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Claim your Past Life Report + Tarot Card Energy

We’re really excited about the support that we’ve gotten from the community regarding the Edgar Cayce Pastlife Reports. We particularly love hearing how accurate it can be with regards to matching your personality traits. We’re glad to be able to provide this service and don’t want to leave anyone out that’s ordered a report.

If you’ve ordered a report over the last few months and have not received it, please contact me (Dave) so you can claim it. Every time a request comes in, I email you at the address you’ve provided with the report or with questions about the information you provided for the report. In most cases, the email ends up in your junk folder and is deleted in a few days.

We don’t want anyone missing their report!

Also, if you requested a report earlier this year, you may find your name on the All Reports page in the month that you requested it. If you see it, that means that I finished your report and posted it but you probably didn’t see my email with the password in it.

If you are one of the many, please email me at AmorStyleYoga at Hotmail dot com.

Tarot Card

I asked the cards what information would be useful for the readers of Mahala’s Astrology regarding the energy that is coming along for the next couple weeks. The card that surfaced is:

The Queen of Cups in the reversed position

This card indicates that it is highly likely that the energy is stacking up to expose emotionally sensitive material. This type of energy usually is associated with emotional experiences that we bury deep within and never expect anyone to ever expose. The Reversed Queen of Cups suggests that very personal things that you’ve only shared with a few that you highly trust may come to the surface in ways that make you feel exposed, or vulnerable, or hurt, for you trusted that the information that you shared would stay hidden.

This card may also suggest that your emotions will get the best of you or that you’re not thinking straight. You may feel like whatever you’re doing, you can’t make forward progress on or you may lean on others for help more than you would do naturally. In the most extreme cases, you may feel like you are 100% dependant on the other person or that you can’t make progress because you’re blocked by someone that you’re dependent upon.

This card indicates a very strong connection to the essence of water. It is emotional. Reversed, it’s slippery, non-cooperative, unbalanced, spooky and lacking empathy. Don’t be surprised if what you hear and say frightens you a bit.

Feel free to follow the link to my website to read the specific details that I’ve outlined about this card.



Claim your Past Life Report + Tarot Card Energy — 2 Comments

  1. There is a buzz going on about special event to be seen in the September sky, that of Leo over Virgo with a lot of other stars in alignment with these. According to the information I have Jupiter has been traveling towards Virgo for a long time and now will enter the middle of it and exit out on Sept.23, 2017. I do not understand astrology so all of this is Greek to me: however the fundamental churches are making a lot of this saying it is prophesied in Rev.12:1-2
    Can you check it out?

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