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Planet Alert January 2012-Part 1

Welcome to 2012! We are moving into the year of the Water Dragon on the new moon of January 22 at 11:30 PM PST. The year of the Dragon is ruled by the astrological sign Aries, and the planet Uranus. This is the planet of change, which means we can look for many changes on all levels including more revolutions for freedom. We are also in a number 5 year which rules change.

This year we will be able to make a magnificent comeback after the transformation that occurred last year. Last year was a number 13, 2011=13. The number 13 is the number of death and transformation. Look up the 13th Tarot card for more information on that number. In the year of the Dragon we will probably throw caution to the wind and start some very daring projects. We will find ourselves bubbling with excess energy and it will be wise not to overestimate what we can do in this combustible year.

Business will be good, in contrast to what we are being told, and money will be generated or obtained easily. The Chinese consider this to be a good year to get married or to start a new business. The Dragon brings good fortune and happiness. In the Dragon year fortunes, as well as disasters will come in massive waves. This will be a year marked by a lot of surprises and violent acts of nature.

The Water Dragon is very loving and emotional. Water is calming and beneficial to this lunar sign and we will know how to act wisely and what is essential for progress. The Dragon is quick and reliable and is able to market their ideas with untiring devotion. Neptune moves into its own sign Pisces on Feb 3 at 10:52 AM PST. This is Goddess energy, and it also brings a lot of water energy to Earth.

The number 14/5 will be a year of communication. The number 5 needs to communicate or write. If you have been thinking about writing a book, 2012 will be a good year for writing. There will be a lot of verbal communication going on in the world. Maybe politicians will communicate more with each other and maybe they will be able to get something done. Sagittarius rules the number 14 and this will bring in thoughts of higher ideals which lead to states of higher consciousness.

It’s hard to predict just what will happen this year because there are so many realities going on at the same time. It all depends on what reality you choose to manifest. It will be a very good year for those who choose to manifest a more loving reality and the 3rd dimension people will probably fight it out to the end. Many people have made lots of predictions and some will come true and others will not. It all depends on what reality the person is looking at when they make their predictions. I prefer living in the higher realms of love and light.

We have waited a long time to enter this great year of 2012. There have been many challenges and much trauma to go through to reach this particular level of consciousness. Actually, our Earth first started lining up with the galactic center in 1998. On November 9, 1998 the Earth first reached zero magnetics for a short period of time. This was the turning point. Mayan cycles move in 13 year cycles. If you count the time between November 9, 1998 and November 9, 2011 it is 13 years.

On November 8, 2011 the asteroid YU55 passed very close to earth and opened a Stargate in the heavens. This Stargate allows higher energy to pour into Earth. Then 11-9-2011 was an 11-11-11. This was the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Of course we all celebrated on 11-11-2011, which was a nice thing to do and the Sun manifested by producing a huge prominence on its surface.

I think the Sun entered the Photon Belt in 1998 because I printed a picture of the Sun from SOHO that was almost entirely black during that time period. The Earth has not experienced darkness yet but I think it is fast approaching. In the past month I have heard of many people having their electronic toys crash, including myself. My computer crashed right after Thanksgiving, and is still not working but my husband is being real nice about letting me use his computer. Because I am on the computer so much it doesn’t leave much time for him to use his, so I will get another computer soon. Then my copy machine crashed, along with my vacuum cleaner and the alternator on my car went out twice.

The energy of Mercury conjunct Pluto, by declination, almost the whole month of December affected the break down of cars and electronics. I also think the Photon Belt, which also affects electronics, is now in the vicinity of Earth. I remember being told that the first thing that would happen when the Photon Belt got close to Earth was that electronics would cease to work. This is happening. I know there is what is called a magnetic super storm moving close to Earth. This storm is moving counter clockwise. This is affecting our magnetic field and I just received an email today saying there are mass birds, animals and fish dying. This is a re-occurrence of last year when we had a large magnetic shift in December 2010.

