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Astrology Report For June 2011

By Dorene Carrel

A trio of three dynamic eclipses will quicken the pace of events over the next month.  A Solar Eclipse in Gemini occurs on June 1, followed by a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 15 and another Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 1.  In addition, Neptune, Chiron and Saturn all change direction during the month. Fortunately, Jupiter enters earthy Taurus early in June to help us stay more peaceful and grounded through all this intense activity.

On June 1 a New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 11 Gemini 02. Gemini is an mental air sign that rules information, books, newspapers, automobiles, local travel, education and siblings; as well as communication, perceptions and beliefs.  This month we are called to be open-minded, perceptive and discerning about new information and sources. One may need to be flexible and spontaneous in response to quickly changing situations.  Since this is a South Node eclipse, it has a Saturn-like quality and provides an outlet for the release of old energy. The Sabian symbol keynote for this degree, “liberation from the ghosts of the past,” also echoes this theme. Gemini suggests the use of breathing can be effective for any release work.  The Sun in a favorable trine to Saturn will aid in this release, while bringing structure and stability for new ventures.

It is important to know where this New Moon Eclipse falls in one’s chart to assess its personal significance. This eclipse will especially affect those with planets, nodes or chart angles between 7-15 degrees of Gemini or Sagittarius.  These life areas will also become more activated over the coming months when recharged by certain transits. (See Eclipse Special below.)

On June 2, Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde, followed by a challenging Mercury/Neptune square the next day.  As we are still affected by yesterday’s eclipse, this aspect can cause a feeling of being indecisive, spacey or overwhelmed when confronted with a diversity of information and ideas.  The Neptune focus suggests that success more likely comes by using our intuitive right brain side, which connects us to inner feelings and intuition. 

A significant cycle begins when Jupiter enters Taurus on June 4, which lasts until June 2012.  With this Venus-ruled earth sign, the focus will be on resources, possessions, art and what brings beauty, pleasure, peace, security and comfort.  It would be fitting to celebrate this day by going to a spa or at least taking a walk in nature.  During this period, you may become more aware of practical ways to strengthen your faith and trust in life.  Later that day, Mercury in sextile to Uranus can bring creative ideas and new opportunities.

On June 8 Chiron in Pisces turns retrograde, followed by a harmonious sextile between Jupiter and Neptune. This emphasis on “the wounded healer” will assist us in releasing any hidden fears and anxieties that are contributing to physical distress. The Jupiter/Neptune aspect allows us to express our higher ideals and visions, along with giving support to others.  This would be an excellent time for meditation, dream work and using creative visualization techniques.  This aspect should extend our feelings of optimism and faith over the next two weeks.

Saturn in Libra turns direct on June 12, which brings us back to more material and practical concerns.  There is more momentum this week to tackle projects that require order and discipline.  In addition, today the Sun is also conjunct Mercury in Taurus. We can best use this time to clarify our thoughts, organize our writing, and do paperwork, etc.  On June 14, Mars makes a challenging alignment with Saturn, which may create more obstacles and delays.

On June 15, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs at 24 Sagittarius 23.  This full moon aligns with Mercury, the Moon’s nodes and the Galactic Center.  Here again we have a Gemini-Sagittarius theme, where we can choose to focus on the details or be open to seeing the whole picture.  As a fire sign, Sagittarius encourages us to broaden our perspective and seek greater meaning, along with the traits of idealism, optimism, and independence. With the Sun aligned with Mercury/South Node, we can easily become overwhelmed from an information-overload or get pulled back into an unconscious state of mind that is not in line with our higher path of growth. If this happens, consider taking a media break and go on a spiritual retreat or vision quest. Journaling would be a favorable writing practice for this cycle.

The Moon/North node alignment suggests a more heart-centered path, in tune with one’s inner intuitive/feeling awareness.  The GC alignment encourages us to develop a galactic consciousness as we continue to aim for higher goals.  The Sabian symbols for these degrees are: “A gardener trimming large palm trees” and “a chubby boy on a hobby horse.” It is beneficial to find the right balance between expansion and controlled growth as we continue to develop our higher awareness and skills.  Since this is a North Node eclipse, it has a Jupiter-like quality, with an influx of new elements giving a positive potential.

The week of June 16-19 features a series of Mercury aspects with the outer planets to keep us fairly busy.  June 16-17 is more inspired and creative, while June 18-19 may bring some abrupt changes, obstacles or disputes.  On June 21 we finally arrive at the Summer Solstice to receive the gifts of more light.  This will help us with some challenging squares from Mercury/Saturn and Mars/Neptune later that same day that may seem discouraging.  We may also feel temporarily confused or feel the need to escape from reality at these times.   On June 22, a Sun/Neptune trine helps us to re-center around our higher purpose so we are back on track again.  A series of solar aspects with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, from June 25-27, may bring recognition for past accomplishments, along with a need for more collaboration.

July brings a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer.  Many blessings for an enjoyable and prosperous summer! 

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Dorene Carrel is a professional astrologer with over thirty years of experience, offering birth chart, transits/progressions and relocation astrology readings. She is certified in Astrocartography. For more information, contact Dorene at Paypal accepted.

Eclipse Special: Short email readings on 2011 eclipse placements and Jupiter transits bringing growth opportunities. Contact Dorene for more details and cost. Please include your birth data.

All references to Sabian symbols are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases, by Dane Rudhyar.

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