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The Return of Planet “X” (Nibiru)

Here is an article written by Carol Watson from Edinburgh, Scotland. I thought it was very interesting and hope you think so too. If you would like to contact her the email address is:


Written and shared with you 7 June 2011 –  by Carol Watson. Carol is an Edinburgh, Scotland Intuitive Writer, Healer and Channel. If this resonates with your soul, then please do pass it on and share this knowledge with your colleagues and friends. (If you don’t already know it, off course!) Thank you. Please acknowledge the Source.

If you are like me, which I am sure you are, as a light-worker yourself, then you’ll be like me on the constant look out for signs of the ancient prophecies un-folding. Prophecies, from not only Nostradamus, Albert Einstein, The Hopi’s, The Mayans etc, but the prophecies that carry such a punch from the Q’uran and the Book of Revelations in the Bible. All about pointers, landmarks, celestial events, alignments and earthly events which will bring us to a point of Completion. Completion and new beginnings. Armageddon or Judgement Day are the ‘End-of-Time’ signs, we as individuals have to face up to within the fabric of our own being. The last big battle that is the culmination of the last stand fight for good. Those with God’s Mark. As the Bible states. Those that have chosen love over hatred and fear. Those dedicating themselves to fulfilling God’s Promise, as the bible states, will be saved. Heaven on a new Earth is God’s solemn promise to each one of us and 1,000 years of peace will reign after the fall of the Anti-Christ and the ‘Return of Christ.’ Along with the return of Christ/Mary Consciousness.

Some of the ‘End-Times’ signs have already been obvious to every awake soul on this planet today. The one I wish to talk most extensively about in this article is the return of Nibiru or Planet X. However, before that let me just remind you of what you already know. Some of the key signs that are to befall us at this time, as our Great Goddess. The fully awake Sentient Being, she is, shudders and shakes lose her old wounds. As we align with the Galactic Center – Floods, Tsunamis, Storms, Volcanoes, Earthquakes are the signs; we see today and know all too well about. We see the sun’s erratic behaviour too. The solar flares, solar Tsunames and sun spots that ‘inflame’ us, bringing up the dross that has lay dormant within us for eons, to clear. The sun’s magnetic energy affects our brains. It causes emotional reactions, negativity and distress, when it lets rip.  Yes, we have also seen many a Dictator Rise and fall. Only this year Osama Bin Laden, and even the “faker” Guru – Sai Baba. Just as we see Col Gadaffi’s regime of domination and control beginning to crack under pressure today, as a ceasefire recently happened. All in this predicted, troubled, hot spot, the Middle East. Wars will rage and sure enough they have. Remember the Bible states that it will be in the Middle Eastern region. Say no more! Look at Israel & Syria. It also states after the strife, after the conflict – the Jews would return to their homeland. This has been happening too. 20,000 Jews have resettled here.

Nostradamus predicted that a “big object” (comet/planet), would come close to us towards 2012. In the Book of Revelations 6:2, “Stars” would fall causing destruction. Albert Einstein predicted a pole shift. Both of the fore-mentioned have happened (in part), and I’ll explain more on them shortly.   The interesting one that I see ever so clearly right now, is the prophecy that their will be a ‘New World Religion’. Sure enough that certainly is clear to me today. The new world religion is the religion of Oneness and Love. Agreed my friend?  We as Light Workers, Healers, Channeller’s and Spiritual Teachers, have most certainly embedded this. A huge congratulations to YOU is in order. Thank you for your magnificent work! The Love is sprouting through the new growth of Numis’Om, as tiny saplings of Divinity, Truth and Joy. In this new rich soil of our new world, the religion of the Heart – we see a real RE-BIRTH. As we embrace all faiths and all colours and creeds. We accept and acknowledge the ‘I’ of the ‘Individual.’ Just as we acknowledge the ‘Oneness’ we are too. As the four Musketeers remind us “All for One and One for All!” We as a planet collective, have really grown up. We are ‘Uni-Grad’s’ now. Some, even Professors. Spiritual Professors. We as a collective, have strived for and reached “Critical Mass”. When the domino topples ricocheting all the rest. Well as many as we have been able to take along with us. You reading this my friend, are the Spiritual Pioneers, Teachers, Professors that has created this change. As calamity prevails in the coming months it is likely their will be more that take a fall. You will need to really stay strong and fearless. You have the tools though…..right? We are witnessing the monetary system collapse all around us, the property market and our resources be stretched to breaking point too. Just some of the mega signs of huge change.  We each must continue to remain present, honest and centred. In the HEART. That is the key, as you already know and teach it to others…………. right? What we are going though has never happened before. Its new ground we are breaking.

