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The Splendor of Surrender

By Mona Delfino at SacredReconnections.

I would venture to say that today, many of us are feeling that time has speeded up and most of us can agree there is crazy energy abound! However, cutting straight to the chase, (and most important) changes have to come from within. It means a feeling in the heart, a shake up to the soul, or a recognition that we’ve had enough. Physically speaking, being “fed up” abides in our adrenal glands, where we have our fight or flight responses. Many of my dear clients are experiencing this “I can’t breathe well” symptom, which then stems into creating a condition in the body. Whether it be seeming insignificant, like a cough or a sore throat, or foggy brain syndrome, or major body aches and pains. These are only a few that I’ve seen recently which are directly related to not enough oxygen running throughout our system. As my friend and cellular biologist, Dr.Bruce Lipton states so clearly in his books and talks, he says, “malfunction in our health comes from our environment.” This isn’t just physics, it’s mostly mental and emotional. It’s our training, our upbringing, and our “acceptance” of it throughout our lifetime.

What does it mean when I say the splendor of surrender? What surrendering is NOT is giving up. It isn’t not caring. It isn’t even feeling lost or to meek to help your friends and family feel better… What surrendering means is a state of mind with recognition in knowing that attachment to anything causes us to live in that same environmental attachment, no matter what it is. To say we care is wonderful, as long as it’s not “over care” to the degree of getting so involved with others malfunctioning. This becomes harmful to us, not helpful to others. Compassion is a much more healthy way of feeling for loves ones, or even world matters. We all have something we are working through or dealing with, and 90% I’d venture to say is emotional.

Surrender is the self love we have all been looking for. It means a new form of acceptance to life, realizing that control is overrated and definitely underpaid! But control never helped anyone. It actually causes the immune system to work overtime by trying to hold up the boat when there was never a boat there… just our perception of one. Vulnerability is a factor when we decide to “let go” on a mental level… learning to breath as life moves through us. John Lennon said it so well in his song, “Beautiful Boy.” It says, ” Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans.” Well, if that doesn’t explain the actions and patterns we continue to live, even though our subconscious is lurking and reacting to the deeper part of us. It’s not always easy to recognize when we are doing too much, or taking on too much, but it’s living in the moment and staying in the silence from time to time, that the body speaks and the answers are always there. Not being afraid of this is when we allow the body to whisper before it screams. It’s only a lesson being taught to our way of living, believing, holding on, and trying to stay in the past by the way we live.

Today we are definitely in new times. Changing our mind is becoming a regular occurrence to some. Hearing yourself getting angry within can erupt like a time bomb to teach that the anger is too strong and doesn’t benefit into a solution. The solution is always in the problem. When you investigate the problem, find the counter definition in the action or the situation, and you will most definitely find the solution. Mostly, I see many more Auto Immune dysfunctions happening. In reading the energy, this is a full blown response to holding onto a situation or a belief that no longer suites the person. That “fed up” feeling can be happening right under our noses, and rather than paying attention to it, we ignore it thinking we have to “just keep going…” A solution might say, find another way. Either our perception needs to change, or we can change the situation.

After all, we are the ones who are co-creators and shifters of our reality. The sooner we consciously understand that, without false identity or even forms of new age jargon,( meaning not getting down to the nitty gritty) the more we will realize the facts of quantum physics. The action comes through recognition of “A-HA’ moments. Some get it through meditation, but some of us get it through living day to day. Waking up in consciousness is not as hard as we’ve made it. Simply stating, we are in charge. So when we feel ourselves being too hard on ourselves, or encouraging old behaviors through thinking the same way, we will soon know it because we “paid attention.” Remember that movie with John Travolta named “MICHAEL.”? He played the role of Arch Angel Michael, and asked Andi McDowell’s character, who claimed she was an Angel Expert, to come with the others to Chicago. When she refused, he said, “You will come with us or I’ll have to tell the others that you are not an Angel Expert and what you really do for a living.” She said, “How did you know that?” He said, “I pay attention.”

The point is, our intuition gets stronger and our awareness gets larger when we live from our true self. Not in denial, and not ignoring your feelings, but really accepting yourself without judgment. Surrender to the Self and those old feelings of holding on, will dissipate within and help you to feel lighter. Cells follow emotion. Carrying the weight of the world is just too much work, they say!!

Splendor comes in lightening your heart. Here’s to us, co-creators of a new world~ Love and Blessings! Mona~


The Splendor of Surrender — 4 Comments

  1. Superb insights into the betwixt …thank you from my chuckling heart Mona!

  2. Surrendering to the Higher Self (God, the Source)is the way to live, at this most precious time in our history.
    Let go & let God works!

  3. Fabulous reading! Thank you for sending this Mahala! This reading sounds like the fabulous readings you always give!

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