Connected Circuitry

Guest article by Mona Delfino SacredReconnections.

In my friends recent article from HeartMath, Louann talks about how we are connected to the Sun and the Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies. She speaks about being positive to our benefit for the next couple years…as the influence of the dynamics are creating a strong electromagnetic current of energy due to Solar flares, etc.
So here is a bit of eye opening info for you as well on an energetic viewpoint in healing:
Many of us have been in a bit of a fog with so much going on around us, through us, above us, etc… right now Mercury is in retrograde at the same time we just had Thanksgiving, AND major Solar Flare activity in the last couple of days. This is big stuff happenng “currently!” 🙂
In Louanns article, the positive side of the magnetics is to our benefit because the imploding amount of energy that is filling us with wonder or confusion doesn’t care about the emotional effect. We do. The Universe delivers, but as we know in all of healing work, we have free will to choose what and how it will effect us. We see in people their fears easier, and we also can see their true emotions underneath it all. It is difficult to hide anything today, mostly because there is no darkness where the light is shining! We are all moving forward regardless of how.

We are all walking batteries with electrical charges designed to rest and become alert, give and receive, show our A and B, positive or negetive charge, and to make deep inside decisions on where that will take us. About 2 years ago, I was speaking about perceptions and the influences we were feeling as the economy was collapsing. I remember sharing the information that the collapse was meant to teach us how to go back to not being dependent as a society on corporations that told us what to do, how to think, what to buy, who to listen to, etc. At first that concept went over like a lead balloon as people were in the midst of feeling the saddness of it all. Rightfully so I say. However, the comeback we are seeing is that we are getting smarter as humanity leaps into the changes with more positive ideas and demands. i.e. Occupy movements, TV Commercials from Institutions claiming “It’s your Money!”, etc. On that note, we are making much progress.
If people are choosing not to understand any of this and think it pure hogwash, they still can’t help to be feeling a backlash of feelings that have them repeating the same patterns of manipulation, control, blame, etc. that many people would reject more today due to the negetive sensations that grind on our nerves. Our behavior patterns are also increasing. Patterns are coming up more and more to identify with, not to be judged.

Also, sensative humans are feeling more transferrences that lead you into either “understanding” others through empathic means, or not being able to be around people, no matter who they have been in your life, if their resonance frequency doesn’t align with yours.
This increase is bringing up guilt, anxiety, concern, and indecision on “what to do” with all of this. Needless to say, it’s all good as we are delving into firmer committments within ourself to ourself.

The solution?? Be in the moment and do everything you can to not judge, but understand someones dilemma. We’ve all been there. That will open you to your own freedom as you begin more to make decisions based on “being and loving yourself” on a higher scale. All it takes is to become personally empowered through love.
So even if you say, “Yea, I’ve heard this before…” I suggest you walk the talk in this great time of change. If you read Louanns article from beginning to end, you will “hear” that you are just as important on this planet as the entire Universe. Your current effects someone else’s current, and on and on.
Here’s to you, here’s to Energy, and all of the marvelous possibilities that are leading us into our future!!

Be Light,  Mona~


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  1. This article is right on point for me. I feel as if my core energy is undergoing great transformation in that all it was is no longer and it is being filled with brand new energy that will help me live more in accordance with my soul. I am amazed also that you would mention picking up on others transferances. I am an empath but I am learning that that there are those who are worthy of you empathy and those who are not – and that includes family!



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