Mary and St Michael ley lines in the South of England, and staying next to Longleat Safari Park where the deep roar of the lions was a physical experience for 6 days. We also visited a modern stone circle called Heaven’s Gate which I perceived as a Gathering of the Indigenous Elders of the World in Stone. On the 20th July while we were staying there a Crop Circle appeared about a mile away which was a Merkaba Crystalline shape and I believe is very much connected with the flow of cosmic energy being imprinted in Mother Earth at this time.

At the same time, we had news that another Lion, the son of Cecil, had been shot in Zimbabwe by hunters which was extremely upsetting. The name Zimbabwe means the ‘Place of the Lion’ derived from the word ‘Zimba’ and it is very sacred lands in Africa. This event really shows the tear in global consciousness – that people in wealthy countries pay a lot of money to shoot animals in countries they deem inferior. Imagine as group of African’s arriving on US or UK soil and shooting a precious species in cold blood? This is exactly the type of ‘Western’ thinking which is being challenged by millions of people who can see a deeper reality to Global relations emerging into the light. In the West, we need to get over our deeply ingrained ‘superiority complex’.

I have been reminding myself there was a time, not so long ago, when many people would have thought a man was brave for shooting a lion. Now most people just see it as an appalling and unnecessary act of cruelty committed by men who are so pathetic they need to shoot things to feel good about themselves. We live in a polarized world, but when viewed over the aeons many good things have changed in terms of perceptions of masculinity and taking care of animals properly.

The key date for the Lion’s Gate opening is 8.8.17 which is Mayan Red Crystal Earth Day. This is a wonderful day to spend time with Mother Earth going for a walk or lying on your back on the grass taking time to feel her awesome vitality. It is also an excellent day to do a ‘Seed’ ceremony of how you would like your life to change for the better. When you line up your life with service to the whole you cannot go wrong.

While your ambitions are personal and material there is an inherent sense of never being able to get there. A sense of dissatisfaction which plagues Western culture like a cancer. Even on a spiritual path we can fall into the trap of ‘ever arriving’, always feeling there is more to attain. As a Virgo it’s a rabbit hole I frequently stumble over!

On 8.8, there is a special connection with infinity through the number 8. It has a powerful connection to Yellow Crystal Seed year as they are in the same ‘tone’ so take the opportunity to use this manifesting energy well. Yesterday I watched a very sad documentary about Usain Bolt who basically never goes out and lives in hotel rooms. Success is not always all it is cracked up to be, it can be a lonely place.

This wave of Cosmic Mayan energy is reflected in the Goddess Asteroids and planets too. Juno is in an exact conjunction to Astraea Goddess of the Golden Age and Hygiea who aligns us to Cosmic and Earth rhythms and cycles. They are the Awakeners of the Holy Grail. However, the Goddess does have Pluto who could represent the patriarchy or power struggles to contend with so its not all plain sailing as I’m sure many of us are feeling. The Goddesses are also influenced by Saturn transiting the Galactic Center and my feeling is they are one of the most powerful channels through which the new seed forms of this important planet are birthing.

On 8.8 Mars is conjunct the Sun so it is a particularly powerful Lion’s Gate with a blast of fire energy and following the lunar eclipse also magnifies the energies. It’s a good time to focus your passion, let go of the things you are doing which are draining your energy and do what fires you up. There is never any guarantee of success but passion is one of the most important energies to ensure success.

Ceres the Mother Goddess and Venus are in watery Cancer so this is a good time for family healing. You can make best use of this energy by organizing a nurturing gathering with food for the family or perhaps a trip to a river or the sea side for the school holidays. Think of your own childhood memories and how many were playing in water. Its’ good for us and for the water too which loves our joyful and playful splashing around. On our pilgrimage, we came across so many healing places of water and my favorite was Ashwell, a natural spring arising in an ancient grove of Ash Trees.

Vesta is conjunct Mercury at 8.8 and she is now in her ruling sign of Virgo. Vesta is all about our passion for service and her highest state of being is complete devotion to her cause. Virgo is all about sorting the wheat from the chaff, so again I’m feeling there will be a need to make decisions about where to focus one’s energies in the present time. There are many good causes, but what really calls to your heart and the fire in your belly? Sometimes having too much on can dissipate energy, meaning we don’t get anywhere with any of it.

The Moon is conjunct the South Node in Aquarius which is a wonderful energy for memory and dreaming. Tune into Hygeia Goddess of Sleep and Dreams and ask for a dream to heal the world.

On our pilgrimage, we had so many deep teachings about the importance of ley lines. We made very strong connections with Christ consciousness, St Mary and St Margaret who was swallowed by a dragon and then exploded out of its stomach, which was quite unexpected. Below are links to the first blog which begins the story. I recommend reading the whole story if you can because there are many connections which emerge later as the Goddess wove her story. However, if you are short of time there is a link to the blog about the teachings received at Glastonbury Tor which was one of the pinnacle moments and a few others mentioned above.

Love and Blessings,

Alison Dhuanna

Blue Spectral Eagle

I am back home doing Goddess Asteroid Birth Charts which are completely personal to you. Check out my web site for more information at

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