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Planet Alert May 2015

We are now in the beautiful month of May and as I am writing this article it is May Day. I love spring with the weather starting to get warm and the flowers in bloom. The tulips bloomed in April, along with the blooming trees. The Rhododendrons and other flowers bloom in May, which makes this month very beautiful, and it is a pleasure to be alive to enjoy this beauty.

April was a very active month in regard to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The sun has been in Taurus, along with Mars. Taurus is an Earth sign. When the Sun is in an Earth sign like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, earthquakes increase. Mars, the energy planet, was also in Taurus and this created very powerful earth energy and the quake in Nepal occurred. What a disaster that is. Be compassionate but please don’t get caught in the drama of it all because that does not help anyone. Stay in the light, and then send light and love to the people in Nepal for their highest and best good. Sending money to help those people would also be nice.

Saturn is in Sagittarius right now, although it does retrograde back into Scorpio in mid-June where it will stay until mid-September 2015.  The areas that will be affected by Saturn in Sagittarius for the next two plus years will be the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. There was also a major flood in Pakistan at the same time the earthquake in Nepal happened. The opposite sign of Sagittarius is Gemini, and that area of the world will also be affected which is from the Cascade Mountains to the Mississippi River.

Taurus/Scorpio rules the west coast of America and there were two earthquakes along this coast on April 24th. One was in Northern California and another off Queen Charlotte Island in British Columbia. There may be more quakes as the sun continues its journey through Taurus. On May 20th the sun will move into Gemini and southern California will then be affected, probably with more fires because it is a dry state. We are in the time of great Earth changes until the last blood red moon on September 27, 2015. I’m not saying that is the end of Earth changes because they will continue. I am saying that we are in a critical time period until the end of September.

We are in a time period of major consciousness change. It is time to wake up to the beautiful Light Beings we are and to manifest that beauty. Think about how lucky you are to be alive during this great change. We are moving from the energy of duality to one of Unity consciousness, and we are moving from a carbon based Being to a Crystal Being. Think how nice it will be when we can see everyone’s Crystal Light Body and watch the beautiful glow that will be around people. The change to a Crystal Light Being has not been an easy process, and we are not done yet.

When Uranus moved into Aries about four years ago we started a major process of change. Actually it moved into Aries in March of 2011 when the Tsunami in Japan happened, and the war in North Africa was just starting. That war continues to this day. Syria is still in it along with other countries, as well as I.S.I.S. Now the focus is on Yemen and Iran. I heard there are several ships off the coast of Yemen. Some are from the United States, and some from other countries like Iran and Russia. It’s my understanding that there is an underground base off the coast of Yemen. I heard it is a base of good ETs. That was in the news a few years ago when another event happened in that area.

Aries rules our head and brain and Uranus rules change. There have been a lot of brain and nervous system changes which involve our whole body. In fact our nervous system has been going through a major rewiring. This has caused a lot of challenges in our bodies. Our eyes have become blurred on occasion, especially when the Sun erupts. I can always tell when there has been a sun eruption because my eyes become blurred. There have also been all kinds of body pain with this change. If you go to the doctor and he/she says there is nothing wrong with you then you will know that what you are experiencing is an Ascension symptom.

Uranus in Aries rules revolutions and riots, and this energy has caused a lot of trauma and violence on Earth. People who cannot handle the high energy that is now coming to Earth tend to go crazy and kill people because their brains cannot handle the energy. This is the real reason people appear to be so violent lately. When I was in school many years ago there was no thought of being shot just because I was in school. Now many children have that fear because there are so many shootings everywhere. We have had several shootings in the Seattle area. Uranus will be in Aries for three more years of change. Let’s make the next three years a time of peace and harmony.

Then we have the Middle East where there is daily violence. Hopefully this will change soon. Saturn was in Scorpio for almost three years, and this sign rules the Middle East. This is why it has been so violent in those countries. Pluto, which rules Scorpio, is considered the transformer and it is also considered the God of the Underworld. All deep dark secrets are being uncovered and brought out into the open and this affects everyone.

All of the deep fears held in our bodies and our subconscious minds were brought forward in the past three years to look at and release. This is why it has been so painful to our bodies and our minds as all our fears were brought to the surface. There may be a few more fears to clear out between now and mid-September. That is when Saturn goes back into Sagittarius and the energy changes to one of a more spiritual nature. Welcome to the New World.

Taurus also rules money. There is a new money system being set up in the world. This has been going on for a long time and I think it is ready to come forward. It is called BRICS. China will be the head of it and they already have their world bank set up, and I think it is ready to go. I think most of the world has signed up to be part of this system. Only the United States has objected to it.

The full moon is on May 3 at 8:42 pm PDT. It is also the Wesak festival. This is an ancient festival that has been celebrated for thousands of years. It happens in a valley in the Himalayan Mountains in Tibet. It is interesting that the earthquake in Nepal happened shortly before this celebration. Nepal is north of India on the border of Tibet.

The Wesak festival is when a lot of high Beings appear in the Wesak valley in their etheric bodies plus some in their physical bodies. There are a lot of things that happen at this festival including the Buddha appearing in the sky above the people. There are people giving talks and for anyone who is ready, it is graduation time. It is a very fun celebration. The people there send out love to the world and you can join them in sending love, if you so choose.

Then we have Mother’s Day on May 10th. Honor your mother, she will love it. And I think it is an honor to be a mother.  If you don’t have a mother, I think this is a good day to honor Mother Earth. After all, she is the Mother of all the people on Earth. Without her we would be in a bad fix. Happy Mother’s Day!


So Be It!                Written in love and light.             *** Mahala Gayle ***

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Love and blessings to everyone.   Mahala


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  1. Dear Mahalia, I have recently moved from Co to Az & have missed your mail. Please send mail to above eml address, no longer to gmail. I tried 3 times to do this but it said my address my wrong. Mnay thanx for your loving service. Lelia

  2. Very nice article.. I am a Virgo undergoing a major transformation the numbers 444 is all around me including the numbers 11:11 .it brings me much joy to be a multi -D- being of light bring forth the gift of love to this presious earth and to those that are reading this message may all ur days be filled wit love peace and abundances. I love u so very much..

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