What I am about to share is quite powerful and impactful. What I suggest is you remain in the heart. If you feel a wash of panic, or indeed fear rise, then acknowledge it. Please, my friend, don’t hold on to it though, let it go, in your total acceptance and surrender. That is key! There is a positive message to come out of it. Promise!

If I can remind you of the Annunaki the Giant Gods who landed on our planet eons ago. 450,000 years ago according to Zacharia Sitchin. (You Tube seem to have a massive skeleton of one recently found).  Sitchin -the most well known writer about the Annunaki.  Enki & Enli being two brothers, you may have heard of from Nibiru. Their planet.  Scientists from a far off world. The main players if you like. They came in search of our rich laden resources. Mainly gold and minerals. Signs of their mining activities have been documented in Africa, if you wish to research further. Zacharia Sitchin bases all his hypothosis and study, from the ancient culture of the Sumerians and their mythology. The biblical writing has mainly came from the Sumerian texts, as you may well know.  The Sumerians, from Babylonia, are the star seeds from the Annunaki of Nibiru. They were the ones that survived the last visitation to Earth? Zacharia writes about how it was they who assert that this elongated planet of the old Gods, would return. Check out the incredibly animate stone plates or tablets they have left us, which shows the image of the Annunaki. Enki and Enlil. It is said that Nibiru has a 3,600 year elliptical orbit at the far reaches of Earth’s Solar System, is it on an inward trajectory towards us once again today? Research for yourself and make your own decision. Is it on it’s way back to us? Check out Sitchin’s books, particularly the “12th Planet”. Check out NASA’s pictures. Check out “You Tube”. Google is a great place to begin to explore. It is where I have gathered most of the information I am sharing with you today.  So these evolved Gods came to Earth to mine our resources but wanted to hand over the reigns to us homo sapiens and so here is where the cloning programme began, he says. Enki’s actual symbol is of 2 serpents entwined on a staff forming the twin human DNA strands. This is where a lot of controversy lies regarding the re-activation of lost, or dormant DNA strands in the human race today. Did the Nibiruan Scientists switch off strands in us, in order to manipulate and control us back then? Thankfully now, we are already reclaiming them. We are activating not only 12 strands of DNA, but up to 24 and beyond. As I wrote in earlier articles this year, the Chinese Super Psychic Kids and the US Aids Babies, have awakened these strands. Or came in with them. Not to mention our fully awake, evolved children, in our very own clans right?

So the Annunaki came from Nibiru. Their planet appears throughout our history, or the impact of it, shall I say! Many believe that the demise of the dinosaurs, the great flood of Noah and the fall of Atlantis was caused by some celestial impact upon us. Indeed huge craters can be found scarring Earth, from every corner today. Sitchin equates the asteroid belt to the collision of two of Nibiru’s moons thousands of years ago. What happened on 10th / 11th May this year, was an un-expected phenomenon that made Scientists and Light Workers take notice. A huge “comet”.named as Comet Elenin or “Tyche” was heading on a trajectory close to the sun. An almighty explosion occurred on the suns surface, where hundreds of thousands, no millions of particles, or filaments of magnesium, or should I just say pure – “Fire Power” was sent out in a huge explosion into space. Interestingly the anomaly is that is happened the very minute this “comet” passed by. Is this Nibiru and not a large comet? Science is baffled. They have absolutely no answers to it.

A leak from a friend of a Scientist, working in 1978 in the South Pole Observatory at Antarctica, photographed and put up on You Tube for the world to see, this image of that long forgotten planet. Planet X or Nibiru. As large as our moon, no larger. 2.5 times larger than our big boy giant – Jupiter. It was spotted on the edge of the Constellation of Orion. (from memory). This planet takes 3,600 years to orbit us, and is predicted to do just that again and soon. Coming as close as it ever has on 16 October 2011 infact. Look at You Tube “” NASA’s infra red Astronomical Satellite IRSA took photographs of Planet X in 1982 again and since then it has been carefully monitored by C.I.A., SETI, US & many Government agencies round the world. Not to mention the Illuminati. 7 planets were in a line in a gravity tug of war on 15 March 2011 and we can again expect second alignment 30 June 2011. Was Nibiru also tugging? It is expected to be in close proximity 16 October 2011 till December 2012 and remains so until 1 July 2014. Nearly three years, until it spins away from us again. In this time, my friend, huge destruction will be caused. The poles will shift enormously. Just as has been prophecised in the past. Just as has happened in the past. (This is already happening, remember the US airport that had to move it posts recently). More pole shifts are to come. In a vision a woman in Canada had a dream of three major pole shifts that were upon us.

