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News Flash for March 4th, 2017

My son is giving Tarot Card readings now using his own cards.

Venus goes retrograde today on 13 degrees Aries. Everyone will be affected by this retrograde. If you have any planets on 13 Aries or 13 Libra, or close to that degree you will be more affected by this retrograde. Venus will stay retrograde until April 15th. On April 2 Venus will move back into Pisces for the first two weeks of April.  Then it will turn direct on 27 degrees Pisces on April 15th.

There is also a shadow period before and after a planet goes retrograde. Venus actually moved onto 13 degrees Aries at the time of the last eclipse, which was February 26th. Events can also happen during this shadow period and being the shadow period was during the solar eclipse, this could be an interesting retrograde for Venus.

Venus is the Goddess planet and she rules feminine issues, relationships of all kinds, and money. When a planet turns retrograde it brings back issues from the past. For example Venus might bring you money that was owed to you from the past that you thought you would never see again. It could also bring back an old boyfriend or girlfriend for a chance to have closure on that relationship. Or it could bring an old relationship back to life.

Venus is considered a very nice planet and I look at it as a guardian angel. If I see Venus in a good position in a chart for an operation or buying a large item I feel like that event will turn out good even if it is retrograde, although I prefer it to be in direct motion. If it is retrograde and in a nice aspect to another planet I consider it will bring good results.

Venus is not as harsh as Mercury when it turns retrograde. Mercury can bring a lot of challenges with it when it is retrograde, especially accidents. Mercury rules communications, cars, trucks, trains, and anything in the area of travel or communication.

Venus is in Aries right now and Jupiter is in Libra, which is the sign that rules relationships. Jupiter will be in Libra until October of 2017. Then Jupiter moves into Scorpio.  There have been a lot of relationship issues since last September when Jupiter moved into Libra. There will be more relationship issues until Jupiter moves out of Libra in October. This could manifest as a personal issue with a friend or it could be on a larger scale between different countries.

Anyway, I don’t think Venus is that bad in its retrograde phase. Who knows; maybe you could win the lottery. That would be fun.

Have a wonderful day.

Love you!


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