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Planet Alert August 2016

Hi everyone, I have an idea on how to solve our problem of anger and violence. We could create with our minds some magical sparkly Fairy Dust and spread it all over the world so people could feel it and maybe wake up to the magic and miracles of 6D Earth. Wouldn’t that be fun? It has been so hard for empaths to live in the world as we have known it for so long that it is time for a change.  We are the ones who need to change it by using our thought power to create the reality we choose to live in. I choose to live in a reality of love and peace. This is the reality I am creating for myself. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me.

Did you release all you needed to release during Mars’s trip back into Scorpio in June and July? Are you now ready to drop your baggage and manifest a new reality? During that two month period of time Mars was in a mirror image to Uranus, and that caused a lot of violence over the Middle East and Europe. Now Mars will be affecting Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. The opposite side of the world that will be affected by Mars are the states from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River.  Are you ready for the Mars journey through Sagittarius for the next two months? This ushers in a period of powerful fire energy. Negative fire energy rules violence, wars, fires and volcanic eruptions. Positive fire energy is the spark of love within us.

Saturn is also in Sagittarius, and Mars and Saturn together usually manifest a hard, unsympathetic attitude, and trouble or conflicts with authority figures or government agencies. This energy rules legal affairs or government administration problems. It also rules the military. Sagittarius rules the banking system.

All planets have a positive and negative side to them just like we do. We have the choice of either manifesting positive or negative energy. So, do you think we can negate some of that negative energy from Mars and Saturn and use it is a positive way? Mars rules energy and Saturn brings rewards to us once we have learned the lessons it teaches us. If many people manifest the negative energy of Mars and Saturn, then there will be more chaos on Earth in the next two months.

We have been witnessing a lot of chaos in the United States with our election drama. I try to watch it in observer mode so I don’t get angry with how the candidates are treating each other. Two candidates have been selected to run for president. They are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I have had a strong feeling for months now that the election will not go as planned. What could go wrong? I have no idea if something will happen or not, although that feeling is still there for me.

It looks like Donald Trump will have a very hard time during this Mars/Saturn time period that lasts for all of August until the end of September. Mars and Saturn will be opposing his Sun, North Node, and Uranus. That is a very hard aspect to deal with and will probably bring him a lot of challenges, and possibly anger or violence directed toward him.

Hillary is a very strong woman. She has four planets, plus her node, in Scorpio which is a very powerful sign and her Mars, Pluto and Saturn are all in the fire sign Leo. So far she has had the ability to come through anything that has been thrown at her. She definitely has the strength to hold the job of president, although expect the unexpected because Uranus is also in that mix of planets.

Did you know that Saturn rules and holds in check all of the planets in our solar system except Uranus, Neptune and Pluto?  Vedic Astrology does not use those three planets in their system. Western Astrology uses all the planets in their system. I always wondered why Vedic Astrologers did not use the outer planets. Now I know why after watching David Icke’s latest video on Saturn.  I had been thinking about the Matrix a lot lately and this video has a lot of answers to my questions. Here is the link to his video: Saturn Isn’t What You Think It is Either.

He says that Saturn rules the number 8 and so do a lot of numerologists. The word God (7+6+4=8) adds up to the number 8. We are in the month of August which is also a number 8. The Lion’s Gate always opens during this month. Could this month open up a gateway to Saturn, or to the Gods? Could it also open up the energy of 8D, which is the dimension of the mind? We opened up to 7D on May 21, 2016 when the Sun was conjunct Alcyone, the central Sun of the Pleiadian system. That sun is always in the Photon Belt, which is 7D energy. I’ve heard that our Earth is the 8th planet in the Pleiadian system.

We have been under the control of Saturn for eons of time. The negative controllers set up their system of control on Saturn and use the rings around it as their communication system. Then they send that energy to the moon and then to Earth according to the video. It’s like in the Wizard of Oz, when they looked behind the curtain there was a man who controlled everything. It was all an illusion. It’s time to take off our blinders and become free. We do not need to be controlled anymore. The energy of Mars and Saturn together for the next two months in a fire sign will give us the opportunity to look beyond the curtain. What will we see?

The dark ET controllers used to have a base on the Handle of the Big Dipper. They used that base to control this part of the Solar System. In August of 2011 ships from Arcturus destroyed that base and broke their control. The Arcturians are the guardians of our solar system. We asked for their help and they came. This was the start of the controllers going down.

I watched the movie The Matrix again to see if there were any clues in it that tells us how to get out of the illusion. I think we just need to wake up and realize we live in a false reality and it is time for a new reality. Our minds are very powerful, and with many people working together we have the possibility of breaking through this illusion during this time period. Then we can be ready for the energy of Christ Consciousness to manifest in September. September is a number 9 month, and we have 9-9-9 three times in September. We are also in a nine year getting ready to go into a number 1 year, or new beginning in 2017.

Which reality or dimension do you live in? Maybe we are living in multiple realities at the same time. Have you heard of the Mandala affect?  Here is another interesting video: Top 5 Mandela Effects | Is something editing history?

Expect the unexpected, and stay in love energy as we are going through this challenging time. Not everyone is ready for the new Earth. I don‘t know how many people are ready to move into a new reality at this time, although for those of us who have been holding the light for so many years, and are exhausted from doing that, we are ready to manifest something better. Lets fill our life with laughter, it’s time for some fun in our lives. So Be It!

Thank all of you Earth angels who sent me donations of money last month, they were greatly appreciated.  I’m still open to abundance. I can be reached at and there is a donate button on the front page of my blog  Have a wonderful summer. May your heart glow with love, light and magic, and expect lots of miracles this year.  I send lots of love and blessings to all of you.               Mahala


Planet Alert August 2016 — 8 Comments

  1. I Am so interested in how you do this Astrology.. so down to Earth.. and so uplifting at the same time.. and I love it as you share what countries will be affected and how.. Just really love your sharings. Thank You…

  2. Hello Mahala,

    I think that the election 2016 will be interrupted or not happened as planned or a surprise plan. Will Hillary or Donald get elected, I don’t think so. Who will get elected, I don’t know, either.-Mel Brake

  3. Thanks Mahala,

    I loved your analogy and would love to share some of my thoughts here. A long time ago I came across the differences between the story of creation in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. In Genesis 1 the Creator was known as God, however in Genesis 2 we are introduced to the “Lord God”. Also in Genesis 2, the story of creation was somewhat mentioned again but in a different context, as if Earth had already been in existence but was modified?

    I wondered if the alleged battle between the two forces (good and evil) took place between these chapters? Was Lucifer originally cast to Earth to serve man (as such) and to restore the balance of life on this planet? Lucifer did not like this idea of serving mankind and wanted to be mankind’s God instead. Was Saturn (Satan) covertly used along with the moon to eventually create the matrix which currently exists around us?

    As a child I thought the story of the Tower of Babel was not quite right either, that thought stayed with me. I wondered if Man back then realised he was caught in the Matrix of control and were perhaps constructing or developing a defence system which could render Lucifer’s technology useless. Was this defence system (The Tower/s?) destroyed by the armies of the Luciferian system?

  4. Thank you for such great knowledge and the simplicity with which you express it. I travel right along with it.

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