This will be when a total reformation / purge of the Earth will happen if the predictions are right. A periodic shift that happens on our planet throughout time. They do happen. All the Governments are keeping ‘hush-hush’ about this, because they believe it will cause mass panic. I’m sure it would! They estimate that much of the population will be destroyed. They are taking this event very seriously. I am sure they are probably building underground shelters, as we speak, for the elite few. Look up US Bunker Map. Incidentally Scotland’s secret bunker is near Calander, under a farmhouse, with a 24,000 sq ft, 2 floors hide out. Just incase any of my Scottish friends are reading this and want the security of knowing it. Not that you’ll need it. This coming 25 September 2011 and 16 October 2011 the Brown Dwarf Star the “Winged Disc” it has been described as in ancient text, that Nibiru and other bodies orbit around, will be tugging at Earth, bringing it the closest it has ever been in 3,600 years. 22.3 million miles away. Will this close proximity affect us? Is all that is being presented true, if YES…….then surely, we have to take heed. You have to make the decision yourself. Knowledge is wisdom and wisdom brings you self-empowerment. Go check it out yourself my friend!

Is it linked to the 6th Seal in The Bibles Book of Revelations 6:2? When it talks about earthquakes and a wind that shakes the planet, as mountains and islands are shifted? “The sun becomes black as sackcloth hair”  and the “moon blood red”. When stars fall to Earth and all the officials, key players, rulers etc go into hiding. Head for the caves and rocks in the mountains. All hiding from God’s Day of Tribulation. As the sabbateurs in fear for their lives.

28 October 2011 just so happens to be the date that Carl Calleman, the Scientist and  Mayan expert, calculates that is the completion time of the “Underworlds Ninth Wave Movement” taken from his years of research on the ancient Mayan Calendar. Only 12 days after this close encounter!! Wow!!!

Yes, it brought up trepidation within my being, as it will most likely do the same for you. However, I let it go. As you must. I channelled the Governing Overseer of Nibiru, to see if I could get any information. Or indeed, some sort of a positive message. One that I could share with you. This is what I got.

I was informed that “James,” with his “Select Committee,” is the Governing body of the Nibiruan’s. He was indeed happy to communicate with me. It felt crystal clear infact. How I communicated with James, was by writing on paper and asking Archangel Gabriel to deliver the message I was conveying to him, with Archangel Michael as Escort/Guardian. That they collect the reply to bring back to me. I sent the message of on a puff of love, through the vortex, or portal, the corridor,  that inter-connects us with them. We are literally only a stream of consciousness, or energy away. You discern it for yourself my friend and feel the truth in it, as only you can do. You channel them. Try it!

 “You have no idea how we have missed you. We come in peace. To lift the souls of the Earth into a new octave of love. We individually are fully telepathic and consciously evolved. We hold precedence over many systems and planetary bodies, as we once did over Earth. Our coming is your sign of Christ’s Return. Those of the New Religion of Love will be teleported into the new realm.”

What amazed me when I spoke to my sister about this, she told me she saw “James” superimposed on top of a female image, linked with Nibiru years ago. It was an image in one of Sitchin’s book covers. I was stunned, as  I knew nothing of this and so it made me feel more assured, in sharing it with you.

This new realm is the superimposed new planet Numis ‘Om that I have been continually working on with my family and friends and other light workers around the world, over the past two years. We have been transmuting old energy and creating it’s structure, from the seed to the nebula, it’s core, the crystalline field, the underbelly and the living matrix of this new world. The waterways and mountains are all in place. The beautiful topography is already established and ready for us.

I have shared in past articles, how I experienced watching the sacred birthing dance of the Gods and then experienced not only a vision of this new planet, with all its equal square suns on it, but I felt  it in my actual abdomen. Like I was carrying it ready to birth. I went with it, even although I was totally confused by what was going on. (As you would be right?) I trusted the process was somehow necessary and just go with it. Later in that year I had to have a ‘hands-on-healing’ session, from another sister of mine, because I felt hardly able to walk. I was so densely compacted with energy. (or something!?!) As she began, we experienced some awesome, mad things going on.  Her whole house seemed to creek and rattle as the energy was being “birthed”. I was shown an image of Osiris in my minds eye. Clear as you like. He is the representation of the ‘Green Man’ of nature. I was giving birth to him. (Yip….crazy madness!) Hence the walls shaking and house creaking. He was birthed into the underworld of Numis ‘Om. My other sister birthed the energy of Anubis with me as Midwife around the same time frame. It’s so crazy you could’nt make it up if you tried!

