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Planet Alert May 2016

Welcome to the beautiful month of May, I just love this month. My rhododendrons are in full bloom and they are gorgeous. I have light pink ones, two bright pink ones, a white one, and two bright red ones. I also have two purple ones that are not in full bloom yet. They make my yard look very beautiful. No wonder Mother’s Day is always celebrated in the month of May when so many flowers are in bloom.

Mother Earth is in a birthing process right now. A friend of mine named Mona Delfino channeled for me last week and what she said is very beautiful. She said that Mother Earth is in a rebirth process right now from the core of her Being and the core is in the process of polarizing itself to become aligned with the Universe in a different way.

The core (heart) of the Earth is lighting up from the inside out and she is using her electromagnetic field to become more empowered. Isn’t that beautiful? I felt this wonderful heart energy on Sunday April 24th. It was like I had moved into heaven and wished it would stay that way all the time. We are all connected to Mother Earth and this means we are also starting to light up from the inside out. People have been afraid of the magnetic field going away. The Earth does not need to be so protected anymore because she needs the light of the sun to feed her core. We also need the light of the sun to feed our core. On April 13 a sun spot appeared that was in the shape of a heart. Check out and look at April 13.

The Universal knowledge is becoming more empowered within the core of the Earth. The inside of the Earth is going to shine on people and they will also become enlightened. They will then start to act differently and this will usher in the thousand years of peace. We are in a tremendous period of transformation right now. The change in the core is affecting all of us for the better. Don’t worry about the chemtrails anymore. The light from the Earth shining on them will neutralize them and they will become harmless. We will become more enlightened and empowered and will say no more to what has been happening on Earth. It’s like Easter! The Earth has risen and now resonates with the sun in a different way. Who ever thought that the New Earth would be born in this way?

I had received an email saying the Earth’s magnetic field went to zero on April 23rd and stayed that way for two hours. Then I received an email saying that NASA said this was not true and that it never happened so I did a chart for the night of the channeling and the chart proved to me that something was going on with our magnetic field. The moon was exactly sextile Jupiter on 13 degrees Virgo, which was in opposition to Neptune, the female Goddess.  Neptune rules the magnetic field and is known for her feminine attributes. This means that our magnetic field was being affected at that time.

I have heard many people say Neptune is male. To me this is not true because Neptune is magnetic which is female energy. Anyone who saw the movie Frozen, which was all about the fall and rebirth of Neptune, could feel the feminine energy in that movie. In Astrology Neptune is considered the higher feminine Goddess and Venus is the Earth goddess. Neptune rules Pisces, which is a feminine water sign, and is the last sign in the zodiac. Neptune rules drugs and we have definitely experienced drug abuse. This will eventually change to experiencing many new inventions which is the energy of the Age of Aquarius. We are now in this new age.

Uranus is considered the higher vibration of Mercury, which is the male aspect. Neptune is magnetic and Uranus is electrical. Males are electrical and females are magnetic. Of course they both have electric and magnetic energy in them but females are predominantly magnetic and males predominant electrical. That is why we need each other to bring in the balance.

There was so much going on the whole month of April that people are starting to wake up because they can start to see that everything is changing. There has been the Panama Papers, the secret meetings of the Federal Reserve Board, and problems with Russia and China. The new banking system of China, which is now online, looks like it will become the new World banking system. The New World bank is in China. Then we have the presidential elections in the USA. Watching the candidates run each other down has been hard for me to watch. Is that the energy we want for a new leader?

On the physical level look at all the large quakes that have happened recently, the one in Ecuador, the two large ones in Japan, and several other quakes around the world. One day last month there were three large volcanoes that erupted on the same day. Then there have been all of the storms that are causing so much havoc. We only hear about a few of them because the regular news no longer reports them. If you want information about them you have to look on the Internet. These changes will continue.

I received an email lately that says the recently discovered planet called Planet 9 has been the trigger behind the scene that is causing some of this havoc. The reason is that Planet 9’s ring node has locked on to our magnetic core because we are close enough in our orbit for the ring nodes to intersect. When this occurs, there is a tug of war which results in tectonic movement and volcanic eruptions.

Planet 9 has a higher purpose. That purpose is to be a catalyst for change. There is no coincidence that this planet was named Planet 9 which symbolizes endings and new beginnings. Planet 9 being several times the size of Earth has a strong enough magnetic field to shake our magnetic grid, and when the grid is shaken it emotionally shakes up the people. Planet 9 is part of the Nibiru system and its frequency is higher than our own. Her energy is bathing us in higher frequency waves, and thus drawing out our deep seated negative feelings. For more information check out

Like a ship in the ocean takes on water (emotion) and when the ship takes on too much water, it sinks. This is the same as negative energy, if we take on too much negativity we will drown in our own thoughts. It’s time to let it all go. Surrender to your higher self. Bathe in the energy of the core of Earth lighting up. Fill yourself up with that light, and then pass that light on to others. If you are still living in survival mode with little money to live on, pop the cork and get into the flow of The River of Abundance. Live in the energy of Love, Then Magic and Miracles will occur. We are in the process of manifesting the New World.       So Be It!

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Love and blessings to everyone!

Mahala Gayle


Planet Alert May 2016 — 4 Comments

  1. Happy May Day,

    Mother Mary is in full force this month.
    Today,May 1, and most of this month is under a Grand Earth Trine. Thank you Mahala for your wisdom, care and light.

  2. Dearheart, fellow Virgo–
    A Happy Mother’s Day to you too, especially as your daughter was born on my birthday! All our Virgo-ness make your messages especially potent, despite Mercury Rx. Bless you for your wonderful contribution to the world’s wisdom.
    Distant hugs-NBS

  3. Dear Mahala,
    I’m so happy with your message about Chemtrails, thank you
    very much!!
    I hope that it will also be in that way about electro-smog.\
    We’ll get a wonderful world!!!
    I wish you all the best and have a very nice Mother’s Day.

  4. I was walking in some wooded area just this afternoon and the thought of 1000 years of peace came to me also…

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