I have floor to ceiling glass in my living room and dining room that faces east, or did in the past. In the summer time we always had to put all of our shades down when it got really hot to keep the sun from shining in. This summer we only had to close half of the shades because the Sun was coming in at a different angle. Now the Sun is shining in from my living room windows that face south and we had to buy shades for those windows a couple of months ago. The Sun has never shone in from that angle before. I know the Earth has gone through a magnetic shift. I wonder how many other people have noticed the change.

There was a super storm on Saturn last year that was huge. That storm started on December 22, 2010 and lasted for several months. It started at the same time the Earth had its magnetic shift. The storm coming in to Earth now might be similar to the storm that hit Saturn, which means strong winds on Earth.

There was a solar eclipse on November 24, 2011 on 3 degrees Sagittarius that affected southern California. Shortly after that eclipse there were storms in Los Angeles that had winds clocked at 150 miles an hour. There were also storms with very strong winds that came into England, Scotland, and Ireland. Look for more strong winds in various places around the world this year. This past eclipse is still in effect so there will probably be more events in LA, like the houses and cars that were set on fire by an arsonist on New Year’s Eve and New Years day.

This year there will be a major solar eclipse on May 20, 2012. I am putting a video on my blog at by a man who sounds like he is Mayan. The video is about how two different Mayan Calendars come together on May 20, 2012, and how two crop circles point to this time period. It is very interesting, please watch it. The astrology of May 20, 2012 is also very interesting. This is the time of year when our Sun lines up with our central Sun Alcyone. This time it happens with a solar eclipse. This is a major sign post. It might even indicate the end of a 25,920 year cycle.

Then on June 5-6 we will have Venus eclipsing our Sun. This is like Venus, the Goddess, standing in front of the Sun beaming her light to Earth. Goddess energy will now rule, which is the soft gentle love energy. The Mayan calendars are set according to the Pleiadian system and Venus. Maybe the man who said the world would end on May 20th last year just miscalculated the year. I’m not saying the world will end, because I don’t believe that will happen, although a major cycle could end. Then we will have a new beginning on a higher frequency.

It is important to stay in heart energy this year. We are creators and we have the ability to create what we choose to experience. Last year was very hard because a lot of old stuff came up to be transformed. Hopefully we have transformed enough garbage from our subconscious mind that we can manifest a great year in 2012. I am looking forward to this year and expect it to be very interesting and exciting. What else could a five year bring? It could bring 58 Mother Ships that are heading our way. So Be It!

I will write another article in a few days about what the planets will bring this year and send it out. I send you my love and blessings for a great new year. I also wish to thank everyone who sent me donations for a new computer which I will have soon. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Love you! *****Mahala Gayle*****


Planet Alert January 2012-Part 1 — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Mahala

    I’ve been telling people for several years the sun has moved its position. It’s also become larger or intenser, because she’ has never been such a big fireball as she is now.

    In addition the sun rises from a different angle than before. Especially since 2006 when I moved into the place I live now.

    I also have had several experiences with weird electronics. Even my GPS was acting out of order, showing me the map from a 90° angle while I was driving.


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  4. Thank you so much for this post and all the other post, here in the north of the Netherlands i also had problems with the electronic and we had te buy an new tv laptop and dvd player.

    And the other computer crashed but could be fiksed.
    i sent als a lot of time behind te computer to tell the people in Holland about the changes.

    For me a wunderfull year is ahead my dream was when i was a little girl that i would reach te age of 40 years and this januar the 22 it will be happening, in the year of the dragon.

    My husband gave me a trip to London with him and our son (15) and we will be in the london eye to welcome my 40 year on earth.

    I wiss you a very good year en i am very lokking forward to see what is going to happen.

    Thank you!!

    Love Klaske
    Lumeria is my working name


  6. AAAHHH ! At last. I thought we were the only ones here having felt the very very strong energies on the 9th and nothing special on the 11th. Thanks for confirming.

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