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Planet Alert June 2016

The full moon of May 21st was very intense because the Sun was in opposition to Mars, which was conjunct the moon. The Sun had also been aligned with Alcyone the day before and it is my understanding that Alcyone manifests 7D energy. Alcyone is in the Photon Belt all the time which is also 7D energy. We opened up to that density at the time of that full moon. That density is sound. The people who built the pyramids and other large structures used sound to levitate large stones and other things. Now that we are open to this energy maybe we will be able to start levitating. Wouldn’t that be fun?

I felt the energy from that alignment and it really brought up ascension symptoms for me, and that is why it has taken me so long to write my article. I had to experience that opening before I could write about it. I received an email I would like to share with you that explains what has been happening to our DNA. It talks about our DNA and sound. It is a very interesting article. The Pleiades ~ The Codes of Ascension and Unity Consciousness.

I received another article today about a depolarization process we have been going through, or will be going through. Depolarization in biology refers to a sudden change within a cell, during which the cell undergoes a dramatic electrical charge to change its negative/positive charge at the membrane of the cell nerve. (This explains to me why I was going through so many electrical charges in the past couple of weeks.) The energy must have been changing my cells. I feel like I have finished this particular process and am off to experience another one. Here is the link to the depolarization article. Depolarization Process Begins.

Mars energy is now moving back into Scorpio and will stay there until August 3, 2016. This will again bring up stuff from the past that we have not released. A friend of mine named Mona Delfino channeled Izora for me the other night and Izora said that Mars in Scorpio will be a time period where people will have to decide whether they want to continue on the Ascension path, or stay on the lower level Earth.

We’ve been told for a long time that the Earth will separate and there will be two Earths-one old and one new. I’ve wondered for a long time how this separation would occur. Then I found this interesting article that says there is a team of scientists from Harvard who have discovered that the Earth was hit by another planet a long time ago and this planet melded into our Earth making one Earth from two. The name of the article is “Scientists may have identified echoes of ancient Earth”.

Many years ago I had a vision of the New Earth and it was beautiful. There were no cars, no cement, and no pollution. Everything was lush and beautiful. I have often wondered how we would get to that New Earth and the separation theory would explain that to me. I think the two Earths have already started to separate and this is what is causing the Earth to expand, sink holes to appear, and is causing the trumpets and explosions many people have heard in the past few years.

It is also causing many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The beams of light several people have seen coming out of the Earth may be forming the New Earth. Maybe this Earth has already formed and is just waiting for us to Ascend to a higher frequency so we can live there. This is a very plausible theory to me, although only time will tell if it is true or not. The Bible does say that we will change in the twinkling of an eye from mortal to immortal Beings.

I do know that the 20th chapter of Revelation talks about the downfall of the controllers and that is definitely in the process of happening right now with all of the scandals and corruption that is being brought out into the open by main stream media. Once we are through this process we will start manifesting the 21st chapter of Revelation which is all about living on the New Earth.

The election process in the United States will help many people choose what they would like to experience. We are really having a chance to look at life from many different points of view. Donald Trump has really stirred up the people and has a lot of followers. He is putting out the energy of “I’m going to do whatever I want to do no matter what”. Donald Trump does not have a very good chart because his Uranus and Sun are opposed by Saturn. That planet has a tendency to bring a lot of challenges to a person. Then Hillary Clinton is again experiencing her email scandal. Bernie Sanders is a new age candidate and has a huge following of young people. These candidates have mirrored back to us what we would like to see, or not see, in this election.

I’m not sure there will even be an election because I have not been able to see the outcome of this election. I think many unexpected things will happen between now and November. Maybe this election will happen on one frequency and not on another. We are in the process of moving into a higher frequency. We have almost reached 9D which is the frequency of Christ Consciousness. I think some of us might reach that frequency by September 2016, which is the ninth month of a nine year. Frequency is how fast we vibrate. The faster we vibrate the higher frequency we manifest.

With Mars moving through Scorpio again the focus will be back on the Middle East and the opposite side of the world which is the West Coast. Mars is an energy planet and can vibrate to violence on the negative side, or just plain energy on the positive side. Being the Middle East has experienced so much violence in the past four plus years it looks like there may be more, possibly in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, Iran or Iraq. ISIS is still a challenge. We can do our part by praying for them or surrounding those areas with light for their highest and best good.

The Summer Solstice is on June 20th at 3:36 PM  PDT  and there will be another surge of energy coming to Earth at that time because there are always beams of  energy that come in at the Solstice and Equinox. The Mayan Dreamspell for that day is the Blue Magnetic Night which rules abundance. The full moon will be at 4:04 AM PDT the same day. Events will probably start to move forward after the Summer Solstice.

Remember, the most important thing we can do right now is to continue to release old thoughts we no longer need so we can become a clear channel for Christ Consciousness. If you feel like you have already released everything you need to release, than you can move forward to living in the light and holding that space for others. FEAR is false evidence appearing real. We do not need that energy anymore. Live in the energy of love and express that love from your heart. This is where true power comes from and this is when you will start expressing 9D energy. Enjoy your summer. It’s time to play and have a good time.

So Be It!

Love and Blessings

 * * * * Mahala Gayle * * * *


Planet Alert June 2016 — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Mahala. I have been getting weird pains in the tips of my fingers for no apparent reason. I figure this is some type of re-wiring going on as all nerves terminate on the ends of the body (hands and feet.) As for the politics, whoa, couldn’t be more crazy. Trying to be the observer in the room and watch it play out. Definitely in for a wild ride. xoxo

  2. Very insightful Mahala and I like what you are saying about the election. The Pleidian article is exactly what is coming to myself and colleague Shanaz we are doing our first axiatonal dna light code activation in a few weeks with a group using the Neptune gong and are going to reach many more people. The gong is also able to depolarise at a cellular level leading to sub atomic particles separating. ….its an amazing mutidimensional experience dont know if youve felt that too. Thank you for sharing xx

  3. YOU, Mahala, are truly a Spectacular astrologer!!! Thank you for this wonderful message!

  4. Thank you for some of your insights… Please consider the site below for a more enlightened way to help others and yourself… Kapacha the site’s founder and main astrologer, has a weekly video explaining in detail the energies we are dealing with celestially, and corresponds these energies to our earthly experience, along with where our focus needs to be to evolve… In essence, the more we evolve individually, the more others will too! You are more than welcome to remove this post… I just feel your focus is being directed in an old paradigm that isn’t helpful… Anything that focuses on; duality, separation, higher/lower, etc. is playing in the ego gerbil wheel realm, and perpetuates separation instead of unity! I wish you the very best! Blessings!

  5. Outstanding analysis and superb insights, Mahala. How much do you charge for a reading?

    Thank you for your time and feedback,

    Guillermo Rivera-Chavez
    San Antonio, Texas

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