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The Trine Nature of Our Changing Times

Guest article by Mona Delfino SacredReconnections

Right now we have 5 planets in retrograde. Jupiter (the planet of expansion) has been in retrograde since the beginning of the year, and has just turned direct today, May 13th. There are 4 others however that are still retrograde. These are heavy hitters, such as Saturn, Pluto, Mars and Mercury. So from April 28th through May 13th, we have truly experienced some of the hardest times individually and in our families. Many are feeling very disconnected, lost, tired, self loathing, or even not in their body. Some are experiencing many people around them dying or getting sick.  So why is this so important, and is the Universe telling us something urgent??

In my world, I read energy no matter what the situation might be. I have felt strongly and listened to the Universes interpretation of this profound message being downloaded to us. Yes, it is here with a sense of urgency.

We are definitely changing dimensions. There is absolutely no doubt that we are in the thicket of these changes. We are all being asked to expand and come into the true soul that we came here to be. There have been too many road blocks into being free and knowing our truth, and that comes from past conditioning. We have had past lives that have imploded many disenchanting beliefs about being right or wrong, or good or evil. This has promoted too much judgment on each other, but even worse, on ourselves. This is exactly what created the ego.

So as we are emerging as a unified human race, we are experiencing some of the most deepest core “realities” that make our hearts become completely challenged. We are in the underworld of existence. That is what the planets are saying in a sense. Time to completely re-evaluate our own existence.

These times are not at all meant to hurt or harm, however they are here to encourage a “new look” at the way we view life, experiences, decisions, and even challenge us to move into new directions… like it or not.

With this knowledge now, we have to ask what can help us move into this new dimension from years and lifetimes of judgment and limited conditioning? First of all, this is a process of recognition and connection. It’s not always about meditation. Now we must be cognoscente of our actions, our reactions and our non actions. The more you allow the perceptions of ease to travel through you without questioning if something is right or wrong, then the old can pass through our bodies without harming us. It’s the judgment of good or bad that made decisions in our system in the first place. Allowance isn’t easy, but it is most effective in cases of healing. We must stop judgment in order to progress on all levels.

Turning to the heart and taking 10 minutes a day to listen within can be crucial. Within the heart are the answers.

I am a HeartMath Trainer and Coach as well, and these techniques teach us that the biology of the body changes and shifts Cortisol to DHEA simply by acknowledging gratitude and compassion. It lifts us out of the foggy brain syndrome that many are experiencing during these changes. Your choices become clearer and you empower yourself when you are in that state of ease.

I am a Medicine Woman with the Nemenhah, and on the Medicine Wheel, the South is representative of “Looks Within.” We must turn the other cheek from what we were used to in life to a new direction of life. Our world awaits….

Mona Delfino


The Trine Nature of Our Changing Times — 6 Comments

  1. Excellent… I am sending this one on to my family and friends. Thank you so much. You said definitively what I have been saying these last few weeks. My new book, Raising Your Energy discusses this also.
    Huge Hugs

  2. SUPERB article!!! Thank you! I meditate with Heartmath almost everyday so I totally agree with this!

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