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Sifting through Shifting…

By Mona from Sacred Reconnections

I remember being in elementary school hearing my teacher saying, “One day you’ll grow up and be anything you want to be”… I pondered that so many times when I was young. A few years later, I bought a plaque from a garage sale that said,” You’re as happy as you make your mind up to be.” Abe Lincoln~

Life was taking me on a journey into a destiny I couldn’t stop, and wouldn’t want to when I discovered that with these tools from my past, I actually DID have the ability to be anything I wanted, with the proper attitude to set in a positive perspective!

I am a healer who has had a great deal of experiences with people from all walks of life. I have seen and recognized why certain conditions remain in the body, and why instantaneous remissions occur. I feel the pain through transference of energies as a person heals, and even have learned how not to attach to any of it. Healing is a process, yet, with the help of great authors and speakers, we have an understanding of quantum awareness…and this teaches us that healing can be like a drop in a hat. In the past, we had no idea that what was before us was about to wake us into an abyss of Universal healing on so many levels!

In the last few years, we have felt and seen shifts in our local economies, and have been challenged to see money and internal satisfaction change… what it was coming down to was, “What is this all about and where will it take us?” It was a type of force that, without these challenges, our lives would not have necessarily been recognized as limited to begin with. On some level, our world has been turned inside out and upside down in a very short period of time!

When I read these energies of all this sifting into shifting, I see the Earth as not only our Mother, but also as a trailblazer. Not only does she have the grace and patience beyond any words can provide, she also is a teacher of movement, beauty, release, and awareness of being in the moment and accelerating forward at the same time. She is our example of living. We were a stuck race of humans doing the best we could with what we thought we knew. The beauty in todays world is that we are breaking free of all ties that have stopped us from recognizing our OWN magnificence, and we are encouraged to see that from a level of trust as we also accelerate forward from the inside out.

Peace is imminent. Many people are running on fear because they haven’t yet realized that change is a good thing! Their old beliefs get in the way of what all these possibilities are…. those of us who have more trust in these changes become the quiet support system and eventually will be the “meek that inherit the Earth” because we live the way she does. The more we open to these changes, accept that ascension symptoms are a natural state of untangling the past within us, and surrender to a “world” that knows what it’s doing, then we become everything we never thought possible. Our minds are expanding. Our senses are developing more awareness. Mostly, we are becoming more actively intuitive capable of being one with our own healing. As the electromagnetic pull in the Universe continues to expand and initiate more awareness, so will our cells. My dear friend John Jay Harper, a scientist and visionary, would say that our bodies are crying out for Self Correction during this time, and we are experiencing the “Oneness” we have all come here to experience.

So, even though this takes adjustment, remember that the heart of our Mother has our best interest “at heart” and so shall we….just by trusting.

Until next time, my love stands beside you… inside and out!! ~Mona~


Sifting through Shifting… — 1 Comment

  1. That is a beautiful post…..I needed to hear that……That gives me hope as I go through a personal metamorphosis that has been frightening I would like to transform the energy and see the good that is coming thru the pain. I am slowly learning to trust somewhere along the way I forgot how. Thank you for your words….I love all of your posts.

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