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Worldviews Create Worlds

Guest article by  Jon Waldrup of

“Worldviews create worlds.”  The Collective and the Law of Attraction in 2012

What does it mean to really own the power of manifestation?  If the Law of Attraction is true and real, what does that mean?  There is no separation between the way you feel when you look at the world around you and what you perceive to be true about this world. 

To really own that and live with what it means is not at all easy, because it makes each one of us personally responsible for the truth of the world condition. 

A reasonable reaction to that statement is to say something like, “but I love this place and I have never had anything to do with the toxic chem-trails crisscrossing the sky.”  Or, “I have spent my life working to prevent the erosion of civil rights and there is no way I have had anything to do with the current police state.”  You get the idea – it is perfectly normal and reasonable to say that there are conditions in the world that are the opposite of what you want and that there’s no way you could have possibly manifested those conditions and therefore they are the work of someone else.

And what I want you to understand is that more and more, we are learning that time is an energy, that all moments are eternally present`.  Within that statement, a person has to realize that means that all human energies are currently present now.  This is very much a clear way to understand karma.

Imagine how much negative energy the human race has emanated into the universe (but please only briefly, and don’t put any energy into it!).  Considering all the horrifying things we have done to one another, and how much terror, pain, anguish, etc. we have juiced out over the years, it is no wonder that at this moment the ice caps are melting. 

So what are you going to do about it?

I both am and am not asking you to take responsibility for the actions of the Hitlers of our species.  You didn’t do that, but it was done, and you do have to accept where we are as a species now.  Which is where we have always been – at the center of the Universe, creating it with our perception at all times.

For a variety of reasons, we have forgotten that, at the species level, we create what we get.  Many very separative ideologies have been promulgated.  Perhaps (in my opinion) none so insidious as the notion of “enlightened self-interest” that is at the heart of our way of life.  For in that way of thinking we choose to separate ourselves from the collective.  But just as each of us is a frequency drawing a frequency, so we as a species are a frequency.  At this time it is asked that we remember this.  It is time to remember our power as members of a collective.  All separation does is create toxicity.

In the way in which we perceive history, there have been a number of significant shifts in our collective understanding of the universe and our place in it.  For the last 500 years or so, we have been working with an assumption that reason, and not faith, is driving our destiny.  The dominant paradigm has been that what we “know” is more powerful that what we “believe.” 

And what we know is data, and the data has been increasingly bad.  Such that at this moment, many of the most intelligent and loving people on the planet are fairly certain that we are doomed.

But as you know that the guides are loving and good, so you know that there is a reason that, at this crux moment, Abraham starts speaking to us through Esther Hicks.  As you know the guides are good and loving, so you know there is a reason why Bruce Lipton is teaching us about where evolution comes from and where it is leading us.  Darkness and light walk hand in hand, and both are gifts to us.  To go on, we must be here.

Shall we now own the power of the Law of Attraction?  No matter what our species has manifested, we must accept and live into our power to create Heaven on Earth.  How would Christ perceive this moment?  How would Buddha perceive this moment.  From both, there is an emanation of utter inclusivity, a glowing love energy which sees each person on the planet as a perfect expression of what is needed now. 

Read this again:  “Worldviews create worlds.”  Can you take responsibility for this?  It is a giant leap of faith.  And yet it is also precisely what we are being asked at this time and I challenge you now to check in with your truth-center and deny what I’m saying.  Worldviews create worlds.  It is up to you to perceive the world you want to live in, in order to attract it.  It is up to you to perceive this moment as necessary, as an expression of all past and future karma, and to realize that we each have the power to break out of the loops. 

This is what Free Will really is – the power to choose how you perceive the world, the power to step above the fray.  It is the power to choose to see the world through the eyes of Jesus, through the eyes of Love.

Many of us feel as though we once knew this very thing and yet chose to learn it again.  There is something about the goodness of the Earth we live on that we have taken for granted.  Somehow, we started to see the Earth as a piece of data, rather than as a living manifestation of the Creator’s Love.

We are here, each of us, precisely for this moment – a moment which will be looked back on as the biggest turning point in the history of our species.  We are each of us lucky to be here, for the opportunity to grow has never been so vast. 

