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Planet Alert March 2017

My son is giving Tarot Card readings now using his own cards.

How are you handling all of the chaos that is going on in the world?  Has it been hard to stay on a high frequency? I try to keep a positive attitude about what is going on right now so I can remain neutral, although I must say it is very interesting watching all of the drama. Pandora’s Box has been opened, and people are ready to demonstrate for their rights and for their freedom. It appears that we entered a very dark spot in our reality and it seems like the energy went from light to dark. What happened?

We started experiencing the 20th chapter of Revelation in the Bible. This is a very dark period of time in the scheme of things. The 19th chapter was all about the Third World War that started in North Africa in January of 2011 and continued to encompass many Middle East Countries which included the recent war in Syria. This war seems to be toning down, at least I hope so. If that is the case then we are definitely manifesting the 20thchapter of Revelation, which is the last chapter before the new Earth appears.

A war between the light and dark was going on for eons of time on the astral level. This war ended on March 19, 2016 and the dark ones were thrown down to Earth. The light won on the astral plane. Now the war between the light and dark is in full force on the Earth plane. It will be over after all of the dark stuff comes to the surface and has been revealed to humanity so they can see how much corruption has occurred on Earth for many thousands of years. Basically it is wake up time for all of humanity.

The 20th chapter of Revelation talks about how high frequency energy will come down from heaven and destroy the really dark ones who came here to take over the world. Their bodies cannot handle the high frequency energy so they will have to leave. They will soon be gone, at least from the higher frequency world. The separation is here now. Look at how the United States is divided. What will happen to cause us to start working together again so we can become a unit of one? Is this why there is so much chaos? Out of chaos comes a new creation and that is what Revelation says we will start manifesting after the dark ones are gone from our reality. The rest of us will then be living on a 5th dimension Earth.

Recently I have felt like I have been floating in and out of different realities. It is an interesting experience. A couple of days ago I received an email saying that the Astronomers had just located a new galaxy in our Universe, and they said it just appeared out of nowhere. My thought was that it was always there although we could not see it because it was on a different frequency and invisible to us. Now that we have raised our frequency we can see it.  We are definitely moving into a higher frequency reality even if it doesn’t appear that way right now.

There will be a solar eclipse on February 26, 2017 at 6:55 AM PST. This is a very important eclipse and the last one in a series of Virgo/Pisces eclipses. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and this means the ending of a certain phase of progression and the beginning of the cry for freedom. The degree of this eclipse is “A call to participate in the service to humanity as an evolutionary crisis approaches.”  Being this is the end of the Pisces/Virgo (health issues) eclipses for a while; it might mean that Obamacare will stay as is. I know a lot of people would like that to happen. The energy from the eclipses in Leo and Aquarius will be much different and I think this will pull us totally into the Age of Aquarius which is the age of light.  We have been in the transition stage since 1962 when the revolution of the sixties started.

The book “An Astrological Mandala” goes on to say that this eclipse degree is related to the feminist movement or the present women’s liberation movement. How true that is. Just look at all the demonstrations that have been happening all over the world and the women’s march right after Trump was elected president. Women want their rights and are ready to stand up for equality. The Goddess energy has awakened.

We are in a very critical time period right now because there are some very challenging planetary aspects in effect at this eclipse. There is a Cardinal (fast acting male Cross) in the heavens with Mars conjunct Uranus and Eris. This is a very explosive aspect. Mars and Uranus together bring in a very strong energy of discord, fires, fighting, arguments, and people can get out of hand. This conjunction is in the sign of Aries, which is ruled by Mars so it is a double whammy.

Then we have Vesta, the goddess of great power in Cancer, the sign of emotions or water. Look at what is happening in California with all of their rain. Jupiter is in Libra and that is relationship challenges, both personal or between countries. Look at the challenge between the United States and Mexico right now. Pluto is in Capricorn and that rules all structures or governments. Pluto is the transformer and it was right over Washington D.C. when Trump was elected president. He is definitely a transformer, or trying to be one.

Saturn was opposing Trump’s Sun, node, and Uranus at the time he was elected. This caused a lot of angry energy against him from all over the world. The Democrats are ruled by Saturn, and he will have to neutralize Saturn’s energy if he is going to get along with them. This energy will also cause lots of law suits against him. Trump’s Node in Gemini at birth is conjunct Mars in the United States birth chart which is 20 Gemini. This energy is what is causing a lot of chaos in his life, and the lives of the people in the United States.  Trump has a very challenging chart at this time. The Uranus, Mars, Eris conjunction in the heavens are all in a perfect trine to his Sun and Node. The node is his destiny. His Sun is on 22 Gemini and the last eclipse was on 22 Leo. He needs to have good protection around him at this particular time and for the next couple of months.

The energy from the February 10th lunar eclipse will be in effect until August 21, 2017 when there will be a total solar eclipse which will cover almost all of the United States. This eclipse will be on 29 degrees Leo and lines up with Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion, which is now on one degree Virgo, the sign of the Goddess.

We are in a tremendous revolutionary time period and it is important that we not lose our cool, at least not too often. It’s time to do deep breathing when you feel stressed and take time to relax and enjoy life. We are in a time of change so let’s make it a good change. There is a wonderful world out there if you can find it. Our attitude is very important to living a good life. If you don’t like something, change your perception of it. It’s all an illusion anyway so enjoy the ride.      So Be it!  Written in light and love.

Mahala Gayle

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Planet Alert March 2017 — 3 Comments

  1. I have been waiting since the ’60’s for things to turn around. Now that I’m in my ’60’s, things don’t look that good to me. I know everyone is saying, “Hang in There”, well, I’m about at the end of listening. I have always been a “Glass Half-Full” type person, but I gotta tell you,I’m starting to get depressed. I quit watching the news, and I’m getting ready to quit reading predictions. Your column does give me hope, but I’ve about had enough hope to last a lifetime. Not trying to be a downer, but real. Love and Light, Joyce

  2. Thank you for your love and guidance through these challenging times. Your words give me great strength and hope. Much Love and Many Blessings to you. ♡♡♡

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