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Is the sun hollow?

Guest article by Dave, from

Earlier today I took a couple minutes to visit to see if there was anything unusual happening overhead. After skimming over the text, I left the webpage up while I was distracted with some other task. All the while, this picture of the sun sat on the screen.

A short while later I found myself looking at the picture asking myself – why is there no light coming from that ‘spot’ on the sun?

Take another look at that picture. It looks almost organic. It’s like something broke the surface of the sun like you might clear the surface of a pond. After it had been opened up, it looks like the sun ‘grows’ back to cover the scar.

The first thought that came to me was – the sun is hollow! Wow, could it be?

That seems kind of crazy, for we’ve all been taught that the sun is so solid that the pressure induces nuclear reactions. Heck, here is a picture from the Wikipedia on its Sun page:

Yet, if the sun is rolling plasma, why does it get black spots? Shouldn’t there be plasma underneath?

Or, I thought, maybe it’s a tick with regards to how the picture is taken. So I looked that up. When you take a picture of the sun you use a filter to remove 99% of the light. So, in the picture we’re seeing nearly 100 percent more light from the surface of the sun than in the ‘spot’.

This is kind of weird. If the cooler shell of the sun has been removed, wouldn’t you think we’d see the hotter interior? One would expect that it would probably give off more light than the surface?

So then I threw all caution to the wind and ask Google. Google seems omniscient sometimes. The question I typed was “Is the sun hollow?” The first site that it found was one with the title “Free Planet” and the article was The Sun is Hollow. I actually laughed when that page came up.

I read some of the words, but the best part is the video included on the page. It’s titled An Empty Sun – Is Gravity being Induced? And I’ve embedded it here for your enjoyment. It’s just ten minutes and it’s worth the time.

I love the comparisons that are done between what is classically known as part of the saying – so above as below.

About a 1:10 in the narrator shows that when things spin around (in a coffee cup) what’s in the center is an absence of matter. He relates that to the center of our solar system. Which means what? …

The part about the ear having two functional attributes – detecting pressure waves and gravitational alignment – is also rather interesting. About 3:45 in, the narrator asks, “Are pressure and gravity to manifestations of the same force?”

And the bits about vacuum in space.  Lol. There is lots of stuff in space always. This leads the Goodfellow to state that the lows of pressure apply to outer space just like they do in the boundaries of our own atmosphere! What a brilliant observation (Just over 5 minutes in).

It’s amazing whenever I see something so simply put that it challenges conventional knowledge. This little video does exactly that. It’s almost like the expanding planet video that I came across in a previous posting (An Expando Planet Theory).

This video also seems to align with another series that I put up a while ago in the article Plasma interactions create light? I’m going to have to revisit that series and see how it relates.

For now, I think I got my question answered. It seems that I’m not the only one that has questioned why there are ‘spots’ on the sun!


Is the sun hollow? — 13 Comments

  1. “…the Goodfellow” – I like it 🙂

    Here’s an update I created three weeks ago.
    45 minutes of a poorly produced but content rich video.
    PLEASE don’t bother watching it if you’re not prepared to see it all the way through.
    And if you do, I apologize for the poor production, but it IS content rich.

    …And the Sun is NOT hollow. “Hollow” is a space with nothing in it.
    I’m suggesting the Sun is “Empty” – a volume with no SPACE i it.
    The difference is not trivial.

    I recommend setting the time aside, get your favorite drink and snack before you settle down to watch:

    “Our Inside-Out Sun – Is Gravity being Induced?”

  2. Comet Lovejoy made it through the sun in 2011. It burned up afterwards, but could it be that the reason it was able to go through the surface of the sun and survive was not because of the size of the comet (as suggested by NASA), but because the sun is in fact hollow and just needed to break through the surface twice? Also, no other comets have been seen doing this. Maybe these other comets had more of an angular trajectory and made it through the surface and into the energy portal or dimensional portal that Dr. Dollard postulated may be past the sun’s surface.

    Comet Lovejoy Plunges into the Sun and Survives:

  3. From my observation of the sun at white light if you look at the structure of the holes you can see them become slightly changed from head-on view to the view towards the limb. It is as if you are looking through a literal hole that gradually becomes obscured by one side of the hole wall with the magnetic force lines ‘vertically’ no longer visible on one side.

    I have always been puzzled by the logic of the ‘claim’ that the holes that you see on the sun are ‘slightly cooler’ than the surrounding area. It never felt ‘right’ – should observation not show something other than black, particularly with high magnification? As an amateur astronomer I have no ties or pecuniary interest in what or how I think or comply with ‘accepted knowledge’.

    Prior to visiting your page I had been viewing videos of Professor Eric Dollard ( He is, IMO. a man of great knowledge and wisdom. He is an original thinker He has a major interest in the works of Tesla and RF engineering. One of the videos I viewed he claimed that the sun was hollow and that it has been known for some time. . . In fact the myth of the sun being a limited life nuclear reactor has been deliberately perpetuated. (

    He claims also that the only fusion accours in the arcs. . the sun is a converter between one dimension and another – converts energy but the nature of which is not known – holes allow you to see inside – it is like a large tesla lamp – converts primary force to secondary force (if I copied that down correctly)

    There are also theories around that the ‘sunspots’ are actually jump gates to other dimensions – thought I’d just throw that one in too – it would seem to make some sort of sense in light of Professor Dollard’s assertions.

    Enjoyed the post – such suppressed knowledge seems to be coming back into general public knowlidge as it should!

  4. Hello. In regards to the sun spots, what you are looking at appears black because it is so much cooler than the areas surrounding it. It is not like a “scarring”, it is due to how the sun may be being viewed, ie, what telescope equipment is being used to make the photo. however, these sun spots act as magnetic discharges of pressure, so to speak. But it is also believed that mercury has an effect on the outside of the sun, and can change the outer magnetic fields of the sun. This all not to mention that the sun is found to have TWO cycles. check that one out, a short and long cycle.
    Nice writings. thought I’d share an opinion.

  5. Hi! First, gravity is a pushing force, not a pulling force created by mass. To Kathleen – the Earth is not hollow in the normal sense, but there seems to be a way to “transcend dimensions” so to speak and then what we know as planets and stars are very much different.

  6. Hi victor,
    What if the sun is only a plasma shell like the shell of an egg? What if the plasma shell generates a gravitational pull independent of mass? What if the concept of gravity is different than the common definition? All these what if’s seem to come into question when you look at a spot on the sun!

  7. Hi Kathleen,

    I would have to agree – it’s a wild thought. I still wonder if the sun is really hollow. The pictures of the sunspots seem so organic to me. It’s as if the surface of the sun is alive and the inside is just some great vacuum of emptiness. Or who knows, maybe there’s more to this. I’m looking forward to the days and weeks ahead as we realize more about our great sun.

  8. I woke up a few days ago with this thought running in my head. “The Sun is hollow just like the Earth.” Wild huh? I guess we are being re-educated and for me, this is thrilling! Thanks for the confirmation! 🙂

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