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Planet Alert July 2017

Today is July 8, 2017 and the full moon occurs tonight at 9:07 pm PDT. This will be a very powerful emotional full moon because the Sun is conjunct Mars in the sign of Cancer. This energy causes heightened emotions.  Have you been kind of emotionally upset this past week or so? Do you feel like you have been in the energy of overwhelm? It has also been a good time to get rid of all old negative emotions that you may still be holding onto. Let go and let God. Give your burdens to God and feel the weight of them loosen from your mind.

The moon is on 17 degrees Capricorn making a conjunction to Pluto, the transformer. This is the moon of transformation. The meaning of 17 degrees Capricorn is the escape from bondage to reliance upon the wisdom of the body, or the Christ energy that is within everyone. To me this means to look within because that is where you will find God. We are all great Beings of light and if we would just look within we would find great wisdom.

There is a Cardinal T cross in the heavens at this full moon because Jupiter will be on 14 degrees Libra and the moon/Pluto conjunction is on 17/18 degrees Capricorn.  The Sun will be conjunct Mars with the sun on 17 degrees Cancer and Mars 22 degrees Cancer.  This completes the T cross. We are just finishing up the energy of the Mars/Pluto opposition. This has caused very violent energy on the world scene. Mars will still be in the sign of Cancer until July 20, so watch your temper.

There is a very interesting aspect in this full moon chart and that is Lilith conjunct the Galactic Center along with the planet Saturn. Lilith in history was the first wife of Adam. She was very rebellious and did not want to be subjected to any man so she left Adam and he married Eve. Now the energy of Lilith is challenging Saturn so she can have her power back. Saturn (symbolically Satan) is trying to hold on to his power which has started to crumble. The world is in chaos and women are demonstrating to get their power back. They are saying we are important too so do not try to rule us anymore. We choose to be equal with men and to work together in peace and harmony.

Before that happens everyone has to look at their issues and wake up to the fact that we have been controlled for eons of time. This is why the world is in chaos. We have to move through this period of chaos before the New World can manifest. When people start thinking with their hearts the chaos will start to disappear. This is a good time to start this process because the node is now moving through Leo for the next year and a half. Leo is the Lion and rules our hearts and backs.  If you have any problems in those areas just know it is because our hearts and backs are in the limelight during this time period. It’s time to release old pain and to open your heart to love.

Then we will have a total solar eclipse of the sun on August 21 at 11:30 am PDT. At that time the sun will be on 29 degrees Leo which is where Regulus the Royal Star of the Lion used to be. Regulus has moved and is now in the sign of Virgo, the Goddess. At 1:25 pm on August 21 the moon moves into Virgo. This is the time when the energy of the Goddess becomes dominant. It’s time to bring forth love energy. Check out this interesting article. The King is Dead-the Goddess now reigns.

The meaning of 29 degrees Leo is “A Mermaid manifests from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form. The stage at which an intense feeling from the unconscious is about to take form as a conscious thought”. We are in the beginning of the Age of Virgo, which was first felt on July 11, 1991 when we entered the Sixth Sun of the Mayan prophecies. The Sixth sign of the zodiac is Virgo. This is why we entered the Age of Virgo on that day during a total solar eclipse in Mexico. The heavens were also filled with space ships.

There can be more than one cycle going on at the same time. We can be in the Age of Aquarius at the same time we are going through a smaller cycle. My spiritual guides told me several years ago that they measured cycles differently than we do here on Earth. They measure one of our cycles by the Star Regulus moving through the heavens. It took approximately 2,160 years for the Star Regulus to move through the sign of Leo. Jesus was born under that Star because he was called “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah” and the only thing he taught was love. We have had 2,000 plus years to learn how to manifest love. Don’t you think it is about time for us to start manifesting love?

I have talked about this cycle of Virgo many times in my past articles.  I also have this book called The Dawn of the Sixth Sun by Sergio Magana. He talks about how the eclipse in Mexico in July of 1991 ushered in the Age of the Sixth Sun. He also says that the transition time is from 1991 to 2021 or 30 years. We are already in the year 2017 and well into that cycle. We have been in the Ascension process for years now so don’t you think it is time for us to manifest a higher frequency consciousness?

The number 13 is also an important number. It is the number of the Goddess. It is also the number of the 13th sign of the zodiac, which is called Asclepius. That sign represents the Spider Goddess in the Hopi prophecies. The Hopis consider her our creator Goddess. She weaves her web through all the signs of the zodiac and is the leader of the other 12 signs. NASA finally acknowledged that sign a few years ago by publishing an article about the 13th sign of the zodiac. They said there is a solar wind that comes from that sign to Earth every year between November 30 and December 16. If you were born during that time period you are an Asclepion. All of this means that we are finally aware of this 13th sign of the zodiac and honoring our Creator Goddess.

Then on September 23, 2017 there will be the sign of a woman in the sky giving birth to a baby as mentioned in the 12th chapter of Revelation. That is another sign to be aware of in this time period. On August 22 we move into the sign of Virgo which ends at the fall equinox which is September 22. The next day is the 23. This is also the time period when the Harvest festivals usually start. It’s time to celebrate. Here is a link to the video about September 23.

We do live in very interesting times. If we can just remember to stay in our heart energy we will be alright as the world continues to manifest chaos. Walk softly on this beautiful planet and everything will be alright in your world. Love to all!

*****   Mahala Gayle *****


Planet Alert July 2017 — 9 Comments

  1. Thankyou for your articles , they have so much detail. They reassure me that what we are feeling from these ever changing times and energies flooding into the planet is expected and we are moving forward to a brighter, kinder world full of love not fear xxx

  2. Thank you for your report! Was beginning to wonder if you were okay… Nice to know you are! 🙂 It’s time for “all of us” to come into full in – Being… That which we were in the beginning, have within now, and will always Be! Blessings to you and all you love! Namaste…

  3. I thought the 13th sigh. Of the zodiac was Ophiuchus (snake handler/charmer), not Aesclepias the healer

  4. Thank you for this powerful article and its insights. You express astrological information in easy to understand language. Do you have Mercury in Capricorn or Saturn aspecting your Mercury?

  5. The eclipse on August 21st will be enlightening and possibly violent. Keep your thoughts positive and we shall get through this period smoothly.

  6. I so look forward to your posts/newsletter! Such wisdom and knowledge, Thank you!

  7. September 23 is the day of Gods revelation. Nothing will ever be the same from that day on. We will all witness something amazing take place that day. Not long left now my brothers and sisters. 🙂

  8. Love your website and readings as you Always get right to
    the Heart of the Matter. Thanks so much for your insights
    & beautiful way of putting them so they are easy to understand!!

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