 Hold Numis ‘Om in one hand and feel its life. It’s fizz! I’ve suggested you try this before. The colour linked to it, is a pinky / purple magenta. So if you never quite grasped what it was all about before, when I shared my information, then perhaps now, it will make alittle more sense to you my friend?

As Aluna Joy and Drunvaldo Melchizedek shared of their visions of the new world. We will basically wake from a sleep and realise we have arrived in a new heavenly world. Like a blink of an eye. You will be really, really, really re-born into Numis ‘Om. You will have left the old Earth behind and you will have entered into paradise. Will our super conscious just take us there and we do actually just wake into it? Just like the Mayans who disappeared completely without a trace. Did they ascend into a new realm too? You too will be vibrating so high that you will not experience any cataclysm or destruction of Earth. Only those that have chosen not to fully awake will remain. It is part of their soul contract. As the message continued “A select chosen few will survive” on this old Earth. Just as a select chosen few survived after Noah’s flood and Atlantis. The story will repeat itself. It always does.

This, my friend, is why you are letting go of all density within your memory field. Within your muscles, bones, organs and tissues. Within your very cells. You are in the final process of building and  becoming a light body. With a diamond heart right? This is why you are learning about Merkaba’s and how to teleport right? There is a purpose for that. Again, maybe it will just happen for you, as you awake into it.

I aksed James and the Nibiruans to show me an aura soma coloured bottle in my mind and give us a message from them, for us. It was Yellow & Turquoise.

 Nibiru is “clearing the way for the planet of the future. So we need to let go of all old structures, systems, beliefs, people and places. (Cut all cords) with that that is basically not in alignment with your truth. This time is necessary for clearing out all that won’t fit into the new Golden Age of Aquarius.” It certainly fitted with the channelled clear message I received at beginning of June.

My sister was shown a vision of a window opening up in her bedroom and golden flakes of Nibiruan souls came through it.  This was around nine months ago roughly, after she had saw a picture depicting Enki with a window by him. It was in Zacharia Sitchin’s book. Sitchin had no idea what this meant. But that it was a secret that would be revealed at the end of time. Mother rebirthed all the planetary beings on Nibiru. I had to visit and do a healing on my sister who was deeply compacted. All the energy she held in her body was transmuted and sent into Numis ‘Om, as diamond and paradise light codes. So our brothers and sisters. Our family from Nibiru will join us in the new Earth. United and equal. My sister then saw two blonde children. A boy and a girl. The Gemini Twins. Innocent equal twin flames. She knew it was showing her, her partner and herself arriving in Numis ‘Om. It is indeed what we each are striving to be. Balanced, whole. Complete and then united with our true eternal beloveds. It’s taken till now for it all to make sense to not only me but to my sister. Well as much sense as is possible. I have said before, her and I work in quantum time most of the time. This means it could be days, weeks or months later, we get what something profound was actually all about. It just happened – ‘out of time’. Also I’d like to share a vision 2 friends had of Christ in a cave. He was cupping water from the floor, as all this pinky magenta colour bathed all around him. Was it Christ acknowledging this new world?

I hope this does what it is intended to do and it motivates you to continue clearing your cellular memory and your body from all the old energy imprints, your lovely soul has lugged around. We’ve all lugged around. To continue developing your Merkaba vehicle and surrendering to all that comes your way, without naming it ‘good or bad’. Feel excitement of this news. Research, tune in, share what you get with us all. There is a huge life changing  blessing on its way. One that is to be bestowed upon you and my friend, if I am right, in a very short space of time. It is God’s Promise realised? Nothing to fear bar fear itself!  Keep up the good work. In the Oneness of your Sovereign Beautiful Heart. I salute you. I will continue to share what comes forth, to keep you updated. Keep the faith and the trust alive. Love is all there is!    Love & Respect Carol.


The Return of Planet “X” (Nibiru) — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Gillian, I guess I’ve known about the coming pole shift for 45+ years. If you come across something definitive, please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Only in the past 6 weeks have I learnt about the coming Pole Shift. I have read Hidden Knowledge by Mark Elkin too, and people are saying the Pole Shift will happen approx. early February 2023 or sooner! All this is being said because Nibiru is here now, in our backyard!

