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Ceres Medicine Walk

Guest article by AstroAlison @

ceresThis Medicine Walk took place on the 14th April 2016 and it wasn’t planned but Ceres had just moved into Aries, thus beginning a whole new cycle of the Zodiac. This suggests the Medicine nature has offered in this walk will be seeded in the next 50 year cycle of Ceres as she orbits the Sun. My intention as I set off is to ask nature for healing medicine for the collective for our Ceres within. I am a Shaman in the Tradition of the Four Shields and as the reader you may take parts or all of the story as Medicine for your own Inner Ceres

I begin my walk in the small town of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. I am drawn to walk up a muddy gunnel with dry stone walls each side to the village of Heptonstall 500 metres above. As I enter the gunnel with my two dogs Bongo and Lily it feels very much like a narrow birthing channel.

A little way up I see to my right a well. I am excited but see that it is dry and overgrown with weeds. The story of the beginning of the Holy Grail stories comes to my mind. It is said that at one time there was a Virgin in every well and spring who gave food and drink freely to travellers. However one of the Virgin’s was raped by a king and he told his men to do this across the land. The Virgin’s withdrew into the inner earth for safety and the Knights of the Round Table formed to restore the Sovereignty of the Goddess. This is mirrored in the myth of Ceres where she brings famine on the land because of her grief at the abduction and rape of her daughter Persephone.

A little way up I see on my left a grouping of trees. A large Oak stands in the centre with two Holly and two Beech each side. The perfect spacing between them is pleasing and they seem as a family. I continue up the steep track and pass through a strange curving in the pass like the neck of the cervix and far below me is a school with small children playing. A girl is pulling a boy around in a cart. Just beyond the path I come to two beautiful houses called Spring Villa with well tendered gardens now blooming with daffodils and tulips. A waterfall flows from the hillside sparkling bright and clean in the sunlight and falls into a spring below. It is on private land so it is protected.

I reach a three way cross road. I am tired and part of me would like to veer off back to civilisation down below. I’m feeling a little fearful being on the steep path all alone. But I decide to follow the middle path which leads through a Beech Wood. Far below me now on my left is a bog of stagnant water. It is quite desolate as the Beech (Druid Tree of Death) poisons the land and nothing is growing underneath. I also notice I am now on an old Pack Horse Trail too which is where material and goods would have been carried along the valley by horse at the time of the Industrial Revolution. I remember the ancestors who have walked this land before me. There is plenty of rotting leaves and Beech nuts on the trail of stone.

I reach another three way stop and again am tempted to head back through tiredness but the wood is changing just up ahead to Birch (Tree of Rebirth) and it looks very magical so I choose to walk up a steep way right through the trees on stone steps. Up above me is a huge cragg and the change of energy is palpable from the quite heavy energy of the Beech forest to the Birch. I am at the level of the branches with birds singing all around. Just under the cragg I sit to rest and I am invisible and very happy in the trees. Some heather and baby birch trees right next to me hide my presence and the silvery glow of the forest feels very magical. I notice on the next step down a little black slug is sliding over the lip of the stone below and I chuckle to myself how hard it must have been for her to get up here. I rest for a while in this beautiful place but eventually the dogs get restless so I head for home.

I follow the steep route back down the way I have come noticing once more all the interesting things on this journey and thanking Mother nature for offering this medicine for our Inner Ceres and the reintegration of the Divine Mother


Ceres Medicine Walk — 2 Comments

  1. How magical that story is! Peace and renewal of Spirit found in the joy of nature. You are blessed to have this available to you and blessed also to understand the lesson offered to you at that moment.

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