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Love over Death, True over Provable, Rhythm over Time.

Guest article by

Jon Waldrup of Sense of Vision Astrology.

Love over Death.  True over Provable.  Rhythm over Time.

This is a two-part article elucidating my perspective through astrology into the revolutionary/transformational energies of our times.  It is my opinion that many of us can still benefit from tuning deeply into all the cycles of nature, and that there are no more than a handful of people now alive who are living all the way into the future, consciously morphing biology. 

This article introduces a way of thinking about time that will help remove patriarchal scar tissue and also goes deeply into the significant astrological events of the next week in order to emphasize that this is really the last week of the old way of being.  This is the start of a 7 year initiation period, which will last until Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn.  I invite you to keep this so that you can revisit it, to support you through this initiation.  I suspect it will be especially helpful next June.

Part 1 – In which I release you from Patriarchal mono-emotionality.

I want to tell you the truth about my recent article, “To the 11.11.11, a Luna Moth Emergent.”  It was the first thing of mine many of you have read.  I got a lot of positive comments on it and I feel like it was a lovely expression of my work.  But I also know that the main reason most people read it is because the title contained a date to which many people have attached a lot of importance.  I tricked you.

As far as I can tell, there’s been an 11.11.11 every hundred years since the birth of Christ and it is difficult for me to attach numerological significance to anything based on the Julian calendar.  To me, the Julian calendar is just another insidious and effective tool furthering the purpose of the patriarchy, which is to detach us from the rhythms of life in order to keep us in the victim role.

There I said it – the Julian calendar is specifically designed to disconnect us from Her – Her rhythms and Her teachings.  The patriarchy needs you to be a victim.   The reason the Julian calendar is so effective is because it disconnects us from the Moon.  When Monday is not allowed to be Moon Day, we are forced into a non-cyclical emotional stasis of functionality.  Use it at your peril.

As a species we’ve been vibrating in the victim frequency, ashamed of our feelings.   What does a body give a soul that a soul cannot have without a body?  Feelings.  Sensations.  Tastes.  When you force yourself to deny your feelings so you can function within a patriarchal world, you are a victim.

The truth is, there is a Moon.  There are cycles.  When you try to deny that you become a victim.  Somebody else is creating your world. 

Victims look for rescuers – are you waiting to be rescued?  What day in the Julian calendar do you expect the Masculine/rational to return you to emotional stasis and save you from your poor feminine/cylical emotionality?

The Divine Feminine expresses Herself through the rhythms of the Moon, my dear, and when you get that you can start to become free to live life in Her.  She grows Love like a plant.  When you allow yourself to rejoice in your cycles, then you become a creator.

Please let me help you tune in to your cycles.

I have heard from people all over the country that the days between the New Moon on Oct. 26th and the Half Waxing Moon on Nov. 2nd produced some extremely dense emotional states – dense as in not fluffy.  To me this is perfect and wonderful.  It says to me that more and more people are becoming attuned to the MoonCycle.    All systems promoting emotional stasis are anti-feminine, my love.  I want to empower you to feel without shame – to instead celebrate and love your emotional variability.

This whole time is about the return to the feminine.  When you are free to feel, you are growing closer to Her.

Each month, Her MoonCycle is teaching us about our emotional/vibrational signatures.  As a species we are being asked to remember why we are here.  To Feel. 

What do souls want to feel?  Love.  The soul is here to grow through Love in every flavor – from co-dependent to co-creational.  As we learn to embrace our feelings we are able to love ourselves and cease to be victimized into emotional paralysis.   So we come into this plane with a Moon to teach us every flavor.    

The Julian calendar tastes like politicians and stock brokers.  Every time someone points to a date in it I say Yuck!  Forget about confining transformation to a date – embrace the whole cycle.  How can a cycle that started 26,000 years ago be connected to a 2,000 year old calendar used for its whole history to deny cycles?  To quote Drunvalo, “cycles don’t care about dates.”

Through an awareness of and acceptance of life as a cycle, each human can become a sovereign co-creator of beauty and harmony.  When we get this, our vibrational signature changes from victim to celebrant.  We are here to learn to vibrate at the frequency of celebrating all aspects of life, to rejoice in all Her expressions, Maiden Mother and Crone.

If you are still with me, you are the Luna Moth Emerging now.  Emerging from the victim cocoon and flying to Her Moon.  Now I know you are ready to work with cycles in the current Earth Journey.

End Part 1.