  3. This is also interesting, and soul searching that is the main thing, I am someone who tries in life, my spiritual being is diverse, I love this earth my mother, I am saddened by what is happening with war on earth and to mother earth, and the evil hearts that grow here, I had an experience with niribu, From that time I made my own thoughts about its motive,I think Niribu is heaven its houses all the ascended sprits in the form of our light, because of the fall of mankind, which may ne related to a cross with aliens or reptilian type, they have been cut off because the pure bloods of this race the evil ones the illumanati have tried disparately to cut off the link between heaven and earth, they have tried to clone themselves but cannot because they cannot without being a love child which is an earthly act, the act of conception, so they cannot exist here, they live on other planets mot Niribu, Niribu is Heaven and the reptilians’/Aliens have the ascended souls from hell, they ate using these tormented souls to possess souls of living, so they can exceed Heaven, by stealing Gods/dess’s children, the destruction of the earth is the main blood on our hands way they van stop us entering heaven when we ascend, we must stop all killing, and destructions on earth to become pure light white light, and enter the gates of heaven my mother is there my nana and pop, in heaven, they are joining together with all the gold souls trying to communicate love and heal consciousness here on earth but the illuminati, free masons and the aliens are making it very hard keep a watchful eye heaven is behind the sun!

  4. I agree with Mr. X that channeled writings can be highly subjective and who really knows who and/or what’s being channeled?
    I had an astrolger turned channeler,who used automatic writing and when I looked at her eyes she was possessed;her eyes didn’t look purely human. This was just after the reading and her eyes were different than from before the reading. The ego is just waiting for an opportunity to feel important and what better way than being “spiritually advanced” and in delusion I might add.
    Using my own intuition,it didn’t feel right or light at all. Channeling and mediumship can be a perfect oppurtunity for deceptive and negative energies to prey on the gullible.

  5. This blog worth the look; especially the first writing and the last. First is subjective, last is scientific but understandable. (for me they tie together)

    Personal belief based in Bible fundamentalism;
    The Bible says to “try the spirits”, and that the devil himself can appear “as an angel of light”.
    Also, there is no truth in him; meaning he could not tell the whole truth if he wanted to.
    The Bible prophecy talks of the coming destruction, even now in process. It also talks about the false christ, working signs and wonders and that even the “elect would be decieved, if it were possible”. So, if you think the Bible has credibility, then look for a false utopia appearing first, but after horrid events: It will appear like God himself placed a new beginning in light and love. But, the book says, it is false, and the end is not yet. Two witnesses will witness and be killed left laying in the streets and resurrected in 3 days to heaven. Soon thereafter, the end will come, Christ will return and reign, with law, for a thousand years. Evil will be locked away for that time period. The “devil” evil entity has always wanted God’s place, to be worshipped as God. These coming beings and dimension may not be what they appear. For 1/3 of the angels fell with satan, and they are returning, if not here already.
    Take it for what it’s worth, but i would suggest that utmost caution be used when choosing what energy is Light in Truth and Light in Grand Deception.

  6. Also of interest in the times ahead, are the arrival of comets. Honda, Elenin and Levy will all be making flybys in the early autumn. Some think these are the Kachinas of the Hopi prophesy. Does anyone know any more about these comets?

  7. What we truly need to remember here is that as we ascend into a more loving consciousness, we need to re-evaluate.and move our lighter bodies into more unity with the other species of our planet. This means no longer taking part in the killing and eating of the innocents, the animals. This is a major and important change that needs to begin …NOW. This is no longer acceptable…we must share our existence with them, and stop using them for our own needs. Plant a garden.

  8. Hi Michelle,

    Everyone is responsible for what they think and write. Life would be really boring if we all thought alike. There is so much disinformation about the Anunnaki that I could write a book about it. Read my above comment to Mr X.

    As far as Nibiru coming back I think that is disinformation. Neverless, there is an object out there that is on its way toward earth. I have heard it called Nibiru, Nemessis, and a brown dwarf star. But, what is out there is Elenin and it is causing a lot of damage; The quake in Chile, the quake in Christchurch, and Japan. It is still out there and I am sure it will do more damage as it gets closer to earth.

    We need to stay in love and light as this object gets closer. It doesn’t do any good to put down what someone else thinks. Who knows what is right or wrong. Life just is. and the sooner we can see good in all things the better the earth will become.

