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New Moon Liberation

galacticcentresymbolThe New Moon on the 7th April is conjunct Uranus the planet of liberation and Venus  and is forming a Grand Trine of beneficial energies to Astraea Goddess of Sacred Arts in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. Many of us are now in contact, even if briefly, with our incredible Creative Genius as human beings  and last week I had a powerful vision that we are becoming as People Dream walking through a Forest. When we are in a forest or any other part of nature we lose our self consciousness and start to relax deeply. I was recently told that all plants are resonating at the all important 528 HZ frequency, one of the Solfeggio notes used for the replication of DNA.

In this state we are very open and spontaneous and this is how we will be all the time in the future once we have completed this enormous transition we are in. We are creating the pathways for the future generations of children who will just be this and not have the struggle we have had.

It is important in these times of chaos that we be present in nature and connect to the deep silence beyond the noise. When we do this our DNA starts to emit frequencies of light and as we relax and create space to be our ‘Creative Genius’ pops out the box. Astraea is a very important Goddess Asteroid transmitting this energy at this time to open space and time for creativity of every sort.

The Creative Genius should not be confused with Individualism. The Creative Genius knows itself to be just one Bee in the Hive of Humanity responding to the frequencies emitted by the Earth and Cosmos. In this complete knowing it is impossible to feel either inferior or superior to others or to behave in ways that are detrimental to the whole. Also we also wont stop ourselves doing what we love from a place of fear any longer. We feel less inclined to disobey the natural laws which govern the wellbeing of the planet.

Individualism in Western Culture has taught us to compete, to be productive all the time, to measure our success by our status and money. These are the prevailing cultural ideas we can potentially become liberated from in this Moon cycle as we come closer and closer to the Goddess energies.

This weekend we had a wonderful community building workshop in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, UK bringing together many different strands of transformations in consciousness including the Gene Keys and Human Design, The Mayan Dreamspell calendar, Goddess Asteroids and Chiron’s role in these transformations, shamanism with the Plant and Animal kingdoms and finally we finished by doing a Native American Indian council. We are very lucky in this community to have a teacher Sue StarJaguar who has trained in the ‘Delicate Lodge’ teachings in the USA. Part of these teaching are about Native Council where a man and woman bring to the Council their contemplations of a question or problem from each of the 8 directions. In this system it is not possible for one individual or the more alpha people to do whatever they feel like with no thought for the consequences for future generations, animals and the Earth.

he Talking Stick also ensures each person has equal space to speak. The Council of men and woman are chosen by the grandmothers who have a unique perspective which is highly honoured in the system. The Grandmothers know the people who are able to put the needs of others and the whole society before their own. It is very weird in our system that the people who seem barely able to do that and are blatantly self serving and destructive always end up being the leaders. As the Star People we are here to bring new systems which are actually very old systems back and we can begin where we are. Keeping ourselves centred and grounded we become the Creative Genius’s who will bring the new world, the new energies into form. I awake this Monday morning feeling very inspired about the future and very excited about the work I am doing this year which is expressed below. Blessing and Thank you for reading my blog, please share with your friends if you enjoyed it. Please contact me for further information if the workshops or retreats appeal to you. I do one to one chart readings too and can be contacted

On the Friday 15th April 10am-12 I start a new 6 week course looking at where theGoddess Asteroids are in your birth chart, what they are doing now and pranic meditations to connect deeply with their energies. Cornholme, Lancashire Cost £60

Sat 7th May 2016 is my first Astrology and Nutrition workshop with Nutritionist Julie Silver. Ceres in Pisces is bringing much greater sensitivity to the food chain and especially animals and how they are treated. Ceres in the birth chart shows issues to do with nurturing which are really the foundation of good health. Food itself can greatly help to accelerate our cosmic evolution. £57 in Prestwich.

Sat 21st May 2016 is the next workshop A Shamanic Journey with Horses following working 2 years with a herd of incredible horses. It is always so heart warming to me that there are great animal beings here to help us at this time. One day I was painting Laddie the leader of the herd who is a Gypsy Cob. I felt drawn from his markings and my intuition to paint a jewelled saddle on him with rubies and emeralds. When Amanda the Equine Facilitator who works with the horses came back she told me Laddie has asked her in a Shamanic Drum journey the week before for jewels. The Horses do chakra healing and of course are very loving and good reflectors of what’s really going on deep down. has more info. In Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire Cost £85 (No riding is involved)

Saturday 19th June Axiatonal Light Grid Attunement through Light and Sound healing. This workshop came about when both myself and Shanaz who is a Kinesiologist had a dream the night before we met up. In mine she was constructing a new light grid in my energy body and in hers she dreamt of the Umin and Thummin stones. Our research on these ancient stones led us to The Book of Enoch and a big download about Axiatonal Lines. The attunement includes a Sound Gong Bath with the Neptune Gong to infuse your newly opened grid lines with cosmic song. Cost £50 in Hebden Bridge.

A Shamanic Journey with Frey the Buzzard and Morgan the African Owl near Hebden Bridge at The Autumn Equinox where we ‘let go’. This is going to be a life changing experience having close contact with these birds dedicated to our healing. Silvia Mutterlee is writing a Masters Degree on animal healing and specifically Birds of Prey and she is also a powerful Shaman Woman. Astrologically we will be looking at Pluto and the Kuiper Belt Goddesses Sedna and Eris and making our own smudge sticks from the birds moulted feathers to take away. This 2 day retreat has the possibility of healing deep trauma. 23 to 25th September 2016, cost to be announced but let me know if you are interested.

Sunday October 2nd and 30th ‘Music of the Spheres’ is the next collaboration with myself and Dr Jen Altman in our weaving of astrology and quantum physics back together. Feedback from our last courses showed a great interest in Sound Healing. There will be amazing meditations to light up your DNA, Sound Gong baths each day and the science presented in an experiential way by Jen which makes it easy to understand. In Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Mayan Dreamspell Mandala Retreat in October in Wales. I am almost as effervescent as champagne about this retreat with my Star Sisters Shanaz  (Creative Kinesiology, Human Design)and M (Astrologer and Mandala artist). Each participant will create a Mandala painting of their Mayan Dreamspell birth chart understanding each of its elements deeply and in relation to Human Design revealing your cosmic nature and purpose. There will be three Gong Baths by me to the Hunab Ku (Galactic Centre), The Sun and The Crystalline Earth Centre. This retreat will bring you into powerful alignment with your soul purpose through creating the mandala. More details to follow soon on price and dates.

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