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Guest article by Alison

Since the Total Solar Eclipse at the Equinox the Goddess Asteroids Hygeia and Astraea have been calling to have their story told. If you didn’t see the first blog about Hygeia recently read it alongside this one.

When Hygeia was discovered in the 1800’s she was at 6 degrees Libra and in opposition to Astraea at 7 degrees Aries. Lying opposite each other they create a polarizing magnetic force in the center of which the Human Light Body is woven and we become more and more able to living in the new photon belt. In ancient Egypt there are many depictions of two Priestesses creating an energy field and the lightbody appearing as a rainbow cloak, golden cloak or my favorite from India is the Buddha with an Aura of a Billion Stars. How exciting that we can all weave our own divine auric cloak at this time!

Dolly Parton has a beautiful song on her album Blue Smoke called the Cloak of Many Colors inspired by the story of Joseph and his Rainbow Cloak and he is associated with the 13th sign of the zodiac Ophiuchus holding up two healing serpents. Asclepius the Father of Medicine and Hygeia is also associated with this sign. Libra and Aries are the all-important axis on which the lunar eclipses have been taking place in the past few years on Jewish holy days. It is interesting that Joseph was kept informed by the spirit world through dreams, much the same as Hygeia.

This energy is connected with the ‘Rainbow Brain’ which in kinesiology is a system for working on fine tuning the energy of the soul’s path. The Rainbow Arc chakra flows from the back of the neck to the third eye and enables an expansion of consciousness. The total solar eclipse brought in a powerful wave of this rainbow energy. Read about our trip to the ancient standing stones of the Orkneys in a March blog which lies between two huge lochs and very much resembles a brain on the landscape where we witnessed this very phenomena in nature. Thank you to my kinesiologist Shanaz who helped me to see the deeper meaning of what nature was teaching.

Astraea is a Goddess of culture, justice and bringing the gift of the arts to humanity. Whilst these might seem a luxury clearly for a Golden Age to be in existence humanity needs to refocus on beauty rather than productivity. The teachings which have been coming through our little Celestial group here in Britain are about the importance of creating space to do things which have no purpose but joy, play and creativity. In such a space something very special and magical happens which is impossible to capture in words. In a nutshell though one hour spent in Astraea’s company could generate billions of genius ideas and insights than slogging over a desk for twelve. A number of our group have started going to Balkan Circle Dancing before we do astrology which is very ancient and the wonderful feeling of connection and joy it generates is divine bliss. It feels very much that this circle dance has become energetically connected to our astrology circle through Astraea.

Working together Hygeia and Astraea bring teachings of how to adjust to the new photon belt energy. This week we were hit again by a massive CME and solar flare and the electromagnetic field of the earth is in constant flux. Their teachings seem to be that lots of sleep and rest time and also making some time in the week for creative space is important. ‘Purposeless Will’ exercises and their effect is one of the most powerful lessons I had as a priestess. An easy one to start with is emptying a box of matches every day and putting them back in one by one. This may bring up quite a lot of resistance and emotion as we are very much hard wired in Western countries to be doing something purposeful. However if you persevere you will be rewarded with the magical space that opens up and it feels this sense of ‘space’ is crucial to integrating the new arriving energies.

At present Astraea is travelling with Mars in Taurus hence why she seems to have woken up in a new way. Whilst she is heading towards alignment with Alcyone at 28 degrees Taurus Hygeia is heading towards alignment with Sirius at 13 degrees Cancer so we are in for more energy hits from these Goddesses as they align with the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. Connect up with them in whatever ways your intuition guides you and I’d love to hear your experiences to get a better understanding of how they are working with different people.

I specialize in Goddess asteroid and centaur charts so if you want to find out what Hygeia and Astraea and the other asteroid bodies are up to in your chart get in touch for a reading at I’m running several Chiron workshops with a horse whisperer and very special and highly evolved herd of horses (they do astrology and chakra healing!)  this summer in the UK, details are at


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  1. Thank you for this update. I resonated with the Rainbow energy, and I have been having trouble with my eyes and the back of my neck. Now I know why. I couldn’t focus very well and my sight is blurred since a couple of days. I am aligning myself with the rainbow colors. Blessings, Mandy Westlake, Netherlands

  2. I fully enjoyed and whole heartedly resonated with this article and all it shared. Thank you sincerely for sending it on. 🙂 Beautiful Blessings, Carole Dunedin, FL USA

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