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News Flash March 12th 2017

It’s full moon time again. What kind of energy will this full moon bring to us? This full moon is on March 12 at 7:54 AM PDT.  It looks like there will be more chaos and transformation because Eris is conjunct Uranus close to the ascendant and it is opposing Jupiter which will bring more relationship issues. I think the relationship issues will be mostly on the world scene, although it could also bring up challenges on a personal level. Pluto will be on 19 degrees Capricorn which rules structure and Pluto is the transformer. There sure have been a lot of structures that have changed in our government since Trump has been president.


The sun will be on 22 degrees Pisces. What my book says about this degree is “a prophet carrying tablets of the New Law walking down the slopes of Mount Sinai”. That is very interesting because there have been all kinds of new laws trying to be put into place by Trump.


Jupiter is on 21 degrees Libra. This degree is “A revivifying contact with the Mother-force of nature”. This is also interesting because the Mother-force is really making itself felt with all of the women demonstrations against our existing president. 


Pluto is on 19 degrees Capricorn. This degree is “The Union Jack Flag flies from a British warship”. This could refer to an Ex British spy named Christopher Steele who has a lot of evidence against Trump and Putin and is willing to disclose it. He has been in hiding for several months and has just come out of hiding and is ready to give his information to the Justice Department of our government. There is a lot of force against Trump right now and there are a lot of people working on taking him down from the status of president. A lot of people do not like what he has done so far and want him out as president. 


My opinion is that he was meant to be president so he could do all kinds of things that people do not like and in this process bring down our government, or transform it by exposing the dark side. We are in the time period where all of the negative Beings who have controlled us for so long need to be exposed for who they are so we can become free. We are manifesting the 20th chapter of Revelation right now and the next chapter is the starting of the New Heaven and the New Earth energy.


I personally do not like the fact that Vladimir Putin is trying to take over our government. I know a lot of people think he is wonderful but if they did any research on him they would find out that he is not that nice a man.  I have done a lot of research on him over the years and his goal is to take over the world, especially the USA from the inside out. I am amazed that is happening right before my eyes.


This full moon will activate more Earth changes that seem to be accelerating all over the world. We have a lot of fire and water energy in effect right now. We are in the end times and this is why there have been so many changes all over the world. This will continue and they will get stronger as time moves on.


Anyway, watch your temper at this full moon and try to keep your anger at a minimum. Full moons have a tendency to bring up negative emotions. Walk in the light and manifest love and all will be well in your world.                                                              

Mahala Gayle


News Flash March 12th 2017 — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Mahala thank you for this update! Today a group of us are meeting in Hebden Bridge, UK to build an Apacheta offering to the Mountain Spirits. We live in the Pennines – quite small hills compared to America but very beautiful. I am sponsoring a teacher to come from America in September to teach PMT Peruvian Shamanism and a central part of these teachings is ‘Ayni’, the sacred reciprocity with nature. The Indigenous People of the planet are saying we must restore these practices of making offerings to the Earth to restore balance. I had a dream about a Mountain Spirit Project globally of people building apachetas and medicine wheels and each was a bright light like a diamond in a new mantle for Mother Earth. As humans we were like elves sewing the fabric in the quantum web in the dream through mountain ranges across the world – a new, shiny mantle for our Mother. I thought Id share as it seems very resonant with the sabian symbols. I do feel the New Law will come from the Mountain Spirits as it did before on Mount Sinai.

  2. All that is happening is by Divine edict & design. That which is incorporated in the Divine plan, and therefore is in the highest good of all,will happen even if God uses the “devil” himself to accomplish the task. Donald Trump is a Draconian Archon (Google it) & card carrying member of the Cabal. He & Hillary Clinton are simply two sides of the same coin. Both are self-serving, egomaniacal, sociopathic narcissists being controlled & manipulated by their respective handlers. A Clinton presidency would represent maintaining the status quo. A Trump presidency represents the dismantling of that particular interest but replaced with the interests of his Masters disguised as “making America great again”. The difference is that Trump’s personality, ruthlessness, & ignorance of the “system” are ideally suited to allow him to be used as a trigger to effectively cause the dismantling of said “system” because it suits Divine purpose…and he is truly clueless about his REAL purpose. He is being used as a catalyst to “rip the bandage off the cancer” of fear, hatred, bigotry, elitism, lies, secrecy, injustice, poverty, war & violence that has been festering for centuries in the United States, and the world. The unexpected outgrowth of a “Trump-esque” presidency is that it is crucial to the continued awakening of the masses to truly “see” who & what is/has been orchestrating the ongoing
    control over our lives from “behind the curtain”.
    The truth will set us free, but first it will definitely piss us off! I will keep President Trump in prayer. He is truly more to be pitied than to be scorned!

  3. Dear Mahala, I applaud your astrology work. BTW, Putin has vowed to take down the Cabal. And that was 5+ yrs. ago. No, he’s not a good guy. BUT you had best take a long look at George Soros, who wants to destroy the US from within and is using his multi-billion USD $ fortune to back all protests, such as the recent Womens’ March, Black Lives Matter, etc. Suggest everyone read deeply into the news and not go by sound bytes from Soros-funded main stream media shills. These are critical times to be well informed and not drawn into false narratives. BTW-Prez Trump is fighting to drain the swamp from Pizzagate Satanic forces embedded in our government.

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