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Past the Crossroads Now

Guest article by Jon Waldrup   SenseOfVisionAstrology

Past the Crossroads Now.

There is with this New Moon a sense of being in new territory.  The mental traps are still there, watch out!  But one who has been following their heart may find themselves standing in a place where what is out front is open and new and what is behind is boring and very old.

The degree of this New Moon is one which the heavens are shouting for us to pay attention to.  The Great Opposition, between Jupiter and Saturn, is very close to exact and they’re both squaring the Sun/Moon conjunction. So Jupiter and Saturn, the great teachers, are both pointing to this New Moon and saying, “embody the energies of the degree of this New Moon and you will know that we support your work.”

The once-every-twenty-years-or-so opposition between Jupiter and Saturn is the aspect of the archetypal crossroads between light and dark, between fitting in or breaking out.  We’ve been working with this one since early 2010.  For the most part, this period has been colored by the Jupiter in Aries damn-the-torpedoes mentality in contrast to the Saturn in Libra struggle for self-worth.  Brashly breaking through limiting factors and finding in the new place a swarm of contradicting signals saying, “you blew it, it’s not worth it, people can’t really do that.” 

Oppositions are about coming to understand both sides of an argument.  For a couple of years now, one side of ourselves has been saying, “Look, it doesn’t matter what other people think, I am going to reach for my desires regardless.”  And the other side has been saying, “Look at the pain you’ve caused, look how impossible it is for you to succeed in this craziness.  Go back to your nest!”

Something about this has recently changed, and I bet you’ve felt it.  It’s as though that nest, the security you’ve left behind, has somehow come forward to you.  The “go back” voice is just not as compelling.  At the same time, the movement forward has become much gentler – it’s not so much about breaking through as it is about the quality of being in a new place.  The struggle to evolve that was once so desperate has taken on a different tone.  There’s more of a sense of the quality of the freedom you’ve found.  Sure, the old friends aren’t there, the bank account, the solidity.  But there’s a different taste to the wind, and you like it.

We are learning, in 2012, to remember how much we love this Earth.  We are human, and so lucky to be human that very few of us recognize the beauty of this moment – hardly anyone believes in fortuna anymore, or any of the old gods for that matter.  Our relationship to the divine has been replaced by our relationship with our credit card.  Our worship of Love has been replaced by the worship of the image of youth.  Our relationship to the rhythm of life has been replaced by….  Too Many Things.

And yet at the same time, so many of us – those who can still hear their hearts and are strong enough (crazy enough?) to listen to what they say – are letting go of those Too Many Things, and have moved away from the comfort zone.  Our situations often confuse those who haven’t made the leap.  They “can’t understand” what we’ve done – meaning they don’t support it (stand under it).  Oh well, they may have their surety for a little longer.  We actually do support them there, we remember that point of view.

The New Moon in Aquarius of 2012 happens at 11:40 PM Pacific Time on January 22nd.  It occurs in the 3rd Degree of Aquarius (if an astrologer calls it 2 degrees, ask them why).

This degree is about accessing support (understanding) – in this case from the Great Ones.  Because I can, I want to share with you several of the symbols for this degree (Aquarius 3).  I invite you to take time with each one.

The Omega symbol, relating to the root chakra, for this degree is “A man in a boat wakes up just in time to avoid a waterfall.”  Feel it from below.

The Pleiadian symbol, relating to the inner sense of self, is “A shipwrecked sailor washes up on a tropical island.”  Feel it from within.

And the Azoth symbol, relating to the crown chakra, is “Journeyers reaching a vista overlooking a forested valley.” Feel it from above.

You are here, and it is good.  The Great Ones hold you, once again.

May the Moon set you Free!


“We perceive the world through the lens of our Karma.   Fate creates opportunities for change.  The Destiny path opens once we embrace our ability to live in the world we perceive.”

Jon Waldrup

Incarnational Astrologer

(208) 290-8578


Past the Crossroads Now — 3 Comments

  1. Excellent. “Something about this has recently changed, and I bet you’ve felt it.” Yes I do feel it. Thank you Jon. You are a blessing of hope.

  2. Jon, I am so looking forward to our meeting in Bend Friday the 27th.
    Also the workshop the 28th.
    See you then.

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