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The Sovereign Goddess

by Alison Dhuanna

As we enter the year of the Blue Spectral Storm there are many layers unfolding and beneath the chaos and uncertainty of British politics and indeed the world power dynamics lies the awakening of the Goddess of Sovereignty. In previous blogs I have spoken of the Goddess Asteroids Pallas Athena and Ceres, Ceres being discovered the exact same day Britain was legally formed on the 1st January 1801. Eris is a Kuiper Belt object whose frequency is connected to the Asteroid Belt Goddesses and yet is of a more holographic and otherworldly nature.

I first encountered Eris awakening in myself around a year ago. I had been working through The Ladies of the Lake by Caitlin and John Mathews in my creative writing class and had reached the sixth of nine Ladies of Celtic Mythology Enid. Enid is a Goddess/priestess of the Sovereignty of the Land and her blessing has to be bestowed upon the true rulers. Her tests are vigorous and challenging indeed and when she is won by her husband Erec in the Sparrow Hawk contest he has to undergo life threatening tests of love and loyalty. At this time the opportunity to work shamanically with Birds of Prey also unfolded meeting Falconer Silvia Mutterlee who has just completed her dissertation on Healing with Birds of Prey and Eris seems to have a special connection to the very focussed and intense energy of these bird and to the prophesies of Native America of the Return of the Bird Tribes.

At the time of the Brexit vote Ceres was conjunct both Uranus and Eris in Aries and at the New Moon 2nd August is again. Ceres has now returned to Taurus the sign where she was discovered. Eris is currently at 23 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus the planet of unexpected and revolutionary transformation. Underlying the very polarised response of ordinary people to Brexit which will greatly accelerate the breakdown of current global structures leading to chaos, there is also an underlying spiritual awakening of true sovereignty.

Enid like many dark goddess archetypes initially is a horse hand cleaning stables and wearing rags when Eric asks her to be his partner in the Sparrowhawk contest. Only after many initiations is the true nature of Enid revealed and at her wedding her cloak is described thus “The fur lining that was sewn into it was from strange beasts that have completely blond heads and necks as black as mulberries and backs that are bright red on top, with black bellies and indigo tails.” She is clothed in a silk, red dress by Guinevere suggesting that her status also needs to be recognised by another Priestess. These alchemical colours of the Goddess Black, White and Red are very important. In my Goddess Asteroid women’s circle when we journeyed to Eris many of the women experienced her as red and also having cat like features. She reminded me of Sekhmet in character as she has both an extremely fierce nature but is also loving to those who honour freedom. Eris asks us to honour our own sovereignty. Every choice we make has an effect and we can take things to whatever limit we choose. Eris also felt very holographic and multi-dimensional to many who experienced her in this journey.

Last week somebody told me that Jose Arguelles wife Stephanie South calls herself The Red Queen and has written a book called ‘Accessing your Multi-Dimensional Self’. I haven’t read it yet as UK Amazon have sold out but it is wonderful to comprehend that a living archetype of Eris may be living here upon the Earth and sharing her experiences assisting us in connecting more closely with the quantum universe. There are so many indicators and synchronicities too of the weaving of the Native American and Celtic fractal lines into a unified field of consciousness. I have started doing an apprenticeship with don Carlos Miro Quesada called The Path of the Universal Shaman and this unified spiritual vision of the world feels very right to me. Honouring the Sovereignty of the land through song, works of art and creating beauty restores balance and just like Eris the Earth needs us to acknowledge her beauty. In the Arthrurian mysteries it is Enid and not Guinevere who is the true Queen and she is honoured with a kiss from King Arthur after he successfully hunt the White Stag who represents purity and royalty. There are lessons for us here about who the true rulers of Earth actually are. We all have an Eris within us and may step into our true purpose as Guardians of Mother Earth practicing the Indigenous ways in which our ancestors of all nations kept balance and harmony.

I’d like to thank and acknowledge my friend and co-astrologer Margaret-Mary Archer whose emails alerted me to the activates of Eris which I have shared today. Together with a Kinesiologist Shanaz we have planned a very exciting retreat on the Sacred Isle of Anglesey, Wales from the 17-21st October. Only recently I discovered the retreat centre we booked Glan Morfa is a stone’s throw away from Aberffraw the ancient Royal Seat of the Celtic rulers who honoured the Sovereignty of the Goddess. On the retreat we will be creating a mandala from our Mayan Dreamspell chart and I will be playing Gong Baths each day to journey into the cosmic realms. These will be done as Pachakuti Mesa rituals to Earth’s core, Sun and the Hunab Ku anchoring the song of evolution as it flows into our jewel of a planet. Creating a Dreamspell mandala is a very potent way of activating your individual sovereignty and that of the land. My feeling is that it is vitally important to hold and nurture the seed of the new British Isles as a spiritual entity with the 4 directions of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and the Isle of Man in the centre which has always been independent. If you feel a calling to this retreat in the UK please get in touch soon at Cost is £360 including food and accommodation in a room of your own in a stunning eco-nature park close to beautiful beaches and the sea.

Next May I will be working with Silvia Mutterlee and her healing birds Freay the Buzzard and Morgan the Eagle Owl with the energies of Eris, doing fly walks and shamanic practices in the Pachakuti Mesa shamanic tradition so please also get in touch about that if it calls you. Dates are 19-21st May and cost is £170 taking place in the Pennines, West Yorkshire.


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  1. Stephanie South was not Jose Arguelles’ wife. She was his live-in, so-called (by Jose) “apprentice.” She continues to financially trade on his esoteric fame.

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