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Tarot Giveaway for February

A moment ago, I asked the Tarot “what card represents the energy that is coming to readers of Mahala’s Astrology over the next couple weeks?” The idea behind this question was to get an idea for some words of wisdom that could be shared with Mahala’s audience while introducing my Tarot Giveaway for February. Well, the card of Strength turned up – upright.

In the classic sense, this card represents the challenge of controlling the fluctuations of the mind. It suggests that there is no greater beast then the mind when it is uncontrolled for it tends to destroy anything and everything in its path. The reason why we would find it in the Tarot is that at the root of it all, he who can tame his mind is the strongest of all!

It may be that we will all be called upon to tap into our own strength over the next couple weeks.

Because this card was drawn out of a custom deck, we really need to look closer at the specific assignments associated with this card. If you follow the link to my website for the classic Strength meaning, you will see that the key principle is: Do no harm.

My interpretation is simple. As the card suggests, we will be challenged to do no harm over the next couple weeks. Likewise, have courage, use your inner resources and show some compassion. Whatever is coming our way may kick you mind up in a way that will feel uncontrollable.

Reading Giveaway for February

I have been compelled to perform a few very short readings for Mahala’s readers and friends. The following names came to me as being people that might be in need of a little advice from the Tarot right now.

Olivia, Jeffery, Brianna, Emma and Francis

The way these readings work is, if you’re name matches a name in the list AND you identify with the problem statement exposed by the cards, then the reading is most likely for you. What’s also interesting is the reading may not be for a regular follower of this site, but may be for one of your friends. Thus, if you know someone with one of these first names, feel free to forward them this article or point them to the specific reading on my website.

If it turns out that one of these readings was for you, I would love to hear about it in the comment section for that reading.



Tarot Giveaway for February — 4 Comments

  1. Well, those are the two rules for this process: name and identifying with the problem statement. So far, you are the first one that can relate. Hope it helps! Dave

  2. Alison… You “seriously” need to stop with the illicit drug use! Your oratory musings (that are only amusing to you~!) lack any true guidance and/or relevant substance! We all wish you the best in your journey, however, your need for attention is pathetic!

  3. Interesting as well as most of the eclipses (not this one though) are across the Leo Aquarius axis. Leo being the Lion in this card and the Bee flying in an infinity circle above her head is Aquarius. Taming the mind and desire – an ongoing project lol!

  4. It might be for me… see what you think. My FB name is Olivia. My real name is Maggie.Or it might be for another Olivia? I do identify with the problem statement with the STRENGTH card.

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