It’s probably worth mentioning that Sun/Moon aspects and planetary movements are easily timed and that if I use Julian dates for them it’s not the same as assigning a Julian date to a cycle that started thousands of years before the birth of Christ.  I trust you to have gotten over the toxic, brittle demand for wall-to-wall orthodoxy. 

Also, I will use a technical term, “station,” which refers to the degree of the zodiac in which a planet appears to halt before appearing to change direction.

Part 2 – An in-depth look at the beginning of the New Age.

I briefly visited many of these themes in my article of 10.26.11, “A luna moth emergent.”  This is going to be a deeper look, to support your emergence.  We have a very special, once-in-a-lifetime week ahead of us.

On November 2nd, at the Half Moon Waxing, we bottomed in.  Deeper in the Stew than we will be for a few months – many of us surprised at the intensity at which we found ourselves re-doing old work.  What has been happening for quite some time now is that we’ve been getting cleaned up by the Cosmic Shamans.  So a lot of our toxic patterns have been trotted out to see if we still buy into them or not.  I invite you to enjoy, with me, this week of coming up out of the deeps. 

The first part of this release happens early on the morning of the 6th, with Ceres going direct in the 17th degree of Pisces.  In its un-awakened state, Ceres is the asteroid of pop-wisdom and adherence to popular ways of thinking.  It usually manifests in the strong and repeated use of the word “should.”  In Pisces, it has to do with promoting all the ways in which we as a society are doomed.  The coincidence of the arrival of YU-55 and Ceres’ direct station is like a Zen master slapping you while you are meditating on imminent doom.

Ceres’ job is to stretch your psyche like a tanning hide over a hoop of media-spawned dogma until you break through into the womb of the Mother who would never hurt her children.  In her retrograde period, which started in April, she worked on how we use the media to gain competitive edges of knowing.  Nothing is more dead than something you know.  Nothing is energetically more repulsive than the voices of those who “know.”  To know a thing is to no it.  We are here to learn, dear one, not to regurgitate data and morality in the name of dread.

I will use the Azoth symbol for Ceres’ direct station in Pisces 17.  “Someone helping a distraught woman to open to angelic love.”  They make is so easy for me.

The next step up out of the well is the biggie.  On 11.9.11, Neptune stations direct in the 29th degree of Aquarius.  Neptune has been journeying through Aquarius since the late ‘90s.  What he has done particularly well is to spread human psychic connectivity through technology.  His deeper task has been to teach truth consciousness – the primacy of intuition over intelligence.  We are all connected – to each other and to the guides.  This psychic connectivity is the legacy of his journey, since 1997, through the sign of Aquarius. 

During August, September and October he’s been retrograde back into Aquarius.  This was his final pass in Aquarius, reinforcing the strands he’s woven there.  Neptune’s shamanic work is very subtle and can be irritating, like sandpaper on raw skin.  The slow hot grinding intensity of the last few months has been in large part his way of making sure we are ready to go on.

In my opinion, Wednesday, November 9th is actually the start of the New Age.  Here I will stick to the Pleiadian symbol from my earlier work.  It is “A luna moth struggling out of a cocoon.”  The luna moth is our awareness in the field, where we meet each other and the guiding ones.  The cocoon is the 20th century primacy of intelligence over intuition.  This is the start of the New Age.   Prepare yourself for the Neptunian School of Compassion!

On November 10th there are 2 more releasing events, the Full Moon, and then Alpha Omega’s direct station.

At 12:17 PM Pacific, the Moon is Full in the 19th degree of Taurus, which means it is opposite the Sun in Scorpio 19.  Metaphyscially, the Full Moon represents an illumination of the shadow self, past lives & past deaths – all of the Sun’s light shining on the Moon is reflected back to the Earth.  The shadow you cast is illuminated by the Moon’s light.  Nothing is hidden – everything is up.  It is when we start to gain perspective on the waxing, experiential half of the cycle, and can start to sense purpose and meaning in the journey. 

Right off the bat, I know so many who read that will jump up to say, “I already know the meaning!” to which I refer you back a few paragraphs.  Allow the cycle to reveal itself to you as you go, my love.  Wax and wane in your consciousness, let the tides flow in you.  Just as the Moon plays with water, it plays with the energy of the field.  There is so much delicious learning you can experience when you allow the guides to surprise you.

From the magic mind of John Sandbach I will give you 3 symbols for Taurus 19.  Remember, these are Full Moon energies.  You tell me where they take you.  First, the Pleiadian symbol: “A magic mountain rises out of the waters.”  The Azoth: “The portrait of a man grows younger and younger.”  And my favorite for this degree, “A crown turns into goat horns.”  Give it Earth, I say.