    I did not post this article on the Crystal Wind Website-someone else apparently did the posting. Good for them.

    Love and blessings to everyone.

  9. Hi again Mr X:
    There is a lot of information and disinformation about the Anunnaki. I have wondered if God/Goddess (Enki and Ninhursag) made us in their image, and we look like humans-where does the Reptilian energy come from? Doesn’t add up to me.

    I know the Reptilians were here on the Earth before Enki and Enlil came here so did the sons of God (Enki/Ninhursag) marry the earth people who were Reptilians? I have seen a picture of a Reptilian mother holding her baby that is in the English museum.
    Did the sons and daughters who did not marry the people of the earth remain with pure human blood? Lots to think about.

    It’s my understanding that Enki was a good guy who wanted to protect the people he created.

  10. I whole-heartedly agree with your research regarding Nibiru & the Anunnaki (as it correlates with the research I have done), but I totally disagree with the information you channeled from the Anunnaki. They are deceptive, just as our government leaders are, who have been working with the Anunnaki as well as other negative alien factions and trans-dimentional (negative) entities/energies to keep humanity from ascending into the positive dimensions and/or densities.

    Throughout history, those who use channeling (including those of a positive pure hearted nature), have had thier transmissions hijacked by negative entities/energies and completely fooled (research the Law of ONE materials at by these messages and their messengers. I trust nothing pertaining to what the Anunnaki (the reptilian race) or anything to do with reptilian or snakes as history/mythology has shown us, snakes/reptiles represent evil/negative energies.

    You mention Mr. Z. Sitchin and his research, yet you throw out this non-sense from “James” of Nibiru as it is truth… wake up and smell the coffee, open the curtain and see the man behind the great and mighty OZ image you see. Don’t be fooled as soo many have been before you. We live in a time of truth being revealed (astrologically speaking), use discernment when digesting information fom abroad and if you are balanced (in harmony with nature and the universe) then trust in your intuition. I am a highly tuned intuitionist, guided by my 2 spirit guides Archangel Michael & Kuthumi, and everything I am guided to perceive about the Anunnaki tells me to not fall prey to their deception.

    Free will dictates what you shall choose to believe or do in this life, at this pivotal moment in human & universal history. All eye’s are on us; all living entities/energies are focused on how we transform ourselves during this graduation into the galactic/universal family. What or how we handle these issues on this planet effects the outcomes of all in the universe… so I ask that you please be weary of what messages you put forthe for those who read your messages.


  11. Hi Michelle,
    I am sure that you’re understanding of this cosmic event would greatly enhance the lives of many. Would you be willing to share your understanding in greater detail or share your sources? If it really is that Carol has her information wrong, can you provide any other story that’s more compelling? Have you channeled the words of someone that’s lived through a(the) previous encounter(s)?
    The reason why I ask is that there are many interpretations of the past and, it has been my observation that, many people tend to make up stories even when they’ve encountered a few facts along the way.
    It is my belief that people that visit have an open and discerning mind. What one person speaks as the truth may not be how another sees it. Fortunately, for interested minds, we have the internet as a great means of communication so as to share truths.
    Please share.

  12. This message was posted on the Crystal Wind website by Mahala, and I must say that it is the most convoluted message I have ever seen posted on the Crystal Wind website. I don’t know what beings or entities Carol is supposedly in contact with, but I seriously doubt that they are of the Light. This ridiculous message of twisted ramblings is an insult to all Lightworkers who visit the Crystal Wind website which, for the most part, has a high level of integrity and validity regarding the information that is posted there. As for the planet Nibiru, it is still out in deep space on it’s 3600 year elliptical orbit, and at the present time it is approximately 1589 years from reaching our solar system. According to the Sirian High Council through Patricia Cori, Nibiru’s last visit to our solar system was at the time of Christ, so if you do the math, you can see that it won’t be back in our solar system until approximately the year 3600 AD — long after our planet Earth and our entire solar system have ascended into the 4th or 5th dimension. Carol needs to re-evaluate her sources and information, because she is seriously on the wrong track, and is being duped in a BIG way! This is such an important time in our Earth’s history when so much truth is coming to light. Bogus and phony material like this is not only detrimental, but it is a waste of everyone’s time and energy to read it.

  13. Hi Carol,
    Thank you for the updated info and all the work you do.
    In all that u do I bless your success.
    Love and Lignht always Dennis

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