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Renegades, Elenin, Sun & Starships

My friend Krsanna is an ET contactee who gets information from her ET friends. Here is her interpretation of what just happened.

Guest article by Krsanna email:

A spree of earthquakes in a narrow band encircling the earth had strange coincidences from its beginning, that started with quakes in Colorado and Virginia in the USA.  Colorado is loaded with underground bases for the military and government in the event of a national disaster.  The Virginia area has an odd history and West Virginia was a featured area in “The Mothman Prophecies.”  John Keel pointed out that historically Native Americans only sporadically resided in West Virginia or avoided the area for some reason when he examined odd events associated with the Mothman prophecies.  The site of the Virginia quake on August 23 was relatively close to Washington D.C.

Renegade descendants of ETs have resided on this planet posing as gods for thousands of years.  Information on renegades and animal mutilations was sent to the TimeStar group on September 4, along with my personal experiences with a group I believe to be renegade ET descendants also involved in animal mutilations.  I sent out information after getting a “message” from my ET contacts that I would no longer be harassed.  Some who had harassed me were gone.  The message was so startling that on August 27 I asked someone to do some work with me to determine who, exactly, was involved.

The Galactic Command sends interstellar probes out periodically.  It’s part of housekeeping, and the solar system is in a small little arm of a large spiral galaxy.  Elenin is an interstellar probe headed up by those I call the Gardeners – Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades and Sirius.  The Andromedans and Arcturans seeded the earth millions of years ago after it was hit by an object that splintered the planet where the Ring of Fire is now.  The Earth was thrown into a different orbit at that time, which is the orbit we are presently in.  The Pleiadians and Sirians were younger races then and have gone through their own evolutions since the Gardeners seeded this planet the last time. 

The gods of Rome rewrote the story of creation and put themselves at the top of the food chain on the Earth.  I think the Gardeners allowed the renegades to make their play, because coming to terms with false gods is part of growing up.  If humans were not ready to deal with the false gods that set up bases on this planet then it wouldn’t do any good for the Gardeners to remove them for this planet.  Humans had to do their own growing, and that continues to be the situation.  The transition is a growing process for humans.  The Gardeners have already evolved and grown through infancy and gone on to seed new civilizations.  Earth is one of the civilizations the Gardeners seeded, and renegades have been feeding off the garden they found planted here.  

Sirian George said years ago that a second sun would appear in our sky one day.  It is already there but we cannot see it.  Vedic astrology posits planets and does calculates for planets that are not visible to humans.  As the Earth’s frequency changes, humans are changing with it.  The Time Shift started July 26, 1992.  We are well into the transition.  The sequence is transfiguration, transmutation, then transformation. 

This process has been ongoing since the birth of the first human, but it cycles in high and low points.  We are at a high transitional point now.  In 1943 Alice Bailey and The Tibetan wrote that a group of initiates had already started incarnating to do work for changes that would be made in the future.  That future is now. 

Your intuition is your best guide to what is right for you.  Focus your attention, intention, and energy on what’s really important to you, and do not accept problems other people invent to keep you focused elsewhere. 

Best regards,



Renegade ET descendants had bases near government and military installations in Virginia and Colorado in order to work closely with command centers.  This Virginia site may have a long history that goes far back in American history because of strange behavior of Native Americans regarding West Virginia that John Keel described.

The renegades believe this is their planet and have manipulated the human population through religion, economics and politics for thousands of years while maintaining underground bases.  Technology and high levels of population have made it difficult for them to continue to hide.  THE RENEGADES ARE GOING EXTINCT AND MUST COME TO THE SURFACE SOONER OR LATER BECAUSE THEY CAN NO LONGER AVOID DETECTION.  They would like humans to think they are good guys and heroes who have been friendly when they make their exit from underground homes.  They must have strong allegiances with governments and militaries to accomplish this.  They would like to reduce the human population before to “clean up” the surface before making their appearance, but have already started to set up bases embedded in communities on the surface. They have hybridized with humans already and their hybrids that move onto the surface look entirely human.

They use artificial intelligence with advanced technology to monitor those who live on the surface and identify threats to their security.  They have technology to target individuals on the surface they see as threats and can surveil and disrupt using artificial intelligence on individuals who have been targeted. 

ET forces who began returning to the earth in the 1940s watch and monitor the renegades.  Hweig was associated with true ET forces, and that’s why he spoke about the renegades in 1980.  (See below.)  In my own experience, the true ET forces have provided assistance with harassment I experienced that caused my near-death experience and injuries to Ida Kannenberg that resulted in her death.  Both our illnesses happened immediately after our last phone conversation about Hweig.  I have seen what looks like firefights between UFOs.

I sensed that a probe was approaching our system back in February.  Comet Elenin then demonstrated weird behavior.  I suspect an ET probe sent to survey our solar system was connected to Elenin.

Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius was connected with the probe sent to survey our solar system to find out what conditions are here and located renegades bases on the earth and other planets.  The renegades are renegades and have no other place to go, and have started setting up bases in our solar system, including earth and its moon, Mars and moons of Jupiter or Saturn.  

Receivers to receive transmission from other planets were in the underground base in Virginia.  Also, they kept computer records of people the renegades surveilled.  In other words, the computer records that enabled the renegades to surveil and harass US – people connected to friendly true ETs – were in underground bases. 

Receivers and computers with records on people the renegades had targeted were destroyed in the “earthquake” that looked like an explosion.  Nuclear weapons were NOT  used.  It was done with magnetic pulse technology from a distance. 

Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius were responsible for surveying, targeting and pulsing the renegade bases on earth and on other planets simultaneously.  These four civilizations (and others) are parent races of humans on earth.  I call these four civilizations – Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades, and Sirius – the Gardeners.  They literally removed a renegade cabal and destroyed the receivers and computers they were using to move in closer to “purge” the human population on the surface. 

These ET civilizations are not going to GLOW everything right for humans on earth.  They acted to remove renegades who wanted to eliminate a large part of the human population and move into positions of power through alliances with governments and militaries.  We humans still have a lot of work to do to get our civilization back on track.

Magnetic pulse technology is highly directed and can very specifically target precise locations with little or no collateral damage.  The technology does not have to be close to the earth to be effective, when the magnetic flow lines between planets, the sun, and solar system as a whole are understood.  It can be done at a distance. 

The renegades have been warned.  They’ve lost computers and receiver-transmitters.  They must decide what to do now.  By virtue of their status as renegades of the Galactic Confederation their options are limited.  They are being carefully watched.  If they attempt to escape firefights like those sometimes seen at animal mutilation sites may be visible. 

Let’s plan an internet conference on January 1 to see how things look then.  We’ll be able to assess the past and plan for the future with better information then. 

In the meantime, be well.  Live your dreams and prosper.

Best regards,



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  1. weiil, this may be the reason for the underground meeting now at the Denver underground base. A crash meeting with new directives for the world politicians and the vatican. This makes sense. We can expect more trouble from them in the coming 6 months.

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