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Announcing The Human Odyssey Conference

We are pleased to announce A Hidden History Conference!

If you passions intersect with Forbidden Archeology, Crop Circles, Energy Grids, Ancient Astronauts, Solar Flares or Planetary Effects, this conference is for you!

Michael Cremo, Freddy Silva, Krsanna Duran and Mahala Gayle Flenniken are excited to share their passions, understanding and observations in a concentrated, energy packed, spirited first Saturday of February!

To read more about these speakers visit and explore each individual’s page and associated website. To register, visit

If you live in the Seattle area (or are looking for a reason to visit) don’t miss the opportunity to reserve your spot today! February 4th is less than a month away!

Feel free to point others to this flier, and tell your friends!! This is a Conference you won’t want to miss.


Announcing The Human Odyssey Conference — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Mahala.
    According to this video
    which is a message from Mother Akasha of the Great Central Sun, the Divine Plan begins on May 21, 2012. She said that the doors between the 3rd and 5th dimensions will open on that day which will allow the greatest intervention of Light on this planet.
    Heaven will evaluate what happens between May 21st and Dec 21st next year with Evaluation Day (Judgement Day) falling on Dec 22nd, 2012.
    On Evaluation Day, Heaven will decide whether to remove humankind to allow this planet to be reconstructed, rebuilt and invite a new species down here or whether we get to stay.

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