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Venus-guided Moon phase

Guest article by Jon Waldrup (from email)


On the cusp of December, 2011, in the cycle of the last New Moon before we launch into 2012, and during a Venus-guided Moon phase, I want to let you know of another opportunity to create a unified humanity. This is the Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn 7. It happens at 1:50 PM Greenwich Mean Time on December 1st. This is 5:50 AM on the West Coast of the US, and is 11:50 PM in Brisbane, Australia.

As you desire to save the Earth, dance yourself into the future you want. Dance to remember what it is like to know that miracles can be.

I am writing this to communicate the feeling of the aspect. If you would like a more technical examination of these energies, feel free to contact me.

I hope you enjoy this article!


Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, 2011. Forget that anything cannot be, and dance for what can.

I ask now to be guided to write what is true and needed at this time.

Let each now find the place within which all of us are united. All of us remember what it was like to know what life was always intended to be, and all of us look forward to knowing it again.

I will speak of a past during which we knew unity and harmony. I do so to invoke a near-future return to such a spirit. May it be that we all again dance to the same song.

Forever, people have gathered to dance thanks, and the creator was gladdened by it, and gave blessings. May you go now into the place where none are sorted by belief.

Before gender roles were fixed, there was a human family circle to which all belonged. In this circle, the strength in each was given for the benefit of all. May you go now into the place where your strengths are honored and you are accepted because your heart beats within you.

Once we lived within our cycles. We did not strive to learn how to not die, because we knew death was the gift which allowed us to live – that the sweet poignancy of being alive was made available by its twin, a welcomed death. May you remember now what it is like to not be cynical and skeptical. What is true for each is more important than who is right about it!

Once we lived with miracles, for we served them with dances and prayers of gratitude. For a long time now we have served only what we can touch, what we can prove with data. For a long time now we have served that which has no heart. And so we have lost our knowing of miracles. May you dance once again the dance of thanks for all the miracles still to come.

Once we loved what we had – a glowing heart. In that time the concept that more was better had not entered our minds. We loved the glowing heart within each as much as our own. The concept that one could have something that could not be shared had not yet entered our minds. May you rejoice in the warmth of your heart, for it joins you to the warmth in all.

Long ago, we were one family, one circle. For the joy of the love and support within that family, we danced. May you remember in your bones the miracle of each breath that was known at that time.

Whatever has separated us, whatever has gone wrong, all the ways sadness and doubt have entered our hearts – may you forget these. May you know again what it means to be free and alive.

I am speaking to a vastness within you – the human spirit which can see the highest mountain and seek to climb it; that can see the endless desert and wish to cross it. That can witness the destruction of Gaia, and seek to repair it. May the undaunted flame of what-can-be burn bright!

There are those who will light the fires, who will invite all comers, who will expose themselves to the possibility of failure or ridicule or harm. There is no “should” to it. May we in no way seek to limit those willing to try to be open to the possibilities. Give what you want away to find it everywhere again.

May it be that at this time, we seek only to be callers of the miracle-that-life-can-be.

What has separated us from this miracle is only our focus on life-as-it-has-been. For a long time we have been separated from our hearts. May you forget that time. Now is never then.

Tomorrow night, Venus and Pluto (who is Kali) are joining arms, and the degree of the zodiac in which they do this reveals their intention for the year of 2012. We are headed to the Solstice, to the Galactic Center. We are headed to a New Cycle. This year, for the good of the Earth, Her sisters catch arms in the 7th degree of Capricorn – “In a river, people washing away the imprints of memories.”

May the memories of what has separated us be washed away. May doubting be washed away. May you believe in miracles once again. May you remember what life can be.

On the night that the two most feminine teachers join arms, may you dance within the circle of the human family. Dance and pray the way we once danced and prayed: together. Dance in your heart. Dance in the place of up-welling love. Dance in the place within you that knows miracles.

Give yourself entirely into bringing forth the way of miracles by living in a world of miracles. Until all you know is what-can-be.

May our family forget our differences.

Believe enough to dance, and miracles shall be given.


May those who can benefit most from what I have to give contact me at this time. or (208) 290-8578.

In service of the frequency artist within you.”

Jon Waldrup

Incarnational Astrologer

(208) 290-8578


Venus-guided Moon phase — 5 Comments

  1. I love the simplicity of the
    Sabian symbols, “washing away the memories of the past.”
    Great channeling, Jon. Thanks for introducing me to another
    lightworker, Mahala.

  2. Jon,

    So elequently spoken…May the dance of the Infinite breathe it’s eternal breath into our beings, so never more we sleep…Awaken to the dance of life…the dance of Love…The dance of remembrance…Many, many joyful moments in the presence may you have my dear sweet brother…


  3. Well done Jon! I can feel so much heart energy and Light codes within your script.
    Thank you…I and many more need this sensitive application at this time.
    Bless your heart and in loving grace,

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