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The Beginning of a New Era

Where were you when the Stargate, or the Arcturian Corridor opened? I had a dream the morning of November 8, 2011 that a Stargate was going to be opened by the passing of the asteroid YU55. This asteroid was at the closest point to Earth at 3:38 pm November 8th. In my dream the Stargate was just like the one in the movie Stargate where the gate opened and the people walked through it and came out in a different reality. It’s my understanding that this gate will stay open until December 21, 2012. This means that a person can walk through it when they are ready, or they can stay on the lower dimension Earth if they so choose. On November 8th the moon was in opposition to Saturn, which was conjunct, the star Arcturus.

If you desire change in your life try changing your perception of life, and then see how your life changes. Sometimes it is hard to change a belief system that you have had since birth. Ideas that we considered right have been programmed into us since we were very young. Most of these beliefs are not real, they are just programming. Now we have reached the point where it is time to wake up to the fact that everything is just an illusion and it’s time to think outside of the box, and vibrate to the energy of freedom.

Many people were disappointed with the event of 11-11-11 because they thought they would be lifted to another reality or something like that. Maybe this did happen and they just have to wake up and see how life changes for them now that the Stargate is open. I think the 11-11-11 event was larger than the Harmonic Convergence that happened in August of 1987 which pushed us into a different time-line, although it wasn’t apparent right away.

Around that time, I don’t know the exact date, Coast to Coast came on the air and had people from all walks of life talk about their experiences and how we were all controlled by a secret government, and that there was life after death. This is when I started to realize that what so many of us were already aware of was finally out in the open. What a relief that was. We could finally start talking about our spiritual experiences. They didn’t have to be secret anymore. I really honor Coast to Coast, and many other shows, for the job they have done by exposing what has been going on in our world that we did not know about. Many people did not have a clue about what was going on until they listened to those programs. Those programs gave us a real education on many levels.

The fourth dimension time-line is the realm of psychic energy, and is also the place where the war in heaven was played out. Once you are above that frequency the controllers cease to exist in your reality. The fourth dimension is one of time, and as you look at time right now you can tell that it feels like time is no more. Doesn’t it feel like you just get up in the morning and then it is time to go to bed again. And that a week seems more like a day? I don’t know how people can still work 40 hours a week and get everything done that needs to be accomplished.

The war in heaven is over, and it’s just a matter of cleaning up the residue on Earth. The revolutionary war on Earth started in Tunisia last January and then spread to other Middle East countries. Now we have the Occupy Wall Street revolutionaries. This movement is being activated by the Pluto-Jupiter-Mars triune that is in the sky right now. This movement shows me that people are starting to wake up and say we want our freedom. There is a belief system out there that you have to fight for your freedom. Maybe it’s time to change that belief system and realize that peace and freedom come from within before it’s apparent in the outer world.

All the people caught up in conspiracy theories that say we are going to live under a totally controlled society will not happen, at least not in my reality, or in the reality of the planets. Uranus, the revolutionary planet, is in the fire sign Aries. Have you ever tried to tell an Aries what to do? It just doesn’t work. Then we have Pluto, the transformer, in the sign of Capricorn, which rules structures, control, big business, and corporations. What are the people objecting to? It is the loss of jobs and the control by the banks and big corporations. The cry is for freedom so everyone can live in peace, security, and abundance.

We actually entered into a new reality on November 9, 2011, which adds up to 11-92-11 and that converts to 11-11-11. I was told after my dream of a Stargate opening that the date for this opening was kept secret from everyone because they did not want any interference from the dark side because this was a very important event. I felt the change of energy at that time. I was in bliss consciousness on November 9 and 10, and then had a downer on November 11th. Then on November 12th I came back into bliss energy and continue to feel very good emotionally. If you turn around the numbers of 11-9 you have 911. Isn’t that interesting?

I’m not saying that November 11 was not an important date, because it was. When you have people from all over the world concentrating on peace and love something is bound to happen. Look at on the date of November 11, and you will see that the Sun also responded to our thoughts by creating a tremendous wall of plasma towering over the Sun’s surface. There was also a dark filament of magnetism that wound half way around the Sun. It was awesome to look at. The Sun is the ruler of our solar system and she responds to what we think and feel.

The past couple of months I started going within and became an introvert. I needed to clean out anything that might keep me from going into the new energy. I am a very active person and staying still is a hard thing for me to do so I created a physical challenge to keep me quiet. Right after I wrote my November article I experienced much pain in my arm and hand so it was very difficult to type. The challenge was actually from my neck because of a pinched nerve and the pain went down my arm and hand.

Have you every tried to do something with your left hand when you are naturally right handed? It really slowed me down. I couldn’t drive for any period of time so I stayed home. Five chiropractic treatments later, and much healing energy from friends means I am finally back to normal. What a joy to be able to use my right hand again. I was going to write an article about the 11-11-11 before it happened but God had other plans for me. (For you Astrologers out there; I am a Virgo with Gemini rising and have a mutable cross in my chart. I have lots of Mercury and feminine energy.) You might want to check out this article about the long journey of Mars through the sign of Virgo. It is very interesting.

I know I’m not the only one who has been hibernating the past couple of months. There are many people who instinctively knew they had to be clear by the time the Mayan Calendar ended (October 28, 2011) or by the time the Stargate opened on November 8, 2011. They had to be clear in order to manifest the new energy. Don’t worry if you are still going through some challenges. There is always an integration period after changes happen. Remember, the doorway to the higher energy will be open until December 21, 2012.

The Sun will move into Sagittarius on November 22 and that is the sign of freedom. There will be a solar eclipse on November 24, which is also Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It’s time to celebrate and give thanks for your many blessings. Mercury will turn retrograde in Sagittarius on the same day. The energy from this planet is always felt before and after it turns retrograde, which lasts for about a month.

Neptune also went direct on November 9th and is on the degree of a moth becoming a butterfly. Chiron, the healer, is already in Pisces. On February 4, 2012 Neptune will enter Pisces, which is her home sign. This will truly be the initiation into Cosmic Consciousness because that is what Neptune rules. Pisces is a very gentle feminine water sign. This will be the time when our hearts will open like a rose and we will walk the Earth in peace and harmony, at least those who are vibrating to the new energy. There will still be lots of changes on the lower level Earth but they do not have to be part of our reality. Remember, it takes only one little candle to light a dark room.

My love to everyone!  Bless you!     *****Mahala Gayle*****


The Beginning of a New Era — 2 Comments

  1. Ever notice how many versions of a “heavenly ideal” resemble a mental institution, where the environment is tightly controlled to match the relationship and emotional coping skills of the residents? …separating themselves from everything in the world and life they don’t know how to cope with?

  2. So for those of us who are not as enlightened, but believe what you are saying. Can you explain “how” to go through this stargate. And in so doing do we still have the people we love in this higher vibration with us, and our lives and relationships are just better…or do we leave those behind who do not also make this choice ?
    thank you for responding in great detail.

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