November’s final direct station is on the 10th, of Alpha Omega in Pisces 1.  Alpha Omega is responsible for carrying the ancient vision of the future – what we remember we were looking forward to.  We remember looking forward to a time when we honored the heart and the mind was in service to the heart.  So much has happened and it is to the credit of us alive today that we have chosen to take on steering humanity back into living for love instead of against death.

Alpha Omega was last in Pisces from January of 1961 through May of 1968.  Much that was started then was worthy and beautiful, most notably the Civil Rights movement and environmentalism.  Those of us born during those years are now being asked to finish what was started then – and starting in February, Neptune joins Alpha Omega in the sign of compassion and healng. 

Did I mention that the last time Neptune was in Pisces, slavery was abolished in the United States?  The energy of the Civil Rights movement working with the energy that broke the back of slavery.  They are together in the sign of Pisces through 2018.   By the time Alpha Omega enters Aries, Saturn will have joined Pluto in Capricorn and there will be no erasing what comes of that.

The Chandra symbol for Pisces 1: “A field of dandelions.”  Unitive, Earth-Centric consciousness.  The New Age. 

In our journey towards a way of living that feels good, we will be leaving much behind.  Look forward, and Learn to follow the Joy. 

I toast you now, on the growing primacy of Love over Death, of True over Provable, and Rhythm over Time.  Make note, dear ones.  Make note.

May the Moon guide you,


If you like this perspective and would like to experience a reading of you astrology in this light, please contact me @ (208) 290-8578 or

The fairies are taking care of me.”

Jon Waldrup

Incarnational Astrologer

(208) 290-8578


Love over Death, True over Provable, Rhythm over Time. — 3 Comments

  1. I really appreciate the thought and wisdom you have put into your comment. I am sure you are right.
    I think the evolution of our species is towards a creative artistry using our frequencies (emotions. I find myself working towards that – using my emotions to create the world I want to live in. I use astrology as a way to help me understand the palette I’m working with.
    I fully recognize that my notions are not for everyone. I am simply writing from my truth-sense. I encourage you to do the same – put your ideas and understandings out there. You are an excellent writer and philosopher.
    Thank you for allowing me.


  2. Thank you, I do enjoy reading your insights.

    Regarding the brittleness of wall to wall orthodoxy…I totally agree and find it very refreshing to finally read about the “falacy” of the Julian Calendar…but I must say that I am highly disapointed that the same distinction cannot be seen, admitted and rectified regarding the use of “Tropical astrology” as opposed to Sidereal.

    I feel the same way about “seasonal” based astrology as you do about the use of the of the Julian calendar.So much so that,pardon me, I’ll have to quote your own words – “To me, Tropical Astrology is just another insidious and effective tool furthering the purpose of the patriarchy, which is to detach us from the rhythms of life in order to keep us in the victim role.”
    I’ll modify this only to say that it’s to keep us disconected from the Cosmic Rythms. I find it ironic and it saddens me to see that people in the Uranian field of Study cannot accept this simple truth, nor understand that the source of the Julian Calendar was also the source of the “separation” of Astrology and Astronomy which until that point where in fact like fire and oxygen…symbolism implied ;).

    I do enjoy reading your astrological analysises and enjoy your approach.
    I would even more if it would be based in reality…not on the idea of a mechanical Universe.

    Hoping the actual Grand fire Trine will bring inspiration….

  3. The best answer I ever received as to “Why we are here?”, is “To experience separation”… The reason the matriarchal got taken over by the patriarchal is the same reason the pendulum is swinging once again… Absolute power, corrupts absolutely! It’s time that we stop the swinging illusions of divisions and understand that neither is more important than the other! A Lama once said, “The road to enlightenment is a narrow one, it’s like walking on a razor’s edge.” Balance is key to being that which we have always been, are and forever will Be… You speak of “feelings”, what you have to ask yourself is, “Is what you are feeling really “your” feelings, or a regurgitation (repeat) of what you learned from other herd mentality followers and “their” definitions of feelings?! Most feelings are stories (store I’s), without the story, what you have left is peace (being with your true Self). A fight is only a fight when two or more people agree to disagree. When you stay calm to an-others ego (Edging God/dess Out) rant, the result is no more fight… No fuel, no fight! This awakening is about finding your true Self (within and without, no separation!), not the “self” that has been led down the primrose path of someone else’s ideology, but instead, direct, full absolute Being… Namaste

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