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Hidden coming to light

Here is a little continuation to go along with Mona’s last article. I thought it is interesting enough to share. 

    I wanted to share with you and your readers the dream I had last night, based on ( appearently) my article on the website entitled, “Let the Sun Shine.”

    First, I must share that this is a continuation of where the Universal energy is leading us as Humanity. As you know, I was born Shaman. For all of my life, I have been an observer, and also a very direct healer, able to read energies of all kinds since childhood.

    About 20 years ago I shared with many clients that a time would come where we would not need money… we would develope into  “true health” through letting down all guards and egos. We would shed old patterns as they no longer would be necessary for us to hold on to, and a day would come when everyone would have housing due to a financial collapse and many vacant houses ready to be lived in…I shared that we would be able to rely on eachother as a community, as I have since seen several Indian Nations abiding by this… without government involvement.

    Now, 20 years later, it is happening. The best part is what I am about to share next.

    There is so much fear based around Solar Flares. In my article, I mention the fact that I recieved from Spirit that these flares are not to be feared at all. We have so much Cosmic help by so many of our off planet brothers and sisters, that fearing this will only produce individual and personal downfalls and immediate, spontaneous manifestation. We need to know that there is another reason for the Solar flares to be so strong right now. Just like it is in the physical body, we have physical reasons for pain, etc. The Sun has the same thing with electromagnetics. However, just like in the body, there is always a cause and then an effect. The Sun’s effects on us are solid through and through if you stand out in it during an incoming flare. On a magnetic energy grid associated with us humans, we feel not only a flare, but we are feeling more in general! We cry, we sleep more or LESS, we are feeling more emotional day by day , then suddenly we aren’t. Some think they are “going crazy.” Chaotic nodes of energy are having a hayday with us. But WHY??  

    In my dream last night, I was given a gift of seeing something around the horizon that we ought to know as we progress into all of this energy… we are being birthed, as we’ve heard before, but this birth is in regards to us as a whole, a collective… Spirit showed me that we are right now melding into who we really are away from all of the Matrix past…and we are developing senses that are directly related to talent. Yes, talent. I don’t mean singing and dancing, even though I love that myself! 🙂  I mean that we are actually finding that within us we have skills we didn’t know we had. Knowing “how” to garden, to sew, to play music to feed people’s souls, to learn from eeach other a sense of purpose as we head straight into the future. We are starting to rise above the mundane and actually are coming up for air in the new world… a world associated with clarity, brightness, release, and will be sharing these new found talents shortly…. then we can conquer any obsticle that deems relentless from the world we are in today. We will be able to work as a team as never before. So many people in this dream were feeling and becoming more all the time. The Solar flares are actually a zinged blessing as I feel this, not from any new age happy thought… but a real manifesting ability to come into our own as a community really ought to… now more than ever. I ask that your readers just hear it, for this is where the attention of our minds can take us. We are opening doorways to so many realities. A focus in this realm will bring about an intuitive world and ways to live with and for eachother.

     Thanks for all you do, and getting so many incredible emails and connections out to people. All the best,  Mona~   Medical Intuitive/ Vibrational Healer


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  1. Hi Mona,

    My last email was personal & disjointed so I will soon send an update – but first – Please check your site as I keep getting sent to Honda site.

    With Love & Hugs,

    Lois McEwen

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