The guides have given us many hints, many clues – they are offering us the chance to remember something we have forgotten.

So it is that on Christmas Eve, 2011, at 10:06 AM Pacific Time, we have a New Moon in the 3rd degree of the sign of Capricorn.  And so it is that on Christmas day, 2011, the guide manifesting as the planet Jupiter goes direct, initiating a 4 week period of no retrograde planets.  We are given this opportunity to start the year 2012 from here, without bringing with us all the data, all the karma.

What is it we have forgotten?  The Pleiadian symbol for the 3rd Degree of Capricorn is, “A man drinks in the essence of a forgotten dream.”

Once we knew how to pray together.  Once we knew that our collective frequency creates Heaven. 

Worldviews create worlds.  This is the essence of the forgotten dream.  Drink it in.

May the Moon give you hope!

Much love,


For help with filtering the karmic voices out of your authentic voice, please contact me.  (208) 290-8578 or

Richard Tarnas wrote “Worldviews create worlds” in his incredibly beautiful book, “Cosmos and Psyche.”

Please read that, and Bruce Lipton’s “Spontaneous Evolution.”  The data supports living forwards into a beautiful future.


Worldviews Create Worlds — 7 Comments

  1. This is in response to Sofia’s longish 3:22 Am posting. Sofia, I did not say that “the ice caps are melting because each of us has created unintentional harm at some point in our lives.” The “we” I was referring to in that paragraph is the collective we, which includes every human who ever has or ever will live. Are you saying you personally are not part of the species which includes Hitler, et. al? I wasn’t blaming you for the harm that was done, I was asking you to accept that the harm has been done and to know that we as a species have drawn to us the exact situation we find ourselves in. To draw the Heaven we desire to us requires us to stand on the Earth now. This is what the outer planets are pushing us to do, is to accept personal responsiblity for where we go from here. Change happens when you are through with the old ways.
    Are you not part of the situation we are in? The “herd mentality” is to point fingers at someone else. Anyone can sit around at 3AM and try to find cracks in something that they didn’t write.
    Separation creates toxicity. I stand by that. Are you separate from the here and now?
    I look forward to reading your blog, if you will direct me to it, so that I may become more informed.
    Much love,


  2. The tipping point is now… “Be” the love that you seek “right now”, the rest will follow simply by your luminous example. When you awaken to your Divinity, others will do the same in an instant (judging where someone else is, limits you, not them~!). There’s no effort and/or work to do. Just shift your perspective (liken to waking from a dream state, to a conscious one) BE right now!

  3. Hi, this is a very thought-provoking article. I interpret it to mean that for every thing/quality/experience that we despise in the outside world, that thing/quality/experience lives in the human collective unconscious which we are a part of because we are all One. We each do have a piece of it. Just as we all share the glory of the highest qualities of humanity, we also share the shadow side, which is simply Light that is trying to escape from its hiding place. The macrocosm of the One Human is reflected in the holographic microcosm of the individual soul/individual. War is *out there*, and *in here* we feel intense anger at our boss or we have the desire to *destroy the competition* at work. We cry out for world peace and yet we are fighting with our families and not speaking to half of our friends. We are not Hitler per se, but many of us have an inner world that is set up like a totalitarian regime – constantly berating and hating ourselves, *beating ourselves up*, and imposing strict *nazi-like* discipline and harsh judgement that would frighten anyone if it externalized. Indeed it HAS externalized, in the form of sadistic fascist leaders. They, and all the suffering we see in the world, are simply a manifestation of our shared shadow – which can indeed be healed if enough people change their own inner cosmos and we reach a tipping point.

  4. To imagine that the ice caps are melting because each of us has created unintentional harm at some point in our lives, is completely irresponsible thinking, adding chaos where no more is needed, and frankly inline with herd mentality perception (HMP). Creating a sense of blame, guilt and shame (all HMP!) for what most of us did in the past, out of being clueless to what the hell we were doing in the first place, and unknowledgeable to what the consequences were going to be, doesn’t bode well for creating from a standpoint of acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, love and understanding right now! Bottom line: If we knew better, we would have done better! Allow the past to be a learning experience, and the future to be an opportunity to choose wisely with grace, peace and understanding.

    Christ stated, “Forgive them, for they no not what they do”… Meaning; forgive others actions (because most of those folks were clueless to what they were doing to “us”, instead they were only thinking of “themselves”!), and forgive ourselves for not knowing any better with the mis-takes that we made, simply because we don’t come to this earth with an owners manual~! Sometimes it takes time to realize that most events we thought were horrific at the moment, later show themselves to be blessings, simply because the Divine knew what was best for us, when we honestly didn’t and It had to intervene (we were too busy trying to manifest fairytales, rather than living authentically. Again, we didn’t know this at the time! Let go, this a new moment!)!

    Worldviews create worlds… not necessarily! If one person shares an enlightened view, and then more folks share this view with others, it changes the worlds perception / view in an instant (choose to manifest responsibly)! Also, if we change from within first, the energy that is created from this change extends outwardly immediately! No effort necessary! As Eastern disciplines know and teach: As above, so below, as within, so without (there is no separation)!

    To break out of loops, the only responsibility we have to accept is that we adopted the herd mentality definitions and perceptions through our need to be accepted and survive. Somehow we were led to believe that what we think and believe is of our own individual creation (Not!)! Once we understand that most of what we think and believe isn’t of our making, but a regurgitation of other’s beliefs through the ages that we adopted (out of acceptance and survival needs), then we have the freedom and freewill to redefine what we want as individuals that will also benefit others. The positive rules that hold true for all religions and spiritual modalities are: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “Cause / create no intentional harm”. Beyond that, it’s our individual responsibility to stop looking outside of ourselves for; acceptance, the Divine, happiness, joy, love, etc. It’s time that we all become the enlightened (in-light-I-n) beings that we each are, right “now”. Allow our Divine Selves to be all that we desire, then you can see that literally “everything” is Divine, and in Divine order (the only thing out of order, is your thought that it is~!). If you Be love, create from love (and speak from love), love is the result!

    “According to an old Hindu legend, there was a time when all human beings were god/desses, but they so abused their divinity that a chief God/dess, decided to take it away from humans and hide it where they would never find it. Where to hide it, became the big question…
    When the lesser god/desses were called in council to consider this question, they said, “We will bury man’s divinity deep in the earth.” But the head God/dess said, “No that will not do, for man will dig down into the earth and find it,” Then they said, “Well, we will sink their divinity into the deepest ocean.” But again the reply was, “No, not there, for humans will learn to dive into the deepest waters, will search out the ocean bed, and eventually find it.” Then the lesser god/desses said, “We will take it to the top of the highest mountain and hide it there.” But again the head God/dess replied, “No, for humans will eventually climb every mountain on earth. They will be sure some day to find it and take it up again for themselves.” Then the lesser god/desses gave up and concluded, “We do not know where to hide it, for it seems there is no place on earth or in the sea that humans will not eventually reach.”
    Then the head God/dess said, “Here is what we will do with the human’s divinity. We will hide it deep down in the humans themselves, for they will never think to look for it there.” Ever since then, the legend concludes, humans have been going up and down the earth, climbing, digging, diving, exploring, searching for something that is already in themselves!”

    True love is Divine Love and is only understood by awakening to the Divine within. Many of us aren’t taught this aspect, but once we understand that we “all” are children of the Divine and the Divine resides in “all” of us… We don’t need to be-lieve (being in the moment, then in the next instant leaving (be-leave)!), but instead BE (no thought, energy needed!)… We don’t need to “have” faith (which requires effort and energy), just BE… The peace that transcends all understanding is available right now, in this moment… BE…

  5. Hi Jon,
    I like the fact that energy is just that and it’s what you do with it that defines your character. …. Well, ok, so maybe you didn’t say that. You’re words definitely carry a different vibration but the name Bruce Lipton caught my eye for you mention that he’s teaching us about evolution. Thus, I’m posting a comment here for anyone that’s interested to see Bruce Lipton in action. I’ve embedded some videos on my blog of one of the good doctor’s lectures. It